10 Free GPS Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Free GPS Tracking Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Free GPS Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

1. A-GPS Tracker

This is an outdoor Tracker using the A-GPS capabilities of your phone. If activated it may record your track even when the phone goes to stand-by. It is designed in particular for hikers that want to record a new path or want to follow an existing track and, more importantly, want to avoid losing themselves during their return way. Features: – Elevation is given relative to mean sea level ( note that most android programs don’t do this) – Your Latitude and Longitude coordinates are given in degrees and in UTM-WSG84 (published in paper maps) – A track is stored in a GPX file. It can be recorded, stored or loaded to/from memory and shared with other people. Its Elevation vs Distance profile can be shown on the screen. – Statistics of a loaded GPX track will include the net walk time, ascent and descent altitude. – A “follow path” monitor function can be enabled to provide an alarm in case you are leaving a loaded GPX path. It is important to understand that this App is good to trace your path but if you want to measure a walked distance the accuracy is not so good. A distance is measured as the sum of distances among the points acquired every 3sec or 5meters, but GPS accuracy is about 10/20meters, if the path is casual( not like a car that follows a road) the final result can’t be very accurate. Errors up to 15% in the measurement of distances are normal. Errors are determined by several factors. The most important are: – quality of received satellite signals, that is poor is the sky is clouded, – configuration/relative position of satellites that is continuously changing, – reflections of the signals on large surfaces like walls,buildings, etc. These are the reasons why GPS may get poor position coordinates when GPS signals are weakened by meteorological conditions and in particular in urban areas, when satellite signals are received from a multi-path propagation due to reflections on buildings. NOTE: GPS is used here as a generic term and refers to the capability to receive position data from signals received from satellites. Modern phones can obtain position data from more than one satellite system, i.e. not only the american GPS but also GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo. A-GPS Tracker will receive data from all the available satellite navigation systems. In addition A-GPS (Assisted GPS) also uses ground sources like cell tower data and WiFi, that may enhance quality and precision when in poor satellite signal conditions and in particular will help to reduce time to start fixing initial position. GPS will be the source of the more accurate position: Latitude, Longitude and Altitude. Note that for hikers Altitude it is of particular importance and can be given only by GPS.

2. FollowMee

3. iTrack – GPS Tracking System

iTrack (www.itrack.top), the world’s most popular and stable GPS vehicle monitoring and management platform, the launch of the Android client software, convenient for the user at any time to master the condition of vehicle. Main functions are: to view the list of vehicles, bicycle track in real time, multi vehicle monitoring, back to the historical trajectory, reverse address inquiries, through different icon display different road condition. You can experience the functions of the APP through demo account. account:Demo password:123456

4. GPS Phone Tracker

5. GPS Tracker

With GPS Tracker application you can transform your Android device to GPS device. HOW TO USE: http://www.gps-server.net/android This application may be useful for: – Tracking your phone online in real time; – Record and review tracks; – Recover lost phones; – Personal safety; – Save money for business owners. GPS Tracker features: – Application gets location using GPS and AGPS; – Possibility to change tracking interval; – Possibility to change location accuracy settings; – Battery level percentage is sent together with every location; – If Internet is lost, application will save locations and upload them later; – Possibility to control application via web browser using commands; – Camera allows to make photos and upload to user account with last location; – Communication with main account via Chat; – SOS long click button; – Automatic startup on phone restart; – Password protection; – Application runs in background. GPS-server.net features: – In real-time tracking mode you will see your current location on the map, or the last position when your GPS device connection was active. – Server can generate and send you notifications via e-mail or notify with a pop-up window, when something happens. That kind of events might be when object enters or exits geofence area, violates speed limit, presses SOS button, GPS device loses connection and even starts engine or opens door. – With geofences you are able to make a virtual perimeter on geographic areas that have specific interest for you. The main reason to have Geofences is to control whether the units stays within it or not, so that when the geofencing unit enters or exits the area a notification is generated. – POI (Points of Interest) allow you to put markers at the locations that might be interesting or useful. You can also name the place, add short description, attach an image or even video to it. – The history of your tracks can be put on the map with addition information, such as time/speed graph, stops, reports, etc. There is also possibility to generate group reports for your objects. – You can search for addresses from the search panel, enter point coordinates. Also you can use tools for calculating distances between places on the map and etc. – Possibility to manage GPS devices on your own, add extra sensors. Customizable user settings. – Mobile version of tracking application, which is designed to run on mobile devices.

6. Mobile Phone GPS Tracker

7. Live GPS Tracker

Приложение Live GPS Tracker для путешествий основано на принципе работы такого класса устройств, как “data logger”. В отличие от стандартных трекеров, приложение не отправляет на сервер по одной координате, а сохраняет их в файл формата kml. В соответствии с заданными настройками, файл периодически упаковывается в архив и отправляется на сайт http://livegpstracks.com, где другие пользователи смогут увидеть пройденный путь. Обращаем внимание, что программа не предназначена для мониторинга в реальном режиме времени. Для отправки данных требуется подключение к интернет (GPRS, WI-FI или любой другой способ подключения андроид устройства к интернету). Но сама запись трека от подключения не зависит и может производиться в режиме offline. Ответы на встречающиеся весьма любопытные комментарии: “Есть ли версия на английском” – нет, на данный момент приложение только на русском языке. “Без GPS не работает, Грош цена такому трекеру” – конечно не работает. Это трекер для путешествий, соревнований, туристических походов. Для записи качественных GPS-треков с фотографиями и путевыми точками. “Не мониторит по базовым GSM станциям” – ответ аналогичен предыдущему. “Смысла трекера в планшете не вижу, особенно если вай фай. Т.к. отправляет только СМС с данными”. Это не так. Трекер отправляет данные через интернет. В крайних случаях, когда интернет не доступен, а отправить координату нужно, то можно воспользоваться отправкой СМС. Т.е. только в исключительных ситуациях. И никакой автоматики – программа несколько раз запросит подтверждение отправки смс-ки. И кстати, задать вопросы и получить на них ответы можно на нашем форуме: http://livegpstracks.com/forum/ КРАТКОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ: Приложение предназначено для работы с сервисом http://livegpstracks.com, поэтому вам необходимо зарегистрироваться перед началом использования приложения. Для начала записи трека: 1. Укажите в настройках логин и пароль от сайта livegpstracks.com. 2. Нажмите кнопку “Старт” (большая зеленая кнопка). Результат работы приложения можно посмотреть на сайте в разделе “Путешествие Онлайн”. Краткая инструкция по приложению на нашем сайте – http://livegpstracks.com/default.php?ch=soft&pid=andr Подробная инструкция по приложению в PDF – http://livegpstracks.com/LiveGPSTrackerAndroid.pdf Инструкция по разделу “Путешествие Онлайн”: http://livegpstracks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=341 Если не получается установить из Google Play, можно скачать apk файл со страницы приложения Если после прочтения всех инструкций остались вопросы – спросите на форуме: http://livegpstracks.com/forum/ или напишите в нашу службу поддержки support@livegpstracks.com ОСНОВНЫЕ ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ: – GPS-мониторинг – отправка данных на сервер для отображения на карте; – Возможность работы полностью в фоновом режиме с автоматическим стартом после перезагрузки телефона и самовосстановлением в случае несанкционированного закрытия приложения; – Запись полноценного трека в формате kml (не требуется регистрация на сервисе); – Автоматическая отправка трека на сервер по заданным параметрам (время, расстояние, размер файла трека) через GPRS; – Отправка трека на сервер вручную, например через общедоступный WiFi; – Создание путевых точек с привязкой к треку; – Фотоснимок с автоматической отправкой на сервер и привязкой к текущему треку; – Возможность давать название и создавать подробное описание для путевых точек прямо из приложения – Отображение одометров (информация о времени и расстоянии) и скорости; – Отправка SMS с координатами. – Возможность работы приложения на устройствах без GPS с подключением внешнего GPS модуля (например, через Bluetooth) – Возможность поделиться ссылкой на трек в соц. сети, по email или СМС.

8. GPS-Tracker Pro

9. Smart GPS Tracker

We are specializing company in easy-to-use, practical wireless solutions for the protection and management of people, fleets of vehicles, containers and assets. Our main focus is on Benefits • Improving customer service • Real-time operations visibility • Maximizing Performance from vehicles and service representatives of our clients. • Group reports and event system; • Compatible with all smartphones; • Low cost and efficient GPS tracking solution. What is Our Product Most Our Vehicle tracking device, mounted in a vehicle that tracks location and measure number of vehicle parameters like speed, ignition & fuel status & transmit to location server.Location accuracy is 5-10 meters. User can login and view vehicle’s location on map with any internet connected devices. Services: – Vehicle Tracking Services – School Bus Monitoring – Employee Transport Monitoring – Personal Tracking Product: – Vehicle Tracking System – RFID System – Two wheeler VTS

10. X-GPS Tracker

Manage your mobile workforce intelligently – enable GPS Location tracking, Tasks scheduling and Online forms to boost your team’s productivity. Schedule, dispatch and track your drivers and mobile workers. Install this app on their smartphone or tablet to get your field team better organised and connected with the office. Please note: This app is intended for your mobile workers. Your company should already have an account in Mobile Workforce Management Service. During the first launch an employee will be asked for personal ID which is provided in the invitation from the company. Team’s supervisors should use web Interface or ‘X-GPS Monitor’ app. Main features: – Task scheduling with route optimisation – Real-time GPS tracking and trip history – Proof of visit: location check-in and photo capture – Mobile forms for data collection in the field – Better awareness with Statuses and Chat Disclaimer: The app can run in the background. Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery.