10 Free Anime Drawing Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Free Anime Drawing Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Free Anime Drawing Apps For Android & iOS



■A completely free app for creating official Weekly Shonen Jump manga and illustrations!! G-pens, Mapping Pens, Tones and Backgrounds are all free to use!! ■Practice with your favorite manga by using past and present Jump serialized pieces!! Full of secrets from past and present Jump authors like One Piece’s Eiichiro Oda and My Hero Academia’s Kohei Horikoshi!! ■Learn techniques on how to create a manga from Jump’s editorial department!! Loads of lessons on story, character creation and dialogue!! ■You can also enter Jump contests!! The app will give you information on each contest. Don’t miss out!! What is JUMP PAINT? It’s the ultimate app for creating manga and illustrations — a collaboration between MediBang Paint (12 million downloads) and Weekly Shonen Jump. JUMP PAINT was developed to provide an environment for creators to draw anytime and anywhere using MediBang Paint’s features. JUMP PAINT is the perfect paint software for creating illustrations and manga. It comes with many features to enjoy drawing illustrations and manga, like a multitude of brushes, materials and manga fonts. ■ Draw Anywhere!   ・With JUMP PAINT you can have almost all the features of a desktop painting program in your pocket.   ・Despite being packed with so many features, the interface of JUMP PAINT has been designed especially for the iPhone in mind.   ・The UI can be closed and opened in one touch.   ・The sleek interface allows users to change brush sizes or color modes with ease. ■ Painting Tools   ・90 free brushes!!   ・In addition to the Pen, Pencil, Watercolor, Blur, Smudge, G Pen, Mapping Pen, Rotation Symmetry and Edge Pens, we have added over 50 different kinds of brushes, including the Brush, Flat Brush, Round Brush, Acrylic, School Pen, and Soft Pastel.   ・Force Fade In and Out make your lines sharp even if you’re drawing with your fingers. ・Users can create their own custom brushes. ■ Free Resources ・800 different types of free tones and backgrounds. ・Premade clouds, buildings, and vehicles are included. ・Tones can be added with one simple touch. ■ Layers ・Comes with layers complete with blending modes. ・Can be used to preserves different elements of you work. ■ Comic Fonts ・Use them to change the atmosphere of your comics. ・Use them to define your character’s moods or personalities. ・50 fonts used by industry professionals available. ■ Comic Creation ・Just drag across the screen to create comic panels. ・Freely transform their shape. ■ User Friendly ・Includes customizable shortcuts ・Geared towards first time users. ・Has an interface designed to give artists room to draw. ・One touch to access full-screen mode. ■ Other Tools ・Guides for drawing in perspective, or creating lines, and curves. ・Correction to stabilize your line strokes. ■ Photo Reference   ・You can take photos in the app and use them as references on a different layer.   ・Use them for reference or learning how to draw new things. ■ Cloud Storage ・You can backup and manage your data safely. ・Easily transfer your work. ■ Manage Project ・Save and manage multipage documents. ■ Syncability ・You can sync your preset settings with the PC version of JUMP PAINT. ■ Team Creation ・You can collaborate on work with friends no matter where you are. ■ Auto Recovery ・Your data is automatically backed up if your device crashes. IMPORTANT In order to use the app’s cloud features a MediBang account is required(https://medibang.com/).

3. Adobe Photoshop

4. CLIP STUDIO PAINT for manga

5. How to Draw Anime & Manga

6. Best Manga Drawing

7. DrawShow

It’s important to study deeper in the drawing procedures and details when you are learning how to draw. However, you can’t record the drawing steps with existing drawing apps. DrawShow Tutor is designed to resolve it. It’s not only a drawing app with varies tools, but also a drawing procedures recorder. You can review your drawings by replay the steps, and make it better. It’s appreciated if you submit the drawing procedures as a tutorial to the DrawShow community. There’re over 2 millions global drawing fans. You would be welcomed with tons of likes; comments and followers, even make more mind-liked friends. [FUNCTION] – Powerful drawing tools, including pencil, brush, color picker, fill tool, line tool, curve tool, rectangular tool , circle tool and so on. – Adjustable line stroke in transparency and thickness. – Different styles of color pattern. – Multiple canvas layers. – Smooth zoom in and out. – Thousands of free tutorials, update every day by artists. – Hundreds of free materials and templates. – Offline use supported for drawing and learning tutorials. [COPYRIGHT] As a responsible community, we conduct a strict review of the user generated content. Please respect the drawing copyright. You must acquire the permission of the original author and mark it if trace or refer to anything. Any drawing that violates the community terms or infringes on the copyright will be banned. If you find any drawing violating the above terms, please report through feedback function. Thank you for helping us protect drawing copyright. Terms of use: http://www.drawshow.com/terms.html Privacy Agreement: http://www.drawshow.com/privacy.html [FEEDBACK] You can submit feedback as below: 1. Feedback function of the main menu 2. Reporting function of the drawing page 3. Send private message to the administrator “DrawShow Judgement” 4. Send an email to service@drawshow.com 5. Contact the official account on SNS a) Facebook: www.facebook.com/drawshowapp b) Twitter: www.twitter.com/drawshow c) Instagram: www.instagram.com/drawshowapp d) Weibo: www.weibo.com/drawshow

8. Draw Anime: Manga Tutorials

Enjoy the best app Android (2.3 +) to Learn How To Draw Anime with the best free videos tutorial. Includes videos to learn drawing manga characters (legs, face, eyes, hands, body, mouths, lips), comics, animals, chibi, etc. Draw Anime & Manga will help you to improve your skills drawing. Do it yourself (DIY)! You only have to show our draw anime tutorial. You’ll also learn how to draw anime animals, characters, all very easy, step by step! The best japanese drawing videos for your phone! And remember, it is free! Are you ready to have the best tutorials on your mobile? Do you like Japanese culture? Are you a comic supporter? With this app you will enjoy with your favourite manga characters. You can find how to draw: – Anime chibi characters. Also from comics. – Manga free step by step tutorial. – Drawing japanese comics and chibis. – Anime animals. – Drawing body parts like eyes, hands, hair, body, face, … – … And many other awesome and easy videos. All of them for free! Best of 2014. Features of this great app: – Listen and display the best video tutorials with great detail. – Nice design and usable interface. You shall love our applications! – Share the content with your firends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google+. – 100% Free App with no in-app purchases of any kind. – The app is updated frequently. We like the Do it Yourself philosophy! The best free 2014 app. ATTENTION: Draw Anime – Manga Tutorials does not own the rights to the videos of this application. All contents of this app are public and are hosted on YouTube. There are not option to download them.

9. How to Draw Anime – Manga

Learn how to draw manga and anime style with these simple step by step drawing lessons. Learn to Draw Cartoons, Anime and Manga FREE. Features: ✔ TORSO: Starting off the male torso, we’ll begin with drawing the shoujo way which uses the simple triangle method… ✔ How to Draw the Head: Front View.. ✔ Hip Basics: Hips are fairly easy but can be difficult at first… ✔ How to Draw Nails Anime. ✔ How to Draw Braids. ✔ How to Draw Hair: Basics. ✔ Feet Basics: Drawing feet is not a feat at all. ✔ This quick tutorial illustrates how to draw different anime and manga mouth expressions from the front view. ✔ This tutorial explains how to draw anime and manga noses from the front, side and 3/4 views in different styles. ✔ This tutorial illustrates how to draw anime and manga hands in various positions. ✔ How to Draw Anime Eyes From Different Angles. ✔ This quick tutorial illustrates how to draw anime and manga ears from the side, front and back views. One of the largest collections of tutorials for drawing in a single app! All manga and anime characters featured on this APP!

10. Easy Manga Drawing Steps