5 Best flashlight apps for Android

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Here are the 5 Best flashlight apps for Android.

5 Best flashlight apps for Android

1. Flashlight

Looking for a simple, light-weight and free flashlight app with no frills? Slim Flashlight app is a best fit for you! • Ability to keep the LED on after closing the flashlight app or locking the screen • This flashlight automatically turns off the light when you place the phone in your pocket or when you close the lid • Home screen widgets of 3 different sizes + 1 lock screen widget. • It’s a rare flashlight app, which respects your privacy and does not collect personal information • Though the flashlight is very light-weight, it has a lot of widget and app theme styles and colors

2. Flashlight HD LED

There are many flashlight apps, so why get this one ? – Brightest and most POWERFUL light possible – FREE ! – It is simple and well designed – launch it and get light instantly by pressing one button – uses the integrated FlashLight LED – also uses your full screen as a color light lamp (works on all devices) – add a widget for quick access Try it. It’s simply the best at what it does. This app is compatible with most phones including those on which other apps do not work. This includes for example : Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 Edge, S6, J7, Xiaomi Redmi Note, Oppo, Huawei, LG, Lenovo,Vivo, HTC, Alcatel, ZTE, Asus Zenfone, Motorola Moto G4, E2… and many more !

3. Flashlight Free

Tired of other flashlight apps that read your location, personal information, phone calls, and network activity and constantly bombard you with ads? This app won’t read any of your personal information! Go ahead and check. The only permission is for Camera (which is used to access your flash LED.) We value your privacy 100%. The best part? This app doesn’t have any annoying sounds or advertisements. To switch off the flashlight, simply tap the screen or exit the app. There is also a contribution version of this App with the same exact features, but the money goes to more cool projects like this one. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.humberto.flashlightpro ******A note on the microphone permission I just want to address a recent issue that some users have been reporting to me about seeing a new permission show up for Microphone and Camera recordings. The truth is that I have not added any additional permissions to this app since the initial release. However, Google changed the way they display permissions to the users. The Camera permission is the one permission I’ve had since the beginning, and that’s necessary in order to access the LED hardware. The reason Microphone is now showing up is that Google bundled the two together since that makes a lot of sense for anyone who makes apps that make use of the camera. I know that for a lot of the users of my apps privacy is a huge concern but let me reassure you that my app does not take pictures or recordings. Even if it did, it does not have the ability to save any recordings (doesn’t have the storage permission) or transmit them through the internet (no network permissions.) I apologize for any concern’s that Google’s new policy may have caused.

4. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple, free, flashlight app with LED light and several screen modes. Free plugins like the Strobe, Morse, and Blinking lights make this flashlight one of the best productivity tools for your device. Try the best flashlight on the market! – Free – Insanely bright, when using the LED flashlight – Always available when you need it – this is the most optimized and reliable flashlight app designed to preserve your battery life while operating. – Be prepared for emergency situations with additional plugins like the Warning lights and Strobe, Morse, Blinking lights.

5. Flashlight Artline

A beautiful, simple and bright flashlight. Built-in strobe and off timer. There is a widget flashlight. Without full-screen advertising, does not collect personal information. • Display light • Stroboscope • Widget on home screen • Continues to light when minimized, even when the screen is turned off or locked • Very bright • Instant start • Shines right after clicking on the icon Why do we need camera permission?: Unfortunately, LED is part of camera and for switching on/off – we need this permission Sources of light: ============== * Camera Flash – uses the camera’s LED flash to emit a bright light. Please note that some devices do not have a flash camera. In this case, the flash function will be turned off and the display will shine