10 Best Employee Scheduling Apps For iOS & Android

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Here are the 10 Best Employee Scheduling Apps For iOS & Android.

10 Best Employee Scheduling Apps For iOS & Android

1. 1. When I Work Scheduling

When I Work is the leading employee scheduling, shift planning and time clock app; providing the easiest way to create an employee schedule, manage your employee time clock, and message your staff— all from the app or desktop. Get started today for free! Over 100,000 workplaces in 50+ countries trust When I Work for their shift scheduling, time & attendance tracking, team task management, team messaging, and time clock. WHY MANAGERS LOVE IT ✔ Make and manage the work schedule with the employee scheduler ✔ View entire staff schedule from anywhere at anytime ✔ Setup a time clock for staff to clock in and out ✔ Create, update, and publish schedules and open shifts fast ✔ Alert staff of changes to the schedule via push, email or SMS ✔ Monitor & approve shift trades and time off requests ✔ Message with staff 1:1 or in groups without sharing personal info WHY YOUR TEAM WILL LOVE IT ✔ They can see who’s working (with permissions) ✔ View & confirm work schedules from anywhere at anytime ✔ Clock in and out of shifts ✔ Keep their availability up to date ✔ They can pick up extra hours ✔ Trade shifts with coworkers ✔ Request time off ✔ Chat with coworkers 1:1 or in groups TRY WHEN I WORK TODAY ✔ No setup fee. Free and paid versions ✔ Free, monthly or annual billing options Always know that you have the right people, at the right place, at the right time with the schedule maker. Finalize your time clock generated time sheets and export to payroll in minutes. Spend More Time Growing Your Business: Save an average of 8 hours per week on employee scheduling and attendance. Spend more time working to grow your business and less time fighting scheduling fires. Increase Employee Accountability: Send employees instant schedule updates so they never have to ask when they work. Reduce employee no-shows and improve accountability across your team by 25%. Handle Changes with Ease: Never worry about keeping track of random time-off and shift change requests. Stop rebuilding shift schedules by reviewing and approving employee requests in real-time. ✔ Joining an existing workplace? It’s free – just find your workplace and log in.

2. 2. 7shifts Employee Scheduling for Restaurants

The 7shifts restaurant scheduling app makes it easy to manage schedules and communicate with staff on the go. With 7shifts, your managers can edit work schedules, communicate with and engage staff, track real-time sales and labor data, and stay labor compliant. The employee app empowers your team to take availability and time-off requests, shift trading, and communication into their own hands—anytime, anywhere. The 7shifts app is free for all restaurant employees to use as part of your 7shifts subscription. Features for restaurant managers: – Manage the schedule with time-off and availability automatically added – Notify staff of their shifts automatically via email, text, or push notification – Approve or deny shift trades – Approve or deny time-off requests – Track staff availability – Track staff engagement like lates and no-shows – Chat with staff or create team-wide announcements – Get overtime alerts if staff are at risk of going into overtime – Track real-time sales and labor to make smart decisions to reduce labor cost Features for restaurant employees: – View all of your shifts – See who you are working with for upcoming shifts – View hours and estimated earnings – Request shift trades – Request time off – Submit your availability – Chat with GIFs, pics, or emojis with your co-workers The 7shifts team is focused on making employee scheduling easier for managers in the restaurant industry, and make employees happier in the workplace. See how easy life is with 7shifts.

3. 3. Schedule it – Staff Planner and Employee Work Scheduling

Schedule it – Business, Employee Work and Job Scheduling, Staff Calendar Planning. Schedule multiple people, employees or any other resources with remote access for multiple users. Free to try during the trial period. Business accounts start from only $17 per month. Please visit our website for details on the different pricing options. Schedule it business scheduling to help you plan, view and update the work for multiple employees and staff, and the activity of your customers, equipment and other resources with online and offline access. Business Features: * See the schedule of all your employees, staff, customers and equipment * Add, update and schedule any work and activity * Schedule the activity for any collection of resources * Alert and remind remote employees, clients and staff * Plan events for employees, customers, clients and equipment * Filter schedules by employee, client and any activity type Employee Features: * View and update your personal work schedule * Add new events and bookings to your schedule * Access the details of the clients in your schedule * Access maps and directions direct to the clients in your schedule For more details on all our scheduling products visit our website at http://www.scheduleit.co.uk?playstore

4. 4. TSheets Time Tracker

TSheets time tracker for work is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling app for employees that allows them to clock in and out from their smartphones. With TSheets as the work clock, employees can easily track work hours, create a work log and even track PTO. ONLINE TIMESHEETS ⏲️ Accurate, electronic time data replaces paper timesheets and makes payroll and invoicing faster and more affordable with Tsheets time tracking app. TSheets also accurately tracks time and GPS locations. So, why track work hours manually? Install this time clock app and manage time with the best time tracking software. SOPHISTICATED TIME RECORDING ⏲️ Mobile app time tracking for employees on the move: clock in and out to track work hours, change job codes, edit digital timesheets, view time tracking reports and, changes to the work schedule and even track PTO. Time recording is easy with this time tracker app. • Track time against multi-level job codes, projects, locations, clients, and more. • Track employee hours accurately with a real-time online time clock. • Easily switch between job codes, pause time tracking, or take a break. MANAGE TIME ⏲️ The TSheets time tracker makes time management a breeze for employers. Save, on average, 6% on gross payroll costs and save three hours per week managing employee time. TRACK TIME: • Edit, delete, or approve timesheets online to create a time log. • Track vacation time, sick time, and holiday time accruals for employees. REPORT TIME: • View time tracker timer history with map. • Easily access a breakdown of employee hours by employee, job, customer, or location. • Get notifications if employees don’t clock in to a job or shift as scheduled or approach overtime limits. • See day and week totals at a glance. • Keep a black-box history of all timesheet edits and deletions, in case of an audit. SCHEDULE ANYWHERE ⏲️ With a “Who’s Working” feature, it’s easy to see where your employees are located and who’s working on what in real time. The TSheets time tracker also features in-app employee scheduling that allows employers to drag and drop shifts, assign jobs, and send alerts to managers if employees haven’t clocked in as scheduled. • SCHEDULE BUILDER: Schedule by job or by shift. • In-app work scheduling lets employees easily clock in and clock out of assigned jobs or shifts right from the schedule. • Notifications let employees know when a new work schedule is published or if a shift is changed. SIGN UP ⏲️ This time tracking and scheduling app requires a TSheets account. Sign up now on the app or at https://www.tsheets.com for a free trial with no credit card required. (Or if you have just 1 user, sign up for a free account!) ALSO INCLUDED ⏲️ • Seamless integrations with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks for PC (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise) • QuickBooks, Square, and Gusto integrations (and more!) to simplify your back office processes. • Sync your schedule with Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, or Google Calendar. • Integrations with popular payroll, accounting, invoicing software. • Powerful, real-time reports in multiple formats (PDF, CSV, online, HTML). • Safe data storage and detailed time logs protect you in the event of a labor dispute or audit. • Configurations for DCAA/DOL compliance. • Developer-open API. SUPPORT, CUSTOMER RATED ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ TSheets offers free unlimited phone, email, and chat support to all of our customers. Have a question? We’re always happy to help! Customer Reviews: http://www.tsheets.com/reviews Phone: 888.836.2720 DIY Online Support: http://help.tsheets.com Email: help@tsheets.com Webinars: Register for TSheets free, weekly webinars at https://www.tsheets.com/webinars

5. 5. TimeTree: Free Shared Calendar

TimeTree helps you coordinate events all on a single app. With over 18 million users and growing, allow TimeTree to take away the burden of keeping agendas up to date!” ◆ Winner of Apple’s “App Store Best of 2015” award! ■ Key Features ○ Shared calendar and scheduling ・The “Full Month” view shows upcoming events at-a-glance and by the month. Both the monthly and weekly view display color-coded events to better assist users. ・Not limited to the admin, all members can add and edit events. ・Chat and send photos as if you were using a messenger app for each event you create. ・Reminders can be delivered to everyone in the group keeping everyone alerted. ・Synchronize other calendars to keep track of your personal events with TimeTree. ○ Shared Notes Comes with a memo feature that can be shared with other users that can be helpful in planning events, organizing to-do lists, and creating small notes. ○ Multiple Calendars for Family, Personal, Workplace events, and More. TimeTree allows users to create multiple shared calendars. Whether it may be amongst family members for family oriented plans, among coworkers and acquaintances related to work, or just for personal use, our app is adapt to meet various situational needs for both social and personal lifestyles. ○ Calendar Overview Using the ‘My Schedule’ feature, TimeTree allows users to see multiple personal and shared calendars events on a single calendar view. Without having to switch calendar to calendar, review your daily, weekly, and monthly agenda efficiently. ○Multinational Holidays and Languages TimeTree supports national holidays from more than 13 countries and 13 languages and increasing! ○ Works on PC, Mobile, & Widget – Lets you review and edit your schedule with ease on the go! ○ Share via Messenger Apps – Lets you share specific events with anyone via TimeTree or any other social media platform. Who is TimeTree for? ○ Family TimeTree is great for planning family oriented events. Allow TimeTree to keep track of your plans and spend more quality time with the family! ・Perfect for creating a shopping list from daily groceries to family barbeques! ・Keep track of anniversaries and dinner plans for mommy and daddy. ・Organize plans on picking up kids from daycare and school. ・Connect the whole family to schedule well-deserved family vacations! ○School TimeTree is also great for keeping up with your academic life! Organize your class schedule and keep track on what is due next! ・Productive time management and day planning tools to create daily schedules for students! ・Plan ahead knowing what after school activities you have in the afternoon. ・Even write diary entries using the ‘Keep’ function! ○Work For users who work on shifts or routinely, TimeTree can provide to organize work schedules. Stay one step ahead of everyone in your workplace! ・Stray away from worrying about complicated shift schedules. Allow TimeTree to notify you whenever, wherever! ・Check on multiple important meetings on a daily, or even monthly scale calendar view. ・Works as a reminder for impending deadlines. ○ Business Owners Time Tree is also great for business owners, small or large, to delegate work and increase productivity! ・Track your inventory schedule for both clients and suppliers. ・Invite and share agendas with your employees. ・Connect the workplace using TimeTree! ○ Couples Also perfect for couples to set up plans for dates. Never again would you have your partner stood up! ・Commemorate events with your loved one using TimeTree as a reminder. ・Shareable Calendar means Sharable experience! ■E-mail address to contact us:■ support@timetreeapp.com Your experience is important to us. If you have any inquiries or feedback, please contact us. (support@timetreeapp.com)

6. 6. Shift Status

Shift Status is the easiest way to manage your employees. Fast, simple and inexpensive, it is the best way to manage employee schedules. Each employee gets their own account, and can check their work schedule anytime, anywhere. Employees can make both timeoff and trade requests through the app. Managers can create and modify shifts, and can approve timeoff and trade requests. Additionally, managerial staff can send out broadcast messages, alerting staff of various events. Save time and money, by simplifying your staff workflow, and intelligently creating schedules. Additionally, all accounts can be accessed through both the Shift Status app, as well as the Shift Status website (shiftstatus.com).

7. 7. SwiftShift

SWIFT SHIFT is designed especially for nurses and caregivers who work in homecare. Build your professional profile, view your list of optimally-matched homecare clients, and select the shifts you wish to take, all within seconds. Get paid daily, no more long waits for your paycheck with SwiftPay. If you work as a homecare RN, LPN, CNA, HHA, DCW you’ll find this app indispensable. ● Easily apply to cases and control your work schedule ● Minimize travel time and costs by finding cases close to you ● Take control of how many hours you work per week ● Scan open cases and select the most relevant ones for you ● Communicate faster with your manager with in-app messaging ● See pay rates before you apply for in-demand shifts ● Apply to work at new agencies, with relevant open cases ● Pick up last minute cases to earn more

8. 8. Agendrix for Employees

Agendrix is a web and mobile platform that simplifies employee scheduling and time tracking. The Android app allows employees to access their work schedules on the go, communicate and receive real time alerts. KEY FEATURES • Access your work schedule from anywhere and get notified of any changes. • GPS clock in and out on shifts. • Access your timesheets. • Manage your availability throughout the year. • Quickly create a leave request. • Request shift transfer or pick up shifts from other colleagues. • View the schedule of your colleagues. • Synchronize your schedule with your personal calendar app. If you have any technical difficulties using the application, please feel free to send us an email at support@agendrix.com or contact our support team via the live chat.

9. 9. Planday Shift Planning

SIMPLIFY YOUR EMPLOYEE SCHEDULING Planday specializes in helping businesses with hourly workers operate more efficiently by streamlining staff management and employee scheduling. Businesses all across the world already use Planday to save time on administration and employee scheduling. Planday has all of the features you need to schedule your employees more efficiently: INSIGHT INTO EMPLOYEE ACTIVITY • Quickly get an overview of employee availability and vacation requests • Managers can easily see when employees clock in and out for a shift EFFICIENT SCHEDULING • If a manager already has an employee schedule that works, they can save it as a template so future schedules are easy to create TARGETED COMMUNICATION • Managers can check in with employees via SMS or messages whenever they need, directly through the app • Send reminders when employees clock-in for a shift, or create event reminders to keep everyone on the same page COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS OVERVIEW • Our Reports feature gives managers and their accountant an overview of payroll costs, revenue compared to salary cost, and data on employee working habits • See your salary costs right in the employee schedule TRANSPARENT TIME TRACKING • Staff can clock-in for work via the app or a desktop computer • Managers can control where employees are allowed to clock-in from FULLY FUNCTIONAL APP • The Planday’s employee scheduling app works on Android, iPhone, and iPad, so managers can easily oversee their workforce from wherever they are NOT CONVINCED YET? WITH PLANDAY, YOU ALSO GET THESE PERKS: Unlimited customer support • Other scheduling solutions don’t offer customer support, let alone free support. We’re here to help. Anytime. Works in web as well • Planday is cloud-based software, which means there is no system to install. You can access everything online. • The app allows you to access your work from anywhere. It’s also how workers access Planday to clock-in, communicate, and more. Different levels of user access • Give the most access to Admins, who can see and edit everything, but protect staff data by only letting workers see limited information. Site set-up for enterprise businesses • Large businesses are especially complex, which is why we have a team of consultants who can help set-up enterprise sites.

10. 10. Deputy – Employee Scheduling and Time Clock

Deputy is the ultimate Shift Planning & Schedule Maker app, providing you with an innovative Workforce Management solution. Get started today for FREE! Over 165,000 workplaces in 90+ countries trust Deputy for their Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance tracker, Team task management, Team Communication, and Performance management. HOW DEPUTY HELPS BUSINESSES ◆ Easily create balanced, cost-effective rosters in minutes from any device. ◆ Publish personalised shift information to your team via SMS, email, and push notification. ◆ Fill open shifts easily by pushing alerts to your team and letting them pick up work shifts. ◆ Approve leave from your mobile so you’re never caught off short. ◆ Quickly approve employee Shift Swaps and Shift Drops in seconds straight from a mobile device. ◆ Manage team communications easily in one place: broadcast announcements, assign tasks to specific individuals / shifts, and get confirmation that your team has seen it. ◆ Get greater insight and control of your business, and keep yourself compliant with inbuilt Award Interpretation and record keeping. ◆ Connect with your existing apps to give you end-to-end visibility. Deputy syncs with over 300+ of the world’s most used solutions such as ADP, Square, QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto, Vend, Revel and more, including payroll providers. For a full list see www.deputy.com/integrations HOW DEPUTY HELPS EMPLOYEES ◆ Get your Shift Work Calendar on your device as soon as it’s published. ◆ View all your upcoming shifts in one place and get alerts on days when you’re due to work. ◆ Manage your availabilities and time off easily, see what’s approved, and make it simple for your manager to know when you are and aren’t available. ◆ Clock in and out of work quickly from the app. ◆ See important company updates, manage your tasks and communicate with your team from your mobile device. TRY DEPUTY TODAY ◆ Setting up your business? Sign up for a free trial today. No setup fee. Pick the plan to suit your business: monthly, annually or flexi. Always know that you have the right people rostered with our Shift Planner: Deputy makes it easy to create fully costed rosters in minutes, then notify staff when they’re working. Deputy will even automatically remind employees of their shifts on the morning of work. Manage employees’ leave requests or unavailability from a central location, then integrate with your online rosters so there’s no risk of scheduling someone who is not available. Need to be smart about staffing levels? Deputy integrates with your POS and payroll information to make sure you’re rostering efficiently, and pulls in real-time weather so you know if you need (or don’t need) extra shifts. Employee time clock is made easy with a Bundy clock on their smartphone, including GPS validation, to quickly track time and attendance (or optionally from a tablet Kiosk, using our inbuilt facial detection technology). Finalising your timesheets and exporting to payroll can be done with one click from your mobile device. ◆ Joining an existing team? It’s free – just log in. ABOUT DEPUTY APP Our staff scheduler app is updated regularly to make sure we’re always providing the best and most flexible features to the businesses we work with. Learn more at www.deputy.com Any feedback? Need help? 🤔 Visit https://help.deputy.com