10 Best Employee Attendance Tracking Apps

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Here are the 10 Best Employee Attendance Tracking Apps.

10 Best Employee Attendance Tracking Apps

1. Wifi Attendance

Wi-Fi Attendance helps user to punch-in and punch-out to mark attendance. App helps you to get insights to latest news and blogs. Notifies you about latest Events going on in your working Environment. User can see weekly as well as monthly attendance records.

2. Employee Attendance

Quick & easy way to record and track attendance of your employees. Best attendance app for businesses Register on the app with your phone number and start adding your employees. You can add your employee details, his/her working days, remarks, wages etc. The App now has a dedicated employee remarks screen to help you keep track of remarks with date reference. **We use Facebook’s Account kit service to authenticate your phone numbers for app registration. We have enabled registration on the app via WhatsApp OTP verification to make signing in seamless and efficient. Features: ********* – Super easy to use. – Record attendance with just a tap. – Dedicated employee remarks screen with date reference – Add and keep your employee details. – Addition of multiple slots per employee. – Record overtimes – Salary calculation – Generate Attendance Report – weekly / monthly / yearly or with any date range – Export and share attendance report excel – Homescreen widget to mark the attendance without even having to open the app NOTE: If you choose the salary mode as Daily then, only (Present Day + Holidays) will be taken into account for calculation. For any customised solution for your employee attendance, salary & other management needs reach out to us at hello@appigizer.com.

3. Time Clock Wizard

WHY US • Simple and easy to use dashboard. • Employees can clock in and out, add time sheet changes, and view their work schedule on-the-go. • On-the-clock GPS tracking • Intuitive user experience with lightning app speed. • Automatic syncing; All data stored on the mobile app will sync seamlessly with your web-based account. ALSO INCLUDED • Generate payroll reports directly from your mobile device. • Send push notifications to individual employees, or your entire team • Upload receipt images for company reimbursement tracking • Add, delete and switch employee work schedules • Robust employee task management system SIGN UP This time clock app requires a Time Clock Wizard account. Sign up now on the app or at http://www.timeclockwizard.com for a free account. No credit card required. SUPPORT, WE’RE HERE WHEN YOU NEED US Our free customer support is available for every Time Clock Wizard user. You can visit our website at http://www.timeclockwizard.com and chat live or call us. Phone:(866) 208-7618 Email: info@timeclockwizard.com PLUS, using the Time Clock Wizard Web dashboard, managers can: • See who’s working and view their location in real time • Manage paid time off, holiday, and vacation time • Download, Print, Email and Export Reports into many types of formats for use with Quickbooks, Freshbooks and many other accounting systems • Assign individual tasks for employees and monitor their progress • Manage shifts and send employee schedules via email and SMS notification (text message)

4. Employee Time Clock: Tracking Clock In / Out

5. Employee Management System: Attendance Manager

Fast and easy way to Manage Employee stuff manager details like Attendance,Leaves, Loan, Over time, salary calculator app & many more. No need to use Attendance register or Play slip register for Worker Attendance as this Attendance app can do all the hard work for you. Very easy to Add or Delete employees & mark attendance on daily basis. Get detailed report of Attendance & Salary in PDF format at the end of every month. Now you also get monthly summary of all employees by just single tap. Its a complete Employee App. Attendance Tracker / Manager App Features: – Add & Delete Employee. – Mark Attendance in a single click. – Debit & Loan calculator. – Over time detail. – Payed Leaves criteria. – Salary Calculator / Salary Slips – Can Add predefined values for Overtime pay, half day etc. – Get auto Salary calculated on the basis of Employee Attendance. – Salary report of each Employee according to date range or month wise report. – Manage Employees Pay Slips and Salary Slips,Which include total days – present,absent, half day, holidays taken, overtime hours,salary, overtime wages,loan etc. – View detailed report in PDF format. – Monthly summary report. – Can easily share Employee report. – Can send a text message to Employee. – Security pattern available to open the App. – Can add company logo. – Can customize company name. – Final report have features like there should be a picture of employee in it or not & to show final net pay with absent detail or just final net pay. – Also get backup of your data. – Auto backup option is also available now. Very useful App for Employee Attendance, Salary management & specially for factory workers with monthly summary calculator with these many features.The Best Attendance App attendance register with so much ease to use. So Now you are just a click away from downloading this wonderful App so don’t wait & Download this Attendance App to make your work life really easy. Its a complete Employee Manager / Attendance Manager app.

6. Zoho People

Zoho People – A cloud based HRMS solution that takes care of all your HR management needs while you take care of your employees. From Employee Management to Attendance Tracking to organizing Time Sheets, you get them all in Zoho People.   Here is what Zoho People offers for those who want to connect smartly with their employees:   Attendance tracking – Track your employees’ time, attendance, absenteeism and holidays even when you are away from the office.    Staff management – Call, text or email to colleagues within your organization instantly from anywhere with the easy-to-use People-Locator tool!   Timesheet management – March towards better productivity with the Time Tracker that lets you log working hours. With Zoho People, you now have an automatic timer option too!    Online leave management – Keep an eye on your work-life balance too! Our Leave Planner lets you mark Time-off and view your company’s upcoming holidays!   Approval management – The key role of an HR management software is to handle approvals effectively making sure none gets missed.    Keep Informed – Zoho People takes a step further from being a mere HRIS sofware by ensuring that you stay connected as a team while staying on top of your team’s activities via Feeds.     Files and Forms handling – Zoho People also lets you share files like policies, documents, etc., across your company. Also with Zoho People you can create and share custom forms as easy as ABC.   Special Highlights of Zoho People:   – Are you at the office or away? Use the check-in and check-out option in the Zoho People to mark your presence. – Clock your working hours using the automatic timer and measure your productivity. – Reach out to your contacts with just a swipe via email, text or phone call. – Apply time-off, view leave balances and official holidays using our Leave Planner. – Get a firm grip on your employees’ requests and allow through just the authentic ones.  

7. Labor Sync

Labor Sync allows employers and employees to track time and location right from a smartphone or computer. 15 supported languages allow employees to tailor their experience across devices. BUSINESS OWNERS and FOREMEN: You no longer have to worry about accurate time tracking or timesheets. With your Labor Sync account (sign up at www.laborsync.com/signup), you can actively track, monitor, and report upon employee time and GPS location. Employees log in with an individual PIN, so all reporting is accurate and secure. Employees don’t fill out paper timesheets, which means more accurate time tracking and no more wasted labor costs. Even a 15 minute difference per day could save you thousands on labor costs. EMPLOYEES: Don’t worry about filling out timesheets anymore. With Labor Sync, you can quickly log in with a unique pin number, and track all of your time while on the job. You can easily send messages to your boss or foreman, all while recording notes for the job site. With Labor Sync, you can… Track time: – Clock in / Clock out – Start travel – Start jobs – Record all job activity Track GPS Location: – GPS bread-crumbing – GPS locator on job entries – Locate employees on-site – Send messages to employees SIGN UP: This app requires a company-managed Labor Sync account to use. Sign up at www.laborsync.com/signup PLEASE NOTE: If your employer suggested downloading this app, please ask them for your pin number. You don’t need to sign up on the website if they already did. If you have any issues, you can contact us by email or visit http://support.laborsync.com

8. Hubstaff

Keep track of hours wherever work happens. Hubstaff’s seamless time tracking app for Android automatically clocks you in and out of geofenced job sites based on GPS location. Paper timesheets, incorrect employee time cards, and complicated processes are a thing of the past. With Hubstaff’s time clock app, you can start tracking valuable work time with one button, from anywhere. Over 10,000 companies trust Hubstaff to cut down on admin work, boost efficiency, accurately pay team members, easily invoice clients, and save money. Download the app now to save money, save time, and manage your business better. Awards:🏆 • Hubstaff is a G2 Industry Leader – Winter 2020 • One of America’s fastest growing companies – Inc. 5000 2018 and 2019 Here’s how it works 💡 Open the app, choose the project or job you’re working on, and tap Start. Hubstaff runs in the background while you work, recording time and location. When you finish working or want to take a break, press Stop. That’s all it takes. The app’s simplicity is only one time-saving benefit. Here’s everything Hubstaff’s job time tracker does to make your work life easier. Smarter tracking with geofences 🗺 • Employees clock in and out automatically, based on geofenced job sites you create • Never forget to start the timer again • Either start and stop automatically or send reminders based on location • Put an end to buddy punching GPS location tracking 🚚 • Track time spent driving and view routes taken • Know where your team is in real-time, and how long they spend at a job site • Provide proof of work to clients and know that jobs are getting done Detailed reporting to improve operations 📎 • Real-time mobile reports let you view hours spent on jobs or projects, with accurate timesheets for every team member • Visual dashboard in the web app can be customized with what you want to see • You’re in total control of your operations Save time and money 💰 • Time tracking is accurate down to the second • Avoid going over budget by setting limits and getting alerts as you reach them • Take the hassle out of payroll by setting your rates (hourly or fixed), pay period, and method of payment — Hubstaff handles the rest Who uses the Hubstaff time card app? • Built for remote, on-the-go, and field teams • Works as a construction time clock • Time card app for landscaping crews • Useful for cleaning crews, sales teams, home health care, and many more **Before you get started.** A Hubstaff account is required before logging into the app. This application tracks your location in the background, and the continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Made for mobile 📱 • App is optimized to use minimal battery power when tracking time • Access it from anywhere via the website or mobile apps — from wherever, and whenever, you want • Hubstaff app runs in the background so you can do other things without any interruption • Your company’s data is synced between devices, no backing up necessary • The latest security measures are built-in to protect your data

9. Attendance Tracker

The best looking and most efficient way to perform attendance tracking for any type of event using your android device (tablet or phone)! Attendance Tracker has been created to ease keeping track of the attendance for any type of event. It fully integrates with your android device: • Import contacts from your contact list or from Google Docs Spreadsheets • Backup and restore attendance data to/from your SD card • Watch overviews in the app or export them as Excel sheets and share using Google Drive or SkyDrive • Mail or Text message all participants of an event directly from the app Possible uses are: • Keeping track of attendance during sport training sessions • Tracking students (teachers) • Track participation during regular work meetings • Participation for Sunday schools • Scouts • Music (wind-bands) • etc. Use the app to: • Define events, assign participants to the event (from your Google account contacts) and track if persons are in, out, sick or unknown. • View Metrics provide a clear overview of the attendance: average attendance, attendance per participant, number of attendees etc. • Easily reach out to the participants by sending emails or text messages directly from the app (for example send an SMS to all participants that were missing during an instance). • Export attendance overviews to Excel. The overviews include all attendance data, notes, is late marks etc. • Backup/restore attendance data. This allows you to take the attendance data with you in case of a factory reset or purchase of a new device.

10. Alora – Attendance Tracker App

Alora – is a professional attendance tracker app that helps to save time and simplify the attendance process. Whether you are a teacher, coach or busy parent, Alora helps you to quickly track attendance in classes, events, meetings, and sports teams. Powerful reports save time and make it easy to track attendance in multiple classes or any other events. Whether you have one student or entire class, you will find all you need to organize and perform attendance tracking and roll call with Alora. Features – Create classes with quick and simple set up – Track dates of classes attended for each student – Manage teams of any size across multiple classes – Invite colleagues to collaborate – Define groups to conveniently mark attendance for several students at once – Upgrade to access downloadable CSV reports and use collaboration – 7 day free trial for premium access Alora Premium Subscriptions 1-month subscription – $3.99* 1-year subscription – $34.99* * automatically renews Join more than tens of thousands of teachers, instructors and parents using Alora to save time and elevate attendance tracking on demand to the next level.