5 Best Dual Camera Apps for Android

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Here are the 5 Best Dual Camera Apps for Android.

5 Best Dual Camera Apps for Android

1. Dual Camera

Dual camera is a photography app to make double photo via front end camera as well as back end camera at a one time and mixed it in one picture to look differently. Dual Camera allows you to set one moment photo as well as capture any other photo to look beautiful than single picture. How to Used : 1. Tap to start with dual camera on start button. 2. You can see two main portion devided in one area and capture photo using camera option. 3. You can change the camera from front end to back end camera using single touch on the switch camera. 4. Here you can set two picture one by one and press next button. 5. You can save the image in “Dual Camera” folder. 6. All the saved image you can see at one area below the Start Tap at first screen of dual camera. 7. You can also share the image via social link of your favourite dual camera photo.

2. Dual Camera HD DSLR

✥ Fast. Simple. Vibrant. We’re very excited to offer you incredible HDR photos in Dual Camera HD DSLR ✥ Brilliant HDR photos with greater dynamics. Creative professional with Dual Camera HD DSLR ✥ Useful tools for any situation offers you the full control of a professional camera – with an intuitive interface & advanced features… ✥ There are five different HDR styles available, including Natural, Vivid, Dramatic, Black and White, Faded. 🍉 The Dual Camera HD DSLR app HDR processing enables you to take photos with a greater dynamic range which translates into capturing more details in highlights and shadows. HDR images contain a greater range of light that is present in real-world scenes. A standard screen has a limited dynamic range that inadequately displays the full range of light intensities found in an HDR image. To address this issue, the contrast range is compressed with a technology called tone-mapping so the photo can be displayed on a standard non-HDR screen. ☢️ The best HDR camera for Android just got better! New Scene Analysis refinements have improved the results of vividHDR once again. This means that even under challenging shooting conditions, the colors in your photos will turn out vibrant and true-to-life. You can give vividHDR in Dual Camera HD DSLR a free trial at any time. Experience the HDR camera with watermarked photos for yourself. You will be surprised with the amount of detail you can capture in your photos (even in areas that are cast in dark shadow) and how true-to-life HDR photos can appear! 🍧 Features ★ Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Mode ★ Intelligently Face Detection ★ Independent Focus & Exposure control ★ Magical effects with different styles ★ Manual Focus with Focus Peaking ★ Stylish HDR – Improve images captured in low-light and backlit scenes ★ Portrait Mode & Dual Lens support ★ Real-time Filter – Preview filter effect before taking pictures or shooting videos ★ HD & UHD 4K Video (from 24 fps to HFR) ★ Support for focus modes, Scene modes, colour effects, white balance, ISO, and exposure compensation/lock, torch ★ RAW, TIFF, JPG & HEIF support ★ Quick Snap, Continuous shooting, Auto-stabilize ★ Self-Timer & Intervalometer ★ Easily choose the camera and video quality and resolution ★ Adjustable Fill-Light (Torch) ★ HD Video recording ★ Manual White Balance (Color Temperature & Tint) 🥗 We are excited to bring you ‘In Focus’, a new series that explores what happens when creative professionals and Dual Camera HD DSLR come together. The Selfie Camera is a streamlined photo mode to enable quick and easy self-portraits. The Selfie Camera comes with our innovative Skin Tone Front Flash, which will also work on older devices. 🍱 Take great HDR photos with ease in Auto-mode, or set manual exposure for each of the three individual photos which are taken in quick succession in HDR mode. You can either use the automatic scene analysis – which is one important component that accounts for the high quality you get with vividHDR – or you can choose to set all exposure levels manually.

3. Dual Camera – Portrait Mode, Bokeh, Selfies

A beautiful photo is a combination of perfect light, good camera and composition of the frames, it is still the skills of the photographer to get that flawless shot. Dual Camera makes your life easier by using state-of-the-art on device AI to capture that great portrait you always to take. Get Dual Camera App and click amazing Portrait!

4. Smart Front Back Dual Camera

Take photo with front and back Camera at same time.(OK, It’s not really SAME TIME, it auto switch between rear camera and background camera.) You will no longer be missed in your wonderful photos! Notes: if you can’t take photos(keep getting “busy” toast), please go to settings and use a low resolution. 1. Take photo from front and back Camera at same time. 2. Provide many photo frame effects. 3. You can zoom, move, rotate the photo frames. 4. Front camera first or Back camera first. 5. Pip, recording your every photography footprint. 6. Support Volume and Media button. support selfie stick. – Press button to take photo, long press to switch camera. If you like this app, share it to your friends and rate 5 stars! Any comments are welcome. Thank you! A pro version to support our developing: https://goo.gl/5pcb2F