10 Best Drinking Game Apps For iOS & Android

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Here are the 10 Best Drinking Game Apps For iOS & Android.

10 Best Drinking Game Apps For iOS & Android

1. iPuke

We spent thousands of dollars worth of booze to come up with the best drinking game concept on the planet. If you’re after an epic night, all you need is the app, your insane friends and no sense of self respect! On every turn you’ll draw a card with 2 challenges: a dare and an amount of shots to drink. You must do at least one to proceed, and they’re both worth points. The first brave player to reach the points target wins the game. Wondering what kinds of dares you’ll be facing? There are over 300 of them, but here are a few: * Fill your mouth with ice and wait until it melts * Blindfold yourself until the next turn * Do the samba * Lay on the ground like a starfish for 30 seconds * Walk up to a stranger and ask for a photo That and much, much more!! (trust me..) Well, are you ready?

2. Heads Up!

t’s the game The New York Times called a “Sensation,” and Cosmopolitan said “will be the best dollar you’ve spent.” Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on her show, and you can play with your friends! From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents — guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out! Play one of the many exciting categories, or create a category all your own! Features: – Play with one friend, or one hundred at the same time. – Draw a new card simply by tilting your phone. – Keep videos of your hilarious game play for your own amusement, or share them right to Facebook. – Diverse categories let you challenge your smartypants friends and entertain your kids for hours, all from one app! With 40+ themed decks packed to the brim with exciting gameplay cards, the fun will never stop! Decks include: – Celebrities – Movies – Animals – Accents – Characters – And lots more! Game-nighters, your app is here. 1. Ad Choices: policies.warnerbros.com/privacy/en-us/#adchoice 2. Terms of Use: policies.warnerbros.com/terms/en-us 3. Do Not Sell My Personal Information: privacycenter.wb.com/do-not-sell Embedded webview is needed to display the opened hyperlink to the Privacy Center

3. Drink and Tell

4. Seven

A drinking game to warm up your party! Seven is perfect for a group of people who are ready to be slammed by laugh and booze! All you need to start is: – Three (or more) awesome buddies, who’re ready for some fun! – Delicious alcohol (the more the better); – And last but not least, the will to push yourself into alcoholic craziness! This app features: – Simple yet entertaining gameplay; – More than 400 brilliant cards, each with a unique task; – Pleasant and memorable atmosphere; – Delightful graphics and beautifully illustrated cards; – 3 game modes; – You can create your own cards; – The ability to remove unwanted cards from your deck; – No any annoying ads. While the game features alcohol, please remember to drink responsibly. Have fun!

5. Game of Shots

Liven up your parties with the free drinking games of Game of Shots ®! Download now for free Game of Shots ®, and enjoy the best drinking games, to play in your wildest party or with a few friends. From renown games as I’ve Never, King’s Cup, Most Likely, The Roulette, True or False, drinking slot machine “Slot Shot Machine” or The Coin, to the coolest games such as Express Hangover. Enjoy a lot of drinking games on your phone, you can have them always with you and take them to the party. Get the Swiss knife of the party man! You will find games with dices, cards, and many other types, and you can play with up to 8 friends! And with the section Drunkpedia you can know the rules of a large number of drinking games from around the world. Do not forget your best party memories with the social Game of Shots function. Shared your Instagram pictures with the hashtag #gameofshots. Share your best moments with the Game of Shots ® community! Let the party begin! Wired Koala Studios is not responsible for any misuse that can be given to this application.

6. Drinking Game by EvilBit

Drink! The Drinking Game is probably the most extensive party app for your smartphone. A varied mix of different drinking games, minigames and fun activities make the perfect start into an entertaining weekend. A quiz, horse racing, tug-of-war and reaction games are just some of the exciting drinking games waiting for you and your friends! 🎮 In order to provide even more variety, even own tasks can be created – and if this were not enough, the design of the playing cards and background images can be adapted as desired. 😎 A great bonus for loyal drinkers: Advertising in this free version can be completely deactivated after just 7 games! We would be delighted to receive a review. Cheers! 🍻🍻🍻 P.s. An ad-free premium drinking game is also available. 😉

7. Picolo drinking game

Just add each player’s name and Picolo will take care of the rest! As a group or one by one, answer the questions and follow the instructions, no matter how crazy they get! A fun app that comes with you on your night out. Good times and hysterical laughter guaranteed! ————————— This new drinking game will spice up your night/pregame. Whether you’re at a bar or having a chill night with friends, this game is the perfect addition to your evening. Forget complicated rules and the same old classic games, Picolo is fun for everyone! All you need is to come armed with drinks. Have fun!

8. Never Have I Ever

9. Kings

With the Kings drinking game app you can leave your cards at home! The hit drinking game Kings (Circle of Death, Ring of Fire, Kings Cup) is now available on your mobile phone. Players must drink and distribute drinks based on card rules. Custom rules can easily be added or edited. Key Features: – Beautiful Hi-Res Graphics – Create and Edit Custom Rules – Unlimited Players Please drink responsibly!

10. Drink-O-Tron

– Play Drinking Games on your phone! ANYWHERE! – Includes FREE Bonus Packs! – Over 225 Cards! – Better than a regular deck of cards! – Download it TODAY! Get ready for the GREATEST DRINKING GAME of all time!!! Waterfall? Thumb Master? Make A Rule? Categories? Simply press the button to draw a card, and do whatever that card says! We took the best parts of every drinking game and brought them all together!!! Load up your deck with a variety of cards and enjoy! Looking to get a quick buzz? Load up the Drunkard and Tipsy packs! Playing with your crush? Well the Flirty pack better be included! Mix and match, or load them all up for the ultimate experience! There are 25 cards available for FREE upon downloading the app, and 16 packs are available for only 99 cents. We also have a VIP: All Access Pass for only $4.99 that unlocks EVERY pack! So please, join us and have fun with this game as we grow! **If you have trouble Restoring Purchases, try these tips! -Make sure you are signed in to the proper account on Google Play -Make sure you are only signed in to ONE account on Google Play -Contact us at hello@prodigalcreative.com with any issues! Please visit our website if you have any suggestions to improve the game! http://www.drinkotron.com/