5 Best dog stop barking apps

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Here are the 5 Best dog stop barking apps.

5 Best dog stop barking apps

1. Dog Training Clicker

Turn your smartphone into a clicker device and you will be able to teach your dog all kinds of tricks and commands. Positive training can be fun for you and your dog, quick and effective results. FEATURES: ★ 3D clicker ★ high definition audio ★ beautiful skins ★ sound effects ★ stunning graphic design Can be used for: ★ Dog ★ Puppy ★ Cat ★ Horse What is a clicker? The clicker is a device that makes a clicking sound, it is used as a way of communicating with the animals, most commonly dogs. When associated with a treat, a click allows the owner to mark the precise moment the desired behavior is executed, catching the animal in the act of doing something that is wanted, for example sitting or lying down. Eventually the animal learns to repeat the behavior for a treat, it is scientific way to make pet training easy. Download Dog Clicker Training for FREE and start training now! Clicker is based on positive reinforcement and it has proved to be effective method of training.

2. Barking Dog Responder

This app is completely free, consider rating 5 stars if you enjoyed. Or, if you think I can improve it give me your feedback in place of empty ratings. That’d be precious. Thanks! ¸.·´¯`·.´¯A simple app that helps you handle a bunch of crazy situations`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸> ① Your neighbor’s dog is annoying, ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) so you want to answer its barks back with another barking dog, as well as with an annoying sound (you may consider using it with some portable speakers). ② You want to company your dog while it’s barking =^..^=. Answer its barks with a specific sound, or with a voice asking him to stop. ③ Your partner is a professional snorer and you are tired ب_ب of whistling to let her/him stop. ④ You want your phone to answer when you shout for it, maybe because you are used to misplace it? (>ლ) … or, you don’t want to repeat “Bathroom is busy”, you want to shoo undesired birds, …. put there your imagination. In all these cases, this app fits your needs. Please enjoy and give me your feedback for further improvements. 【ツ】 [Instructions] ▶ Open the application, choose a sound and regulate the sensitivity. Also pump up the media volume if needed. ▶ To put the application in background click the home button, or click the power button to only shut down the screen ▶ To restore the application open it again ▶ To close the application click the back ♩ button. ▶ [new] You can now record your own voice to train your dog! You can also use it to make funny jokes of course 😉 This functionality will be available for all devices with 3gp encoder. [Ultrasound (Experimental)] ▶ To surprise the dog hiding your intentions, try the ultrasound. It will be inaudible to human ears. On the other hand, take into account that this works just with high quality speakers. So, first test it with your device, and in case connect it to external HQ tweeters. [Record your sound] You people requested, and I listened you, so you can now record your audio! Go through the menu to do it, and build your personalized automatic responder!

3. Dog Whistle to Train Your Dog

4. Dog Whistler

5. Dog Whistle, Free Dog Trainer!