10 Best Color Texting Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Color Texting Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Color Texting Apps For Android & iOS

1. Texty: Text on Photos

Texty is quick, easy and offers so many possibilities to add text on photos & create professional graphic designs. 1. Texty makes text editing for social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest amazingly simple. 2. With the huge fonts library of Texty and typographic customize tools, the simple user interface makes designing fun! No design skill necessary! 3. The variety of customize possibilities of Texty helping you to create faster and easier your masterpiece. Use Texty for Professional Photo Editing • Crop photo or Background freely (any aspect ratio, custom dimensions to adapt for social media ratios). • Rotate, scale, horizontal or vertical mirror. • Brightness, contrast, saturation, colorize, blur, sharpen, transparency. • Make a collage. Use Texty for Text Editing • Over 750+ multilingual fonts, multiple text, font size, opacity, color, position, perspective (transform angles), rotation, bold, italic, capitalize, centrations, line spacing and letter spacing, wrap text, shadow, stroke (outline), glow (highlight), flip, mirror. • Text Eraser Tool (with undo, redo) – Erase parts of your artwork, text to create unique picture effects. • Customizable labels and styles templates included. • Graphics, shapes included. • You can draw, doodle, sketch, paint on your photos or transparent background. • Brand color palette – Create and save your own color palette with HSB, RGB or HEX. • Optimized workflow with our clipboard in your edit process. • Save as JPEG, WEBP or PNG. Tipps & Tricks of Texty • Reset the processing level by clicking on the value. • Center image, text or graphic by double tap on it. • Get more fonts, shapes and lines from our shop. • All included fonts are FREE for personal and commercial use. • Texty Pro School: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf9FZaK4PfQ&list=PLIIh2DJUmj8Xwg29X2F657kyJDBhWsbVk Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/textyapp Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/texty_app Subscribe us on YouTube: https://bit.ly/Subscribe_Petales If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us: info.petales@gmail.com

2. Color Text Messages – customizer colorful texting

3. Phonto – Text on Photos

Phonto is a simple application that allows you to add text to pictures. Note: DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP if you expect Phonto for iOS. Phonto for Android doesn’t have all equivalent features to the Phonto for iOS. ★ More than 200 fonts are available. ★ You can install other fonts. ★ Text size is changeable. ★ Text color is changeable. ★ Text shodow is changeable. ★ Text is rotatable. ★ Text stroke color and width is changeable. ★ Text background color is changeable. ★ Letter spacing is changeable ★ Line spacing is changeable ————————————- How to install fonts ————————————- https://phon.to/android/install_fonts 1. Download font file from online. To search font, just google “FREE FONT”. 2. Open font file (***zip, ***ttf, ***.otf) in Phonto. NOTE: Don’t forget to check out font license before installing. ————————————- Ad-Free option ————————————- Ad-Free option removes all advertisements from Phonto. If you want to buy this option, please go to “Settings” in Phonto and tap “Ad-Free Option”.

4. Photo Editor – All-in-one Photo Editor

5. Font Rush

Add text on pictures with 200 + amazing fonts on 250 + Beautiful Background Pictures Or on your photos. Font Rush is the easy tool to automatically turn your words, saying or quotes into beautiful photo text designs. It’s the coolest typography tool. With one click, you can create amazing text on photo with cool fonts and stunning layout design. Whether it’s a photo editor, picture collage, logo, invitation or poster maker you’re looking for – Font Rush makes graphic design easy. You can use Font Rush for almost anything as it gives you options and tools to create – Write on pictures, – Make your own quotes – Add stylish quotes to elegant photos. – Make beautiful graphics for social network. – Caption your words and memories. – Create flyer and share. – Create photos with love quotes and life quotes for inspiration. – Social Media & post maker – Make social Media Banners – Create Calligraphy, – Name Art Font Rush is a super easy to use application that allows you to add text on pictures with amazing Font & Stickers. A user can choose Background picture from diffrent categories, Gradient and device Gallery. Font Rush has various fonts with instant preview so you can take a look how exactly font will look on your smartphone. Beautiful typography, word art, graphic design, text design, font design, typography designs or your captions on the photos you love. The variety of customize possibilities of Font Rush: – More than 200 fonts are available. – More than 250 Background Pictures are available. – More than 30 Texture to use as a background. – Use Gradient Background. – Picture blured. – Amazing Effects with opacity – 1000+ Amazing Stickers available. Font Rush allows you to customize almost every aspect – Stickers color is changeable. – Stickers hue is changeable. – Stickers rotation is changeable. – Text is changeable(Editing on double click). – Text size is changeable. – Text color is changeable. – Text shodow is changeable. – Text is rotatable. – Text stroke color and width is changeable. – Text background color is changeable. – Text opacity is adjustable. – Text alignment is adjustable. – Text & Stickers lock and unlock to moving or touch. Create beautiful creations for all your Social Media. Font Rush allows you to change – Aspect Ratio for crop use as a sticker or background pictures. – Save your editing as a Design (Let you rework) & Picture (Is finally picture for shareing and posting). – Share your edited photos with your friends on social networks (Email, Facebook, messages, BlueTooth etc.) If you have a suggestion, a question or you want to report a bug please contact us: help.simplyentertaining@gmail.com Font Rush works on all android versions and all screen sizes…

6. Typo Style – Add text on Pictures, cool fonts

Typo Style is the high quality editing app to create word picture art and typography picture art. You can make a beautiful picture (photo) with your words without spend minutes – even hours in editing via other apps, just one tap. Perhaps you’re looking for a good introduction editing to the fundamentals of typography picture? Or perhaps you want to develop and push your type abilities further? Either way, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for on this list, which includes typography picture art in the form of traditional text-and-image art, animations and video, and even games. Typography Typo Style – TextSwag Generator are provided a beautifully editing in this app. On the other hand creative typography picture and typographical art are also collected in this Typo app. Feature List: – Add stylish quotes to elegant photos. Make beautiful pics to share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and so on. – Capture your words and memories on your picture. – Create flyer picture and share. – Create photos with love quotes and life quotes for inspiration art. – Social Media & post maker – Make social Media Banners – Make photo Collages and much more being added every week!!! ADD TEXT ON PHOTO Convey your message by adding text or captions to your designs. Automatically turn your words into beautiful photo text designs – just tap and tap to have a beautiful picture quotes! PHOTO EDITING Take your photos to the next level with Typo Style’s stunningly simple photo editor. Many preset filters are waiting for you in a simple editing app. HOW TO – Choose one of your photos, or choose one of backgrounds. – Edit text, choose quotes. – Select one style as you like. Tap to random and switch different styles. – Save and share after editing. Download now and enjoy our Typo Style applications.

7. Text On Photo.s & Font Edit.or

8. Color Fonts for FlipFont #7

This Font Pack contains a single font in 13 different colors for Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 devices designed to be compatible with Monotype Imaging Inc.’s FlipFont® program and will install new free color fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC that are compatible with the FlipFont® program on your phone. NOTE: This App is NOT sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Monotype Imaging, Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark and technology. Please enjoy this pack of Color Fonts for Android flip fonts to provide you with the ability to change your device’s typeface for free. Using the FlipFont font changer program installed on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 phone, you can use this application to customize your device to one of the many beautiful color fonts for Samsung Galaxy that we have collected. This font pack is a random selection of 13 color typefaces that have been optimized for use on Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 Android devices. Please browse through our FlipFont packs to find the perfect font styles that fits your taste. To change fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 device, navigate to the display settings in your device’s system settings. In the display settings you can change the font style to any of these 13 color fonts for Android. This font pack should work on all Galaxy and Sense 6.0 brand phones and will provide color fonts for Samsung Galaxy S3, color fonts for Samsung Galaxy S4, color fonts for Samsung Galaxy S5, color fonts for Galaxy Note 3, color fonts for Galaxy Note 4, and HTC One. This app will not work on developer devices, such as the Galaxy Nexus or AOSP Galaxy S4 Google Edition, because it does not have the FlipFont program. Please verify that your phone can change its font. Look for the font style option in the display or screen display section of your device settings. This app is not designed as fonts for android with root and does not require root permission to change your font, nor will it require you to restart your phone.* Also, you will be able to enjoy your color fonts for texting and messaging, however the typeface used on your device will not be sent to people that you send a text message to. This android application is not affiliated with FlipFont or Monotype Imaging Inc. All functionality, trademarks and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners.

9. Fancy Message-Pimp Text with Emoji Keyboard, New Color Bubble and Textart FREE

10. Color SMS – Free Themes, Customize