5 Best clone picture apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best clone picture apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best clone picture apps for Android & iOS

1. Clone Camera

★ Participate to win a spot in our showcase by following us on Instagram @Petavision and adding #CloneCameraChoice to your favorite photos.★ Want to create photos that stand out? Wish you could clone yourself? CloneCamera helps you create flawless clone photos! There’s no preset frames, so let your imagination run free! Features: 1. Mind-blowing photos 2. An enhanced self-timer 3. Numerous filters to choose from 4. Share with your friends instantly 5. A start-up guide to help you on your first try 6. Supports high-resolution images Instructions: 1. Take as many photos as you want 2. Select up to 4 photos to combine 3. Outline the subject you want to clone 4. Press ‘Preview’ to check the final result 5. Choose a filter, adjust, and crop 6. Share! ————————————————— Participate to win a spot in our showcase! All you have to do is: 1. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter Facebook: facebook.com/petavision Instagram: @Petavision Twitter: @Petavision 2. Tag #CloneCameraChoice to your favorite photos ————————————————— See others’ pictures on Instagram by searching #clonecamera ————————————————— See Android reviewers web site: http://www.aboveandroid.com/2013/05/app-review-clone-camera-photo-editing-app.html Please follow us here: Facebook: facebook.com/petavision Twitter: @petavision Home: http://www.peta-vision.com contact us here: info@peta-vision.com

2. Clone Foto : Echo mirror with multi photo

Clone photo means one person with different poses. Use your creativity ideas and add photo shop like feature. Create clone of you and place in one screen. It really gives a very unique look to your photo. Clone foto can be used to get repeat effect, echo effect or mirror effect with full control. Place image wherever you want. Use your own imagination and make beautiful effects. Clone yourself image app is the best clone yourself pro make it look like you have a twin photos and contains clone photo camera with multi photos into single backgrounds. Make clone yourself pro picture perfect photo reflections using photo mirrors in these clone photo app. Best photo clone app is a cloning photo editor allows you to make wonderful fraternal twins, echo effects and mirror effects of your own using the clone yourself pro an best clone yourself image app in the android market. Make Special clone photos using clone yourself image app a clone yourself pro maker with clone camera clone photo app editing and also an clone photo editor to make your own pictures to impress your beloved people with this photo clone app with beautiful effects. Clone yourself pro (or) clone yourself image app is the best clone photo editor and clone photo app to make special effects of your own for perfect reflection pictures along with twin effects or echo effects using our photo clone editor app the best clone photo editor application. Amazing picture reflections with clone yourself image app make it look like you have a twins and multiple effects using our clone photo app an clone photo editor to make your own perfect and beautiful clone photos. If you are looking for clone yourself image app to make clone photos of your own then try our photo clone app an clone photo editor and clone photo app that allows you to make professional and lovely clone photos with our mirror effects. Using our photo clone editor you can cut set your image as you like and make it a reflection which is selected by you with this clone photo editor application. Create a beautiful twin photos and multi photo effect pictures with our photo clone app an perfect clone photo editor and also beautiful photo clone app to make clone photos. Try our free clone photo editor app (or) clone photo app and make lovely and beautiful of your own perfect and awesome clone pictures!!! Features of Clone Photo App:- * Easy and User- Friendly App Interface. * 25+ HD Beautiful Image Backgrounds to create your own awesome clone photos. * Flip option to flip your images into different positions. * Add Multiple photos by clicking on plus “+” button into the single background images. * Cross “X” button to delete image from the single background screen. * Eraser Activity to remove the unwanted portion from your images. * Redo, Erase, Undo and Zoom in & Zoom option * Share option to send your photos (via) various social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc…. How to use:- 1. Click on the phone camera or gallery using our clone photo app. 2. Crop photo and use super crop and hand crop to erase background from your photo and cut it 3. Select beautiful backgrounds available from our clone photo app (or) from your own phone gallery. 4. Add more photos from gallery using “+” button at the left top corner. 5. If you want to add same image again and again then click on the particular image to copy and paste. 6. Use flip button to flip the images. 7. Use rotate and pan to do respective. 8. To delete image click on the cross button. 9. If you want to erase again then use edit button and it will move image to eraser view. 10.Once you are done with the editing use share button to save and share image. Download our Clone Foto or clone photo app today this best photo clone editor app to add more fun and excitement to your photo. If you have any suggestions and comments and regarding our clone photo app please send us at appwallettechnologies@gmail.com.

3. ManyMe

4. Ghost Lens Free – Clone & Ghost Photo Video Editor

Try the best Clone&Ghost Photo Video Editor, Use split camera to make fun cloning video to show your “twin”, use ghost layout to make Scary Movie to impress your Facebook and Instagram followers now. Ghost Lens is easy to make awesome cool video, include the best video editing features and the fade-in and fade out effect. Ever wonder what look like when your spirit free itself from the body? Use Ghost Lens to have an out-of-body experience and edit STUNNING video&photo to impress your Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat followers.Ghost Lens is the Funny Photo Editor & Video Editor app. Ghost Lens can change transparency of the video character and add “Fade in” and “Fade out” effect to your video&photo, so that you can make your “GHOST” looming in your video. It’s easy to use, it has powerful Photoshop features without mastering the complex Photoshop software.It supports up to 60 seconds video recording. Not enough? You can also use this app to do much more things. For example: – Clone your own ghost & Clone yourself in video&photo. – Awesome Video Editor & Photo Editor app, tuns of filters,apply filters&FX for Video/Photo. – Make illusion & funny Video/Photo(Floating in the air, swap your body parts…) to prank your friends lol in Facebook, Instagram Tumblr and snapchat. – Easily make the awesome photo collage & video collage and make square video and photo for Instagram lover. – Clips video editor, trim clips and arrange clips for each split screen so easy, good for every YouTube. – Add ghost stickers to make funny & scary movie and picture. – Add background music to your masterpiece.You can choose scary music. – Funny photo collage maker and picture & video stitch, make best photo video collage. – Make funny face, record horror, creepy, scary movie+scary image&pictures. How it works? 1. Select one split layout. 2. Snap or load the first video/photo as background. 3. Snap or load another video/photo, change the Transparency of the video/photo character. 4. Add ghosts and change the alpha level in your video. 5. Generate and share your best masterpiece to social net likes fb,ig kik& snapchat! Features: 1.Clone Camera, clone yourself in photo&video, without master Photoshop. 2.Best Photo Editor & Video Editor features.It’s easy to edit photo & video. 3.Best Photo Collage Maker & Video Collage Maker, it’s powerful and super easy to make photo collage and video collage. 4.Nice interface with awesome Photoshop features. You don’t need to master the Photoshop and illustrator skill. 5.Pro Camera features, nice shot for your ghost photo and make your ghost in photo. 6.Share your masterpiece to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Snapchat. 7.100+ Filters to choose from. More…: *FEATURES* + Powerful selfie FX camera and PS effect features. + Make STUNNING video&photo. STUNNING Video Editor & Photo Editor. + Up to 60 minutes video recording. + Select from ◎ 60+ awesome adjustable layouts ◎ 130+ Video & Image filters ◎ beautiful square background to make square Instagram video and photo. + HD Video recording, support 720p and 1080p video(only for iPhone 6 & 6 plus). + Support Landscape mode. + Clips video editor, trim clips and arrange clips for each split screen so easy. + Added 64 ghost stickers to make funny movie and picture. + Add text to your video and photo, choose from 80+ Fonts. + Load any video and photo from Instagram for your creative works. + Importing your favorite music and set initial time of your music. + Pause and resume the video at any time. + Snap or upload video&photos from your library! + The built-in timer. + The ability to zoom each frame individually and move each video&image. + Undo feature. + Amazing pandora music mixer. + Save your masterpiece to your library or share it with social media like YouTube,Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, & Email. + Endless Possibilities!

5. Twin Me! Clone Camera – Free

Create a twin/clone photo of yourself or friends in two clicks with the best cloning app for Android. It’s easy! Follow the instructions: – Hold the phone in horizontal position – Place the subject in the left frame on the screen and take the first shot – Hold the camera steady, place them in the right frame and shot again. – Wait a few seconds and see the funny result! It’s a clone! – Twin Me! Clone Camera app will try to fix a possible misalignment during the shots It’s easy to clone yourself Fetaures: • Split Screen • Retake a shot pressing the back button • Self-timer • Front Camera • Autostitcher • Fun! For a better results, try to place the subject in a scene with a detailed background and do not move the camera between the shots. NOTE: If there are any bugs/crashes, contact us directly and we’ll try to fix it