5 Best clock widget apps that shows seconds (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 5 Best clock widget apps that shows seconds (Android & iOS).

5 Best clock widget apps that shows seconds (Android & iOS)

1. Pretty Binary Clock Widget

I’ve been wandering through Play Store looking for a Binary Clock Widget that wasn’t made by programmers with total contempt for design, and guess what? I couldn’t find one, so I made one myself. IMPORTANT: If the widget freezes or stops working after a reboot. Go to 🔋 Battery Settings and disable all optimizations for it. Widget’s service consumes negligible resources, but Android OS tends to kill it on principle, I guess… Features: * Pretty, * Pure Binary and BCD, * 24-hours and AM/PM, * Customizable colors and sizes, * No wakelocks, * Clicking opens system clock. If you have any suggestions, can create a better theme, or you’ve found a naughty bug just send me an @.

2. Clock Widget

Clock Widget is a home screen digital time and date widget for Android. Features: – Supports Android version 4.1 and above. – Google Material Design – Lots of customizations – Many fonts for clock and date – Select widget click actions – Tap on widget to load up alarm/widget settings page To use the widget on Android: – Open the app drawer – Tap the “Widgets” tab – Find Clock Widget and drag it to the home screen NOTE: If you are using a Task Manager, make sure to add Clock Widget to the ignore list. When the app is killed, the time will stop updating.

3. onca Clock Widget

Minimalist clock widget that combines digital clock and analog clock. Inspired by Minimal Design and Flat Design the widget brings a clean, modern style to your home screen. The comprehensive configuration menu offers numerous options to adjust the widget to your personal preference. If you have a request or an issue please contact me via Email or http://onca-development.de FREE Edition • Font size selectable • Tranparency adjustable • Color selection for all elements of the widget • Hours as digits • Minutes as ring • Seconds (optional) as point or ring (!Can impact device’s performance!) • Date (optional) with selectable alignment • Background ring (optional) with transparency setting • Starting arbitrary apps by tapping on clock or date • Configuration can be altered anytime by tapping on the lower area of the widget • Format of time and date adapt to system settings PRO Edition (via in-app purchase) • Hours as digits, ring or point • Minutes as digits, ring or point • Individual colors • Font size selectable • Time zone selectable • Minute marks (optional) • Background circle (optional) with transparency setting You can try PRO Edition settings in the preview of the configuration menu.

4. ZenClock: A Beautiful, Minimal Clock

5. Minimal Clock

IMPORTANT: Minimal Clock is a widget (not an application), it will only appear in the widgets section of your phone. It will not appear in the applications list! If it does not appear in widgets section, try uninstall and reinstall the app! thank you 🙂 For anyone looking for the reliable (but battery draining) version, you can download it from this link: http://tinyurl.com/ojyg9zv A minimalist clock widget for your homescreen. Minimal Clock is lightweight and easy to use and has a simple design that many users will love. Features – 2×2 Widget (resizable) – High resolution widget option (Warning: high resolution widget will decrease battery life more than regular widget) – Displays hour, am/pm, day of week, minute, and battery (arc) – Custom colors for clock face border, clock face fill, battery arc, hour text, am/pm & day of week, minute text, minute face fill, and minute face border. – Colors support alpha (transparent) – Optional 24hr format – Optional battery percentage – Optional date format (8/20, 20/8, Aug 20, 20 Aug) – Adjustable text and line thickness – Easy access to settings by tapping bottom right corner of widget – Optional tap to launch selected app To add this to your homescreen, go to your app drawers. Then navigate to your widgets section, and find Minimal Clock. Hold it down and move it to the screen you want to add it to.