10 Best Binoculars Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Binoculars Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Binoculars Apps For Android & iOS

1. Military Binoculars Simulated

Military Binoculars is the perfect app to have a army binoculars simulator in your device, just like professionals ones in the military, showing several information over the screen (OSD). Cool features: – Zoom effect with real sound – Artificial Horizon (like included in aircrafts) – Heading indicator (real magnetic compass information) – Horizontal and Vertical Inclination – Turn on/off flashlight The quality of the images depends of your mobile photographic camera lens. Enjoy the military binoculars!

2. Binoculars G44

The best super digital binocular simulation app, with photo and video recording. App has a “Black & White” mode and “Color” mode. Also you can take photo while recording video. Simple and easy to use! •Zoom buttons •Light Amplifier buttons •photo/video recording •Color Mode •Black & White Mode •Built In library ***NOTE for video recording requires Android version 4.3 and up

3. Binoculars xx zoomer

4. Binoculars Shoot Zoom Camera

5. Military Binoculars/Night Mode/Compass Camera

6. Binoculars

7. Binoculars Free

The Binoculars app uses your camera’s zoom feature to turn your Android phone into a pair of binoculars! But there’s more to this app than just seeing far away–there are other novelty features in store. See the world in a whole new light with the Alien Vision feature, or see things in low light with the Night Vision feature. Now your phone’s camera can provide a lot more amusement than just funny pictures! Binoculars see everything far away, in the palm of your hands. Have you ever wanted to see something off in the distance? Well then we have the solution for you! See the world in a whole new light using the Alien Vision feature. Zoom capabilities BASED ON ZOOM OF CAMERA. See things at night using the Night Vision feature. *Requires low light for correct performance. Novelty really. Features: Zoom + / – Night Vision (requires low light) Alien Vision Light on / off

8. Real telescopic binoculars

9. Military Super Spy Zoom Binoculars

10. Binoculars – Super Zoom Camera