5 Best Quilter Apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best Quilter Apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best Quilter Apps for Android & iOS

1. Quilting Tutorials by Missouri Star Quilt Company

Free quilting tutorials from Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company! We have hundreds of quilt patterns to choose from—for beginners and experts alike. You’ll love learning to sew with us! New tutorials available all the time! Download the app for free now! Shop the world’s largest selection of precut fabrics at low prices! We offer Daily Deals at 30%-100% off! Once you’ve gotten the app, head over to Missouri Star Quilt Company’s website to get your supplies and get sewing! www.missouriquiltco.com

2. Quilt Now

If you adore quilting and patchwork and love contemporary fabric then Quilt Now is your perfect companion. Each issue of Quilt Now is filled with beautiful quilting projects and patchwork techniques from some of the leading experts worldwide. Produced by quilters for quilters, every issue showcases stunning quilting projects, from full-size bed quilts to lap quilts, cushions, bags and accessories, all using the latest, widely available fabrics and stash-friendly scraps. You’ll find inspiring ideas for refreshing your home décor plus great gifts and fun quick-make creations. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a skilled quilter, every issue will inspire and introduce new techniques and fabrics to kick-start your next project. Why wait? Get Quilt Now. Please note the free gift included with the print version of the magazine is not included.

3. Quilting Calculators

Master the math involved in quilting! Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Quilters Paradise have joined forces to bring you this updated collection of eight essential quilting calculators. Designed by quilters, the calculators work with both U.S. and metric measurements. With these tools you’ll easily and accurately work out how many rectangular pieces can be cut from a larger piece, or how much fabric is needed for backing, batting and borders, square-in-a-square, set-in and corner triangles. Fabric Measurement Converter: Converts between measurement in decimals and fractions. Backing and Batting Calculator: Determines how much yardage from a bolt of fabric is needed to make the backing for a quilt. Piece Count Calculator: Shows the number of fixed-size pieces that can be cut from a larger piece of fabric. Pieces to Yardage Area Calculator: Indicates how much fabric is needed in order to cut a given number of fixed-size pieces. Binding Calculator: Tells you the amount of fabric required to bind your quilt, based on the quilt’s dimensions and the binding strip width. Border Calculator: Shows the amount of fabric required to create borders, based on your quilt’s dimensions and the width of the borders. Square-in-a-Square Calculator: Works out all the key dimensions of a square-in-a-square block. Set-in and Corner Triangle Calculator: Determines the size of the square piece you’ll need to cut in order to create both unfinished set-in triangles and unfinished corner triangles.

4. Crafty Amino – Community for Handmade Crafting and DIY

Crafty Amino is the fastest growing mobile social network for handmade crafters! – Build a profile showing your passion for handmade crafts, hobbies, and handcrafted gifts – Connect with other sewers, knitters, jewelers, and other home artists around the world – Discuss your favorite DIY projects, works in progress, and handmade items – Gain a massive following by sharing your thoughts, finds, and creations – Discover other members’ creative projects, patterns, and how-to tutorials In Crafty Amino, you can: – Create polls and discussions to share with other fans of knitting, sewing, jewelry making, beading, ceramics, scrapbooking, papercrafts, and more – Show off your latest finds and projects – Share, discuss, and debate technique – Obsess over the latest news and craft products – Connect with local crafters Discover other craft makers nearby and around the world who share your passion for everything from crochet to ceramics. Post and chat about materials, projects, tutorials, and news. Ask and answer questions on the fly and search for expert answers on everything crafts. If DIY is how you roll, this is the right community for you! Come find us on the web: http://www.aminoapps.com/

5. Craftsy