10 Best Motivational Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Motivational Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Motivational Apps For Android & iOS

1. Fabulous – Motivate Me!

▌ Winner of Google’s Material Design Award for Most Charming Engagement ▌ Nominated for Google Play’s Best App Award ▌ Incubated at Duke University Behavioral Economics Lab Fabulous is not just your average habit tracker! We’re a science-based app that will motivate you to improve your fitness & achieve your weight loss goals, reboot your sleep cycle, and discover mindfulness to reduce your anxiety. You’ll learn to build a transformative morning routine and even pick up life-changing habits like meditation and yoga along the way. Our ultimate goal is to instill habits that improve your health. Using any random habit tracker to pick up a habit like yoga, meditation, or to serve as a reminder to workout never works. This is why we’ll act as your life coach, building your motivation so you can focus on developing habits that reduce mental health issues like anxiety, and improve your daily productivity. Upgrade your planner for an exciting new habit tracker and achieve your health and productivity goals today. Use Fabulous for motivation to build a refreshed morning routine, exercise, improve your sleep cycle, and lose weight. Start by instilling these healthy living habits that will improve your mental health and keep you on top of your goals. Like we said, Fabulous is not just your average habit tracker. Fabulous is your motivation to workout and lose weight, your morning routine jump start, your mindfulness app to help you relax and focus, and so much more. ▌TOP 6 REASONS TO USE FABULOUS ★ Have an irregular sleep cycle and want to learn how to get a good night sleep? ★ Struggling with your fitness and don’t know how to lose weight? ★ Need motivation to build an indestructible morning routine? ★ Want to increase your energy so you have focus the entire day? ★ Find it difficult improving your productivity because ADHD? ★ Want to improve your mental health through mindfulness so you can cope with anxiety? ▌INTEGRATED HEALTH SESSIONS Take your fitness & workout routine to the next level by trying our integrated exercise sessions. We’ll coach you through each of our sessions and more! ★ 7-minute scientific workout to improve your fitness so you can lose weight ★ Zen and vipassana meditation for high anxiety and mindfulness ★ Deep work and power nap sessions for productivity and focus ★ Stretching starter pack for total flexibility ★ Yoga exercises to reduce anxiety and improve your mental health After you’ve created your morning routine, you’ll begin to receive personalized vocal advice from your own personal life coach based on your everyday habits. ▌HOW FABULOUS WORKS ★ Smart-targeted health advice to develop an exercise routine and improve your fitness ★ Science-based habit tracker focused on health and mindfulness ★ Weight loss workouts that don’t just rely on counting calories (based off the Atkins & HCG diet) ★ Your own personal 1:1 life coach for motivation to achieve your goals ★ Integrated health sessions for meditation and relaxation, yoga, exercise and more ★ Tools to improve your sleep cycle so you can have a good night sleep ★ Expansive library to improve your productivity & focus, and build a successful morning routine ▌GET IN TOUCH! We’re always happy to talk with you and hear how fabulous has improved your mental health and helped you achieve your goals from meditation to weight loss, and so much more! Shoot us an email at hello@thefabulous.co Like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/thefabulous.co Follow us on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thefabstory/

2. Forest: Stay focused

★ Staying focused with the cutest gamified timer. ★ ★ Google Play 2015-2016 Best App of the Year, 2018 Best Social Impact App Nomination, 2018 Google Play Editors’ Choice Top Productivity App ★ ★ More than 4 million satisfied paying users. ★ ★ Over 700,000 real trees were planted on Earth by our users. ★ Won 2018 Google Play’s Best Self-improvement in Canada, Mexico, France, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India, and Thailand! “Forest works well, and if your goal is to be more in the moment, ignore your phone and actually talk to your friends when you are with them, this is the app for you.” — The New York Times “In order to establish new, better habits, it’s helpful to engage with tools that make it easier to reinforce them. For anyone looking to curtail their phone usage, the Forest app might be for you.” — Business Insider If you want to temporarily put down your phone and focus on what’s more important in real life, you can plant a seed in Forest. As time goes by, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation of using your phone and leave the app, your tree will wither. The sense of achievement and responsibility will encourage you to stay away from your phone, and will help you make better use of your time. Stop getting distracted by your phone, become self-motivated and get more things done. Stay focused. Be present! FEATURES: • A interesting way to help you beat phone addiction and overcome distraction • Encourage you to stay focused. • The best cure for procrastination. • Reduce procrastination and makes you productive. • Track your focused moments in a simple and pleasant way • Earn rewards and unlock new tree species • Turn your focused moments into a lovely big forest • Motivate yourself to reach your daily goals! UNLOCK PRO VERSION: • Plant real trees on the earth with tree-planting organization 🌲Trees for the future 🌲to protect the environment • Customize your whitelist : Leaving Forest and using apps which are in the whitelist doesn’t kill your tree • Manage your own tags and view the detailed statistics of your time distribution. • Track your daily phone usage and screen time. • Plant trees along with friends & family. • Share your forest and compete with friends • Unlock achievements and earn extra rewards It’s never to late to build up productive habits! NOTICE • Forest is an app available for both Android mobile and tablet devices, and can be accessed across all Android devices with pro version. To download non Android version of Forest, this requires a separate purchase. However, by logging into the same registered account, the account data can be synchronized across all platforms. • Due to budget constraint, the number of real trees each user can plant is limited to five. We will be introducing limited time events that will allow users to plant more real trees. Please follow our social media page or check the in-app announcement for more updates. Permissions Explained: https://www.forestapp.cc/permissions/en/ MEET US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forestapp.cc/ Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/forestapp_cc Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forest_app/ We also provide chrome extensions. Find out more on www.forestapp.cc! -Sound Design: Shi Kuang Lee

3. Coach.me – Goal Tracking, Habit Building & Motivational Coaching

4. Way of Life – The Ultimate Habit Maker & Breaker

FAST Invest less than a minute daily to track, identify, and change your habits with Way of Life. EFFICIENT Changing habits is hard work. Having the right tool is half the battle. Way of Life is that tool – a beautiful, intuitive habit tracker that motivates you to build a better, stronger, and healthier you! As you collect more and more information, you will be able to spot positive and negative trends in your lifestyle easily: • Am I exercising as much as I thought? • Eating less and less fast food? • Getting the fruits and vegetables I need? • Sleeping well? • Avoiding too much sugar? Or whatever is essential to you. There are no restrictions on what Way of Life can help you with when it comes to changing habits. FEATURE RICH • Powerful reminders with flexible scheduling and custom messages. • Charts – bar graphs with trend lines • Note-taking – quickly jot down a note • Unlimited items (*) • Backup to any Cloud storage provider that supports Android (*) • Archive completed goals • Updating takes less than a minute a day ‘Way of Life is the ultimate habit building app.’ — App Advice Voted ‘Best Motivation App of 2019’ — Healthline Featured on the Tim Ferris podcast with Kevin Rose Way of Life is recommended by Forbes, The New York Times, Marie Claire, HealthLine, The Guardian, Tech Cocktail, Business Insider, FastCompany, Entrepreneur, and Lifehacker. *) requires premium

5. Strides: Goal & Habit Tracker + Life Organizer

6. Success – Daily Life Planner & Goal Setting Coach

7. Productive habits & daily goals tracker

8. Beeminder

WHAT IS BEEMINDER? Beeminder cleverly combines self-tracking and monetary incentives to help you stick to your goals. You pledge (actual money) to keep all your data points on a Yellow Brick Road to your goal and if you go off track, you pay your pledge. WHO IS BEEMINDER FOR? Here’s the way to find out if Beeminder could be useful for you: Is there anything you know you should do, you really do want to do, you know for certain you can do, yet that historically you don’t do? (Also, are you a nerdy, lifehacking data freak?) If yes, you should try it! WHAT CAN BEEMINDER TRACK? Anything you can quantify and graph! Here are some goals that our users have been minding: o Hitting 145 pounds by December 31 o Reducing credit card balance to zero by January o Blogging twice a month o Getting rid of 100 possessions in the next year o Being able to do 50 pushups by September 22 o Eating, on average, 5 servings of fruit/vegetables per day o Practicing guitar 7 hours per week o Staying at or below 148 pounds o Doing 45 minutes of resistance training per week o Biking 1956 miles in 2011 (until odometer hits 5000) o Spending 40 hours a week building Beeminder (we eat our own dog food!) o Biking 50 miles per week leading up to the NYC Century o Reading Ulysses by December 15 o Clearing out 1 email per day till inbox is at 25 messages o Getting in bed by 10pm at least 5 nights a week o Calling or writing to at least one person per day o Reviewing 10 Anki cards per day o Flossing at least every other day —— For more on the philosophy behind Beeminder, google Akrasia and Self-Binding. The Beeminder Android app was designed and built by Uluç Saranlı.

9. iWish- Life Goals, Bucket List

10. Balanced – Habits tracker & life goals motivation