Best Android App For Tracking Nutrition

1. MealLogger

This application is very similar to Instagram . Users can create or join groups related to the topic of food or fitness, they can also share their comments through Facebook, Twitter, email or other options.Making a photo of the food is very simple and users can label the photographs according to the type of food, exercise or condition.

They can also break down the type of food that was photographed, manually introducing the grams of carbohydrates, fats and proteins food, however the application estimates these numbers automatically, from the basic data that the user provides the food.

The application also includes options for sleep tracking, the number of steps taken during the day and body weight. Another option offered is the daily and weekly summaries of the progress made. (For iOS and Android).

2. Yazio

For people who want a detailed monitoring of their nutrients, Yazio is the best option. This application has a daily function and a food database .Users have the option to find some food they want, by clicking to find it and once they have found it, see all the information about this food and save it in a special menu.

The application allows you to scan barcodes of food with your mobile phone in order to find nutritional information . Also in the diary you can find exercise sessions, since the application includes a database of physical activities .Users of the free version can register their weight, however people who buy the Pro version can record a variety of body measurements, including body fat , muscle mass and blood pressure.

The Pro version is free of advertising and allows users to set goals based on popular diets such as the Paleo diet or a low-fat diet. (For iOS and Android).

3. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal  is a food tracking application. Its most beloved features are the food scanner, which allows the user to scan the bar code of the food and performs a detailed breakdown of the nutrition of the food.It has a lot of necessary tools, however they are not easy to use.

The food diary is simple and includes a count of the calories you have consumed . It also provides graphics of the weight loss process. Users can join the challenges, blog or be part of the different communities. (For iOS and

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