Best Android App For Saving Text Messages

1.SMS Backup +

SMS Backup+
SMS Backup+
Developer: Jan Berkel
Price: Free+

SMS is an app that backs up our SMS, MMS and call history and stores it in our Gmail account . Once the copy is made we can access all SMS messages from Gmail, in a folder called, simply, “SMS”.

From this point, we can restore or migrate the SMS from a new phone with great ease. SMS Backup + also allows us to adjust things like the periodicity of backups, make copies only if we are connected to WiFi etc. Free and highly recommended.SMS Backup + has more than 5 million downloads and a 4.3-star rating.

2.SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore
SMS Backup & Restore
Developer: SyncTech Pty Ltd
Price: Free

This app is probably the most complete to make copies of SMS, MMS and calls. Its great virtue is that it allows us to dump all the messages in a single XML file that we can save in the local memory or directly upload to the cloud for when we need it.It also lets us make a transfer of messages via WiFi directly to another phone, selective copies of conversations, overwrite old copies, organize the backup calendar and many other interesting functions.

Currently, SMS Backup & Restore has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play and a 4.5-star rating.If all we want is to make automatic copies of the SMS every so often, we can use SMS Backup + without major problems. If what we are looking for is to transfer all our SMS / MMS to a file to store it and keep it safe from the passage of time: SMS Backup & Restore

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