Best Android App For Mutual Funds


Developer: InvierteBien
Price: Free

To help you better understand this option and monitor the performance of your investment,is born, a free application that informs you about the stronget and compares the profitability of the funds.It is oriented to disseminate and deliver reliable and free information on mutual funds in Peru,” explains Aurelio Diaz, founder of the software.

When you download the program – available now for Android – you will find a menu with main buttons. “In Profile, an online survey will appear that will help you find the type of risk profile you have.In the Profitability option, the user can choose the rental option (fixed, mixed or variable), the type of fund, the term, the date of purchase and the currency of the product you want to evaluate. “So you can know the profitability of it in the chosen period,” he adds.

The application also has the option Valora. “In this space, one can record the information of the fund that he has purchased. Then, you must enter to See Portfolio. In this section, you will see how much your purchase is worth today. For example, if you invested 4 thousand soles, it will turn out that you now have S / .4,100 or S / .4,200. That is, it tells you what the percentage of variation of your fund has been and how much you are actually earning, “says Aurelio Díaz.

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