Best Android App For Managing Storage


A classic of Windows cleaning for many years. Now that CCleaner is available on the Android platform,its users can count on its excellent features, which fortunately offer the same excellent results as in the PC version.

Basically, its operation is similar to the other applications analyzed in this article, that is to say that as soon as we start CCleaner, the application will begin to analyze the device in search of useless files in the cache, the thumbnails, installation files in APK format and data and downloads that may be expired.

Once CCleaner finishes performing the analysis, it will show us a report with the total space that we can clean. Now all we have to do is select the files we want to delete, what we can do by clicking on the checkbox next to each file and press the “Clean” button . More simple to use, impossible.

2.Google Photos

Google Photos
Google Photos
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Although it is a tool developed for another purpose, the truth is that one of the most important tools offered by this application is to delete the photos of our device once synchronized with the cloud.

As we know, Google Photos is one of the best storage services in the cloud, where we can store images and videos with virtually no limits.

This, in addition to storing and having a receipt for our documents,allows us thanks to a feature called “Free space on the device”, which basically works by deleting the images and videos once they have been uploaded to the cloud.

When all the images and videos of the device have been uploaded and stored in the Google servers we can see them in any of the devices that have the Google Photos application, even if we have already removed them from the computers that contained them.

This feature can be found in the Google Photos settings menu, by clicking on “Settings” and then on the “Unlock device from device” option .

Once we start the procedure, it will search all the images that are not backed up on Google servers and send them. When the system finishes, all we have to do to free all that space is to click on the “Delete” button .

3.Gallery Doctor

Developer: Flayvr Media
Price: Free+

This development of AVG Labs is one of the best tools available for cleaning the Android photo gallery that we can find in the stronget. Basically it was created with only one mission: The total cleaning of the photo gallery of our device.

For this, Gallery Doctor has a system that quickly duplicate and blurry photos. Once these images are isolated, it presents them in the interface so that we can make the necessary decisions, which makes the task of cleaning photos simple and even fun.

Using Gallery Doctor is as simple as it is fast. As soon as we execute the application, the exploration of the gallery will begin in search of those videos or images that hinder us, which we will later find in the category “Bad Photos”.

With this same criteria, Gallery Doctor is also able to sort the other images in categories such as “Long videos”, “Screenshots” and “Similar images”, enter categories.

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