Top 15 Best Thermometer Apps For Android And iOS

No matter what the weather’s like outside, everyone likes to know what temperature it is. Everyone also knows how to found out. The thermometer has been measuring how hot it is reliably for hundreds of years.

Thermometers measure the temperature, but that means that you can find out more than just how hot it is outside. You can measure your own internal temperature, of the temperature of an item like food you’re cooking.

You can even measure something like an engine to see if it’s overheating. That means that thermometer apps can help you avoid being in danger in some situations.

The technology behind thermometers has changed more than once over the years. In modern times, the fastest way to access a thermometer is by smartphone. Billions of people have one.

There are lots of handy apps on the Play Store and the App Store, and many of them are free to use. These apps are no exception.

If you think you or someone else has a fever, then you could take the temperature and find out for yourself. No doctor needed!

The newest, most exciting thermometer apps are always available on the PlayStore and the iTunes store. There are a lot of apps to sift through, so we did it for you. Here are fifteen of the best thermometer apps for Android And iPhone.

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Top 20 Best Bill Reminder Apps For Android And iOS

Everybody’s got bills to pay. It’s the sad truth. The only time it gets worse is when you suddenly find yourself behind on those bills. It’s only human to forget things from time to time.

They make apps that are specially designed to remind people to pay bills on time. The more you make on time payments, the fewer late fees. That’s good for everyone.

This list has 20 of these special apps, all designed to help you stay on top of your bills. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. No matter what you’re struggling to remember, there’s an app for that.

A “bill reminder app” is geared towards helping you remember when to pay what bills. The idea is often to reduce late fees by making payments on time more and more often.

Some apps let you manage some parts of your bank account directly through the app.

Expense Trackers are programs that keep track of daily expenses. Managing your account’s details from a convenient app will make your life easier. You shouldn’t have to keep track of all your expenses in your head, or in a notebook that you need to carry everywhere.

In case of audits or some other problem with taxes or your payments, it would help you a lot to have an app that has stored all of your financial doings. That kind of data would be invaluable if you are operating a business.

Another thing to consider is your credit rating. It will most likely improve the more often you pay your debts on time. Some of the apps in this list will help you monitor your credit as well.

There are some people out there who hire accountants or similarly-trained professionals to handle the sort of business that these apps are offering to help you manage.

Bill reminder apps are surprisingly helpful. You can use them to track your expenses on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. When you make more payments on time, it lowers your late fees.

Using apps to remind you to do important things may seem odd to some. After all, you can always do something like putting up sticky notes around your home. But if you’re like most people, you’re glued to your phone whenever you have a spare moment.

If that’s the case, then why not use your smartphone instead? Your phone will never accidentally forget to remind you to do something like paying the bills on time.

This article has a list of bill manager and bill reminder apps to help you keep track of money for free.

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Top 15 Best FM Transmitter Apps For Android And iOS

We might not all admit it, but most of us absolutely love music. One of the best things about the internet is how available its has made our favorite songs. Even better, we have the convenience of our phones at our hands.

For a lot of people who listen to music all of the time, they really enjoy using apps on their phone to keep playing their favorite songs. but there are thousands of apps out there, which one are the best?

FM transmission apps are popular and work well on smartphones. If you’ve got a long drive or a long day of work ahead of you, nothing will soothe your soul like a few hit songs. People have been turning to FM radio for decades, so it’s not a huge surprise that apps which emulate that same experience are doing so well on the app stores.

Music helps people get through important moments in their lives – work, road trips, parties, and more. But how many different ways can your smartphone play music for a long time without some sort of annoying interruption?

FM transmitters are very useful and convenient because they solve this problem for you. It’s just like taking your car radio with you everywhere you go in your pocket.

Music is not the only good reason to consider using an FM transmission app. Maybe you need to keep an ear out for important information on the news channels like weather or whether traffic is slowing down on the highway.

Car radios work pretty well, especially in newer models. But there’s still the question of convenience. You can’t take your car with you into work or your house. Why not instead download an FM transmitter app?

A majority of the apps in this list are free to use. They also have premium features available for purchase to enhance your radio experience. Use this list to find the best app for your listening needs.

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Top 15 Animation Apps For Android And iOS

No matter who you are or what you do, somethings never change for people. For example, we all love to be entertained. We love to laugh and be shocked, have our ideas about life challenged and questioned.

We like learning new things, visualizing places we might never see, and admiring the artistic gifts that a surprising number of people work for years to obtain. One of the best ways to enjoy all of these concepts is through animation.

Animated shows are often considered to be mostly for children, but they don’t have to be. There are adult cartoons too, and the similarities between animation for adults and children are greater than you might think.

As a species, we’ve always found it very important to reflect important events and changes in society for better or worse. A popular technique adopted for these purposes is known as satire.

Animators have long used satire to highlight inconsistencies and flaws in the way we live our lives. Take the Simpsons, or Family Guy, for example. These are two popular animated shows which aren’t strictly for kids – especially Family Guy.

Some people might not automatically take shows like them seriously. But when you take a closer look at what happens in these shows, their creators are using animation to draw attention to things they think are interesting in some way.

Animation has long been one of the driving forces behind entire generations of imagination. It used to be that only extremely skilled hands could produce respectable animations, but times have changed.

With help of advanced technology, many apps have been created that help your dreams of animating characters and stories become realities. If you have a smartphone, you can start animating today.

Not too long ago, only a small number of people had any hope or chance of succeeding in the world of animation, or even getting a lot of people to see their work. The era of smartphones has changed that.

Now anyone with a phone and an internet connection can start drawing, crafting, and animating to their heart’s content.

You can start from scratch, hand-drawing characters on your phone. You can also import renderings from other artists and work on those instead.

Don’t be afraid to make animations just for yourself, either. Expressing yourself is thought to be good for your health. Some people like to write in journals or go on rants on social media. But writing isn’t for everyone.

That’s not the only practical way you can benefit from downloading an animator app either. In some digital media classes, students are required to do some animating – creating GIFs, short videos, things like that.

If you’re in that sort of position and you’re struggling in class, these sorts of apps are a perfect opportunity for you to practice on your own time. Some people take it a step further and make careers out of it on sites like YouTube. You can build up a following of people that love your work. How neat is that?

This list is a compilation of 15 of the best apps for animators on the PlayStore or the App Store. These tools will help you improve your craft until you projects are good enough to show off to friends, family, even strangers on the street!

You can do so much with animation apps: creating memes, doodling, fleshing out characters in your mind that you know would impress a lot of people… the list goes on.

Pick your favorite app from this list and get to work animating like a pro today.

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Top 20 Best Font Style Apps For Android And iOS

When making things that you plan on showing other people, one of the most important things to think about is the type of font you want to use.

Not only will certain fonts catch people’s attention, but it might also cause more people to actually read what you’ve written.

Different types of fonts do great with different types of projects, but it’s always great to have multiple options to choose from.

With that being the case, here are 20 best font style apps that you can get on both Android and iOS! Since all of these are only available on one platform or another, you’ll want to make sure you find one that’s compatible with your phone.

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Top 20 Best Cartoon Yourself Apps for Free

Ever wonder what you’d look like as a cartoon or different age? If so, then there are apps out there that do just that! Not only can you transform yourself into a cartoon, but you can use all kinds of filters to change your appearance.

These are fun and give you a little bit of insight on how you’d look. Most of these are available on both Android and iOS, so you’ll be able to check those out regardless of your platform.

With that said, here are 20 of the best apps that will let you cartoon yourself for free. The great thing is that they have a lot of great features even if they are free. You might want to use more than one so you can see the different features each one has.

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Best 14 BlueStacks Alternative To Run Android Apps On PC

BlueStacks make life so much easier, especially when you do not have direct access to an android system. BlueStacks allow you to use and operate android applications on your personal computer.

Save yourself time and energy.The journey of life is complex and challenging enough without adding unnecessary stress. Simplify your life, here is a list of the best 13 BlueStacks alternatives to run android applications.

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Best 16 Free Classified Apps For Android And iOS

Shopping can be a fun but an expensive pastime. Saving money is not always the easy thing to do but it is necessary.Inflation is at all time high and the cost of living continues to increase, year after year.

Make your dollars stretch and save a buck, or 30 by buying almost new or gently used items. Here are the 16 best free classified apps.

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Top 16 Vine Editor Apps For Android and iOS

The creme de la creme (that’s French for the best of the best) app for creating and sharing brief videos is Vine. Since Vine’s debut back in mid 2012, users have been able to be the talent,producer and editor of their 6 second video.You probably have not given much thought to editing your Vine, why should you?

It’s only 6 seconds anyway, right? Wrong. You never know who may view your Vine, it could be your crush or a talent scout with clout. Post your favorite footage and nix the rest with an easy to use free video editing app.

These apps are available for android and iOS.Check out the top 16 Vine editor apps for android and iOS users. Read on.

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Top 16 Best Games Like Episode For Android And iOS

The game Episodes lets you choose a character and go through various story lines. The awesome thing about it is the fact that you have a few different choices to choose from and the story line can be altered depending on what you choose.

Every bundle of choices will have a few that are free and they’ll also have a few that require diamonds to select.

You can either earn these diamonds or buy them. Most of the time, these diamond options are higher quality and make the story even better.

There are always people out there looking for games like Episodes and this is a list that’s been put together to show you and talk about 16 other games that are similar and just as fun!

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Top 16 Stud Finder Apps For Android And iOS

Studs finder

While most people who work in construction have actual stud finder tools, other people who don’t work in this field don’t usually have these tools.

Even with that being the case, there might be a few times when these people are doing some work to their homes and they need to be able to find the studs in the wall. Not only is this much safer, but finding the studs will help ensure that you can do the work in the areas you want.

With that being said, keep reading to take a look at 16 of the top stud finding apps that can be used right on your phone!

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Top 8 Night Vision Apps For Android And iOS

There are many reasons why someone might want a night vision apps. This could be anything from wanting to be able to see things clearly in the dark to trying to hunt for ghosts. The good thing is that there are quite a few apps out there that would work well for these purposes.

The biggest thing you have to watch for is whether or not the app is fake. Some apps will say that they use real night vision, but it’s either just a filter to make it look different or it puts random pre-generated photos in.

This is especially true with apps that are advertised as ghost hunting.Keep in mind, most of these apps are available on both the Google Store and the Apple Store, but some of them are only available on one or the other.

With that being the case, make sure you check out the link for the app to see if it’s compatible with your phone. If need be, you might be able to find an app that is similar to the one that you’re interested in.

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