Best Free Gmail App For Mac

Do you want to know which are the best email programs for MacOS and thus be able to read the email on your Mac comfortably and quickly? You just have to go to a web interface. You can now access mail from an app on your desktop and manage it to your liking without opening the browser.

We continue reviewing the best applications for Mac OS, and after seeing the best Audio applications , today we continue with the programs to manage the e-mail.

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What Is The Best FREE Find My Phone App For Android


Cerberus Phone Security (Antitheft)
Cerberus Phone Security (Antitheft)

We have already talked about Cerberus on occasion. It is an application that allows: locating the position of the phone; start an alarm on the device, even if it is silent; erase internal memory and SD remotely; hide the application on the device; lock the device with a code,remotely; record audio from the microphone; get the list of the last calls sent and received; obtain information about the network and operator to which the mobile is connected; Receive alerts if a new SIM is inserted.

All this from an online application that allows from any browser to perform these tasks. If the phone is not connected to the Internet, it can also be controlled by sms (and these messages are hidden, they will not appear in the messaging application).

The application can be tested a week for free, and then costs three euros, single payment, without further fees. It’s a pretty good solution and in fact, the ones that convince me most of the ones reviewed. No doubt a very good option in case we lose or steal the phone.

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Best Free DJ App For Mac

Nowadays, with the application stores blooming everywhere, the software variety for DJing is immeasurable.

Each one has its own alternative, and today we bring you the definitive list of the most relevant, such as MIXXX, the free software alternative, Virtual DJ, djay or Traktor.

Let’s see the main differences, the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Which one are you currently using?answering the eternal question: why do most DJs use Mac for their events?

Today we will answer another great question: what software should we use in our actions? We will try to discover which software is better, which is better suited to our needs and its prices.

We will only touch the most outstanding applications available for OS X of the many that are available in the stronget and you will surely like them.

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Best Hands Free Driving App For Android

1.Android Auto

We started with the official Google application focused on making our device available for our vehicle. Android Auto changes the look of your Android so that it is easily handled with just one finger and does not distract us.

Basically, Android Auto turns your smartphone into a computer for your vehicle, a GPS with access to Google Maps, voice actions to make calls and answer messages from WhatsApp, Hangouts, Telegram, Skype or Facebook, support for musical applications such as Google Play Music , Spotify or Amazon Music, etc.Android Auto can be used from your smartphone and / or from the integrated screen of different vehicle models through USB cable .

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What Is The Best FREE Barcode Reader App For The iPhone


Developer: Roberto Sonzogni
Price: Free+

We will start with one of the oldest QR code readers. Bar-Code was developed by Roberto Sonzogni (PW2) and has been downloaded over 3,500,000 in iTunes.Bar-Code is compatible with a wide range of barcodes including EAN, UPC, ISBN, QR codes, etc. The application is intended to share the information of a scanned code instead of seeing its contents instantly.

With Bar-Code you can scan codes using the camera of your mobile device or decode the information of a photo of a code. Therefore, once the application starts, instead of opening the camera, first you have to touch the main button to scan.Once a code is scanned, the information of its format will be displayed on the screen.

Then, you can “do something with scanned bar codes” how to share the content via email, SMS, Google Drive, Facebook, etc. To get to the real destination of a QR code, for example, you have to touch the “Search latest barcode on the Internet” option.Bar-Code is a free application that shows ads. You can remove them for $ 0.99.

You can also download the professional version of Bar-Code that has a lot of configuration options for $ 3.99. PW2 also develops custom versions of the application. You just have to get in touch with them in order to get more information.

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What Is The Best Free Antivirus App For Android Phones

1.Avast Mobile Security Free

We started with what, possibly, is the best antivirus for Android . This is Avast Mobile Security Free, an application that has more than 5 million downloads and that protects our Android from malware , as well as data from the memory card, something that not all cover.We can block spam calls and SMS and also has a powerful firewall. If you want to try it, you can do it through this link .

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