5 Best apps to know what celebrity do i look like

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Here are the 5 Best apps to know what celebrity do i look like.

5 Best apps to know what celebrity do i look like

1. Who Do I Look Like – Celebrity

2. Celebrity Look-alike

Celebrity Look-alike determines which celebrities look like you. It uses advanced machine learning techniques based on a deep neural network to search through a database of over 20 000 celebrities. It’s remarkably accurate! You can enter a picture by: * Taking a picture * Selecting an existing photo from your gallery or Google Photos For best results, make sure your full face is visible, facing the camera and well lit. Things to try: * Different pictures of yourself * Pictures of friends and family * With and without accessories like glasses, hats etc. * Share the results with friends * Pictures of celebrities to see which ones look-alike This is currently a beta release, so there may be bugs. Please email me if you encounter any issues and I’ll be happy to help. Sorry about the file size. A high accuracy neural network currently takes up a decent amount of space. A note on celebrity matches: * Different people see faces in different ways. Some people seem to differentiate faces based on facial contours or certain facial features like nose/eyes while others have a bigger emphasis on other features like hair-style, facial hair, glasses etc.. Therefore, you may find that some matches look more like you and your friends than others. The app shows you a list of top 10 results to make this easier. The app shows you your top celebrity matches. It may also include what you would look like as an older, younger, larger, smaller, female and male celebrity. A nice privacy feature of using the Android Celebrity Look-alike app is that all the processing happens directly on your device so your photos are never sent to a server which respects your privacy. You can choose to share your celebrity comparison by clicking the share button and selecting which celebrity match you’d like to share but that’s completely up to you.

3. LookALike Celebrity Look Alike

4. Look alike

Have you ever wonder who you look like? Try our face recognition app and match who you look like. We have huge ranges of celebrity faces to match your facial feature. We’ve made an algorithm that would calculate how close you look like with famous celebrities. Note: This app will look for the nearest match of your face, except for the “Funny” category it search for a random photo. It compares the facial feature not the colour of the skin. Males can also be searched with a female look-alike or vice versa. The calculation is based from the features of your face eyes, nose and mouth. We are adding more pictures and countries and will be updating constantly. Try now and enjoy!

5. Looky – Celebrity Lookalike