5 Free apps to slow down music (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 5 Free apps to slow down music (Android & iOS).

5 Free apps to slow down music (Android & iOS)

1. Audipo

Audipo is a music player that can change music speed. The app is useful for music dictation, music practice, dance lesson, language study , and listening to long audio etc. You could use this app as audiobook player and as radio player. Features – Audio speed change. ( x0.25 – x4.0 ) * This apps can change audio speed without pitch shifting. – Advanced audio control designed for long audio track. Multiple seek bars provides more control of seeking long audio. – Marking feature in audio track. You could put marks on anywhere in audio track. You can play the audio from the position where you marked repeatedly. And the mark can be named. The following features are unlocked by upgrading to Pro version.(It isn’t free. In app purchase. Pro version is available for Android 4.0 or newer). – Widgets – Export audio tracks to wav/mp3 file – Pitch shift control( Swipe left in speed settings dialog to show pitch shift control view ) – Playing playlist – Search songs / albums / artists – Shuffle play – Sleep timer – Remove ads This music player is a good application for listening to a part of the music repeatedly . ( Ex. Music dictation. ) Also the app is good for listening the audio faster ( Ex. audiobook, radio ) or slower( Ex. language study ). *Required permissions ‘Storage’ is required to export audio to storage.

2. Audio Speed Changer Lite

Music Speed Changer changes audio tempo (speed) and pitch in realtime quick and easy. Just select an audio file, mark the region you want to play (and loop/repeat) and change tempo and pitch on the fly. Use cases of Music Speed Changer are for instance: practicing guitar and other music instruments, transcriptions, change the speed of audiobooks, language learning… Features: – Change pitch and tempo (speed, time-stretch) independently. – Loop region – Select region – Import various formats including mp3, wav, m4a, ogg, aac, … Features of the full version: – Available here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teapps.musicspeedchanger – HQ audio output – Support for arbitrary pitch (even deviating from semi-tones) – Filtering – Export to wav and mp3 – Volume amplification – Channel selection – Ad free Questions, ideas, feedback? Contact us here: http://www.mobwheel.com/contact

3. Music Speed Changer

Music Speed Changer allows you to change the speed of audio files on your device in real time without affecting the pitch (time stretch), or change the pitch without changing the speed (pitch shift). Alternatively, both speed and pitch may be adjusted together with a single control. The app is a music looper as well – you can slow down song speed and loop sections of the music for easy practice. Another feature is the ability to reverse audio (play the music backwards). You can also save the adjusted audio to an MP3 (.mp3) audio file for sharing with friends or listening in another player. Music Speed Changer is great for musicians practicing an instrument needing to slow down the tempo or practice in a different tuning, speeding up audio books for faster listening, making nightcore or just rocking out to your favorite song at 130%. Features: -Pitch shifting- change song pitch up or down 24 semi-tones, with fractional semi-tones allowed. -Time stretching – change audio speed from 10% to 500% of original speed (change BPM of music). -Utilizes professional quality time stretching and pitch shift engine (élastique efficient V3 by zplane.development). -Rate adjustment – change the pitch and tempo of the audio together. -Will open just about any audio file format known to humans, send an email if you find one it can’t, we can probably add support. -Music looper – seamlessly loop audio sections and practice over and over (AB repeat player). -Advanced looping feature – move the loop to the next or previous measure or set of measures with the touch of a button after the perfect loop is captured. -Reverse music (play backwards). Decode the secret message or learn a passage backwards and forwards. -Playing queue – add folder or album to the playing queue and add/remove individual tracks. -Waveform view showing contours of the audio for precise seeking. -Equalizer – 8-band graphic equalizer, and preamp and balance control. -Analyze the audio to display the BPM and musical key of each track. -Great for making Nightcore or Fast Music creations. -Export your adjustments to an MP3 (.mp3) or WAV file for sharing or playing in another music player. -Save an altered version of the whole track or only the captured loop section (excellent for making weird ringtones). -Modern material design UI and simple to use. -Light and dark themes. -Built-in audio recorder. -Completely free and no restrictions on this music speed controller. -No waiting for your local audio file to decode, instant playback and instant audio speed and pitch adjustment. This app is superpowered with Superpowered SDK.

4. Riff Studio

Made by musicians, for musicians. Riff Studio lets you build a setlist of the songs you want to practice, set their pitch and speed independently and before hand, so you can focus on playing your instrument or singing along! You can also adjust the song parameters at any time and in real-time: either set the pitch without affecting the speed, change the speed without affecting the pitch, or adjusting both together. The pitch will be set in semitones, and the speed as a percentage of the original speed. It also provides bookmarking and A-B looping functionality to go through those difficult parts until you get them right. You can also use the quick-jump feature to jump back to the last point you started playing from in a song, seamlessly. Besides from the in-app experience, Riff Studio also lets you save or export the adjusted songs to your device in MP3 format. Riff Studio is great for musicians practicing songs that require alternative tunings, or that are too fast to play along initially, and will help them get all the way to 250%. The user interface is clean and touch targets are large, which enables an easy interaction that doesn’t require fine motor skills, so you can focus your dexterity on the instrument you are playing instead of on operating the app itself. Riff Studio is in continuous development, eager for to user feedback and feature suggestions. Please shoot me a line at brazzilabs@gmail.com with your ideas! Features: – Pitch shifting – change music pitch up or down in semi-tones – Time stretching or BPM changing – change audio speed within an ample range of the original speed – Provides high quality time stretching and pitch shifting, back-ported to support older Android versions – A-B looper – mark a section of the song to loop indefinitely and practice the hard parts – Save or export your adjusted songs as MP3 format – Free with no restrictions on this music speed controller – No need to wait for your local audio to decode, being able to play it instantly with real-time audio speed and pitch adjustment. Slow down audio speed or change music pitch instantly for several audio format types. Please note that the songs you add need to be in your device. — Riff Studio is Superpowered http://superpowered.com

5. Music Speed Changer by Hipxel

Change your audio speed & pitch easily with Music Speed Changer. If you like the effect of your modifications then save it to file on your device. Features: ★ Play modified music / sound in audio formats: wav/mp3/ogg/flac. ★ Change Tempo of track in range 4x slower to 4x faster. ★ Set Pitch Octaves Change between -1 and +1. ★ Save / Export modified track to: wav/ogg/flac. ★ Tempo & Pitch may be changed in any moment. ★ 2 modes of changing Tempo & Pitch – slider (fast) / pad (accurate). Usage: To play modified track just click “SELECT” button and choose track from music library or by browsing your device. Supported formats: wav/mp3/ogg/flac. If you select .wav file, then music may be instantly played. For other audio formats sound must be prepared for optimized playing (It usually takes few seconds for normal-length track on new & fast devices). It does NOT change your original files. App requires temporary space for uncompressed tracks on your device. For normal 3 minutes long track is about 20MB, for longer more, for shorter less. Usually you don’t have to worry about this. If you want to have more fun you can change tempo or pitch of your music track. “Relative Tempo” describes how fast sound will be played, 1.00 is original/non-changed tempo, 0.5 is 2x slower, 2.0 is 2x faster. Range is: 0.25 .. 4.0 . “Pitch Octaves Change” describes how pitch will be changed with diffrence represented as -1.00 .. +1.00 octaves, 0.00 is original/non-changed pitch. These values may be adjusted by slider or by clicking button near them and setting accurate value. You may also save your music into file. Supported formats for export / saving: wav/ogg/flac. For OGG format encoding may be long task. Please note that most of operations are cpu-intensive and for good results you need a performat device. Notes: Tempo & Pitch values are auto-saved. When you select new track these values are set to default values. More technical info: Supported stream format: 8/16 bit encoding, 1/2 channels, 8000 / 11025 / 16000 / 22050 / 44100 / 48000 Hz sample rate. Used sample rate has to be supported by device, 8 bit encoding is extended to 16 bit encoding so device has to support 16 bit. OGG encoder supports only sample rate 44100 Hz. Permissions: ✓ App uses permissions for writing on SD card to enable exporting tracks. ✓ Other permissions like “Internet” are used by advertising services. Ads: May be easily ignored if you don’t want to support this app. They appear on exit or in side-menu when user demands to show them. Please consider rating app if you find it useful, it really helps, thank you. If you like this app you may also enjoy “Reverse Music Player”: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hipxel.audio.reverse.music.audio.player or “Text To Speech”: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hipxel.text.to.speech.save.us