5 Best apps to save snapchats for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best apps to save snapchats for Android & iOS.

5 Best apps to save snapchats for Android & iOS

1. DU Recorder – Screen Recorder

2. SnapSaver

This app allow you to take screenshots and screen recordings anonymously. Features include: ★ Easy to use interface ★ Option with screenshot & video record in the same session! ★ No login/registration required ★ No account ban or locks ★ Autosave feature (experimental) ★ Works with chat ★ No notification when screenshot is captured ★ View captured images/video with built-in gallery ★ Records video with audio (if desired) ★ Simple and intuitive Please contact us with any questions or feature requests at vware.android@gmail.com!

3. SaveStory

This app lets you take screenshot of any app. You can also record video with this app. Some of the features of this apps are:- – Works on non – rooted devices – No notification when screenshot is captured – Continuous screenshotting – Screenshot/Screenrecording working simultaneously – Super Fast – HQ Recording – Grab Image from recorded video – Trim Video – Works on chat screen – Record video with audio – No login/registration required – Simple and easy to use Please note that: This app might not work as expected on older devices. Make sure that you’ve free ram before starting this app. Don’t run any background apps while using this app. Screen- Recording might crash on certain devices. Future improvements are in proceeds. Disclaimer: “This app is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Snap Inc.”

4. Private Screenshots

Intro Some of the messaging apps detect screenshots you made from conversations. They notify person, you’re chatting with, about the fact that you save a screenshot. Now you can save screenshots absolutely confidential. Note This app doesn’t work with protected apps, like Netflix, Chrome incognito, Tor Browser, private Telegram chat, banking apps, etc. You will get black screen or just an error. How it ensures privacy? All files are saved into hidden directory. The app doesn’t broadcast any message about new screenshot. Any other app can’t access screenshots directly. Only you can browse them, share or delete. How it works? The app launches ‘presentation’ mode on your device and captures the whole screen’s content. It displays draggable button which saves the current picture from screen into a file. How to use? ● Press START button ● Grant permissions to allow capturing content of display ● Press screenshot button in order to make screenshot ● Press and hold screenshot button in order to return back to app ● Press STOP button in order to exit from ‘presentation’ mode Advanced ● Android 7 and higher: you can put a shortcut into the Quick Settings drawer ● Android 7.1 and higher: hold app’s icon to reveal shortcut for quick Start/Stop

5. Snap Save

Snap Save takes screenshot / record video of any application anonymously Features : – No notification when you capture screen or record video – Works on chat screen, on snap and on story, even for video – Very easy to use – Take screenshot / record video of any app, included snap and insta – No login/registration required – No account ban or locks – Take capture / record video with a simple click – Works on no rooted devices