10 Best Apps To Measure Air Pollution (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 10 Best Apps To Measure Air Pollution (Android & iOS).

10 Best Apps To Measure Air Pollution (Android & iOS)

1. Air Quality | AirVisual

No advertising – just all of the air quality information you want, in one place. Welcome to the first and only app to provide real-time and forecast air pollution and weather data for more than 10,000 cities around the world. Features: + Historical, Real-time, and Forecast Air Pollution Data that matters: detailed figures on key pollutants for more than 10,000+ cities in 80+ countries. + 7-day Air Pollution and Weather Forecasts: information to help you plan your outdoor activities. + Health Recommendations: follow our advice to lower your health risk and achieve minimum exposure to pollutants. Relevant information for sensitive groups with asthma or other respiratory (pulmonary) diseases. + Weather Information: your one stop for temperature, humidity, current conditions and forecast weather information. + Link your air quality monitors to the app: https://www.airvisual.com/air-quality-monitor + Live Monitoring of 6 Key Pollutants: track real time concentrations of PM2.5, PM10, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. + “Sensitive Group” Air Quality Information: relevant information and forecasts for sensitive groups, including those with respiratory (pulmonary) illnesses, such as asthma. + Historical Data Graphs: view short-term air pollution trends for the past 24 hours. + Ad-Free: enjoy the full app nuisance-free. + Trusted Air Quality Stations: access US Embassy & US Consulate readings for China. + Growing Coverage: monitor China (with US Embassy and consulate ratings), India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, France, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Turkey, Poland, the Netherlands, Mongolia, Andorra, Czech-Republic + more – and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, New Delhi, Tokyo, Mexico City, Bangkok, London, Los Angeles, New York, and 9,000 others – in one place! + Permissions required: – WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: AirVisual stores the air quality data in a database * READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: AirVisual stores and read the air quality data in a database * ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: AirVisual needs to know your location to return local air quality data * ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: AirVisual needs to know your location to return local air quality data * GET_ACCOUNTS: AirVisual uses accounts to share air quality data with other apps

2. Blueair Friend

The Blueair Friend app informs you about air quality and what you can do to improve the air you breathe. Use the app to remotely control your connected Blueair air purifiers and stay in control of your indoor air at all times. The app reports air quality registered by your products’ sensors in real time, and traces your indoor air quality over time in intuitive graphs. The app also let you set custom notifications to stay informed when particles and gases thresholds are exceeded. You can also program your air purifiers fan speed and light behavior to certain times and days of the week. Via the app, you can also setup your connected Blueair products on 3rd party smart home services supported in your country. The Blueair Friend app tracks air quality outdoors at your position, or any place worldwide. The dominating pollutants in outdoor air are monitored down to a single city block and updated hourly: AQI (EPA index), particles (PM2.5, PM10), nitrogen dioxide (NO2,) sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone (O3). The color coded heat-map gives you a fast overview of the air quality outdoors.

3. Air Quality Index BreezoMeter

Reduce your exposure to bad air quality & pollen with BreezoMeter’s award-winning, top-rated air quality, pollen, weather, and fire alerts app. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide the most accurate real-time, street-level air quality & pollen data. Protect your family with our personalized, user-friendly air quality based health recommendations, plan your day with 6 hours forecast or check the real-time global air quality map. You can also see your local air quality index (available in 92 countries) and learn what pollutants you are breathing, their sources and effects. Our main features: • Real-time air quality maps – see how outdoor air quality looks like at street, block or country level. • Fire alerts help you decide when to stay indoors, in order to reduce you and your loved ones’ exposure to smoke. • Daily information for multiple types of pollen from trees, grass and weed. • Daily weather forecast. • Actionable, personalized health recommendations – know what you should do— whether you’re at home, looking for an exercise route, planning a trip or watching the kids. • Notifications for changes in outdoor air quality – save your favorite locations and track their air quality 24/7. Use BreezoMeter to track the ambient air quality around you and to minimize your exposure to outdoor air pollution. See the ambient air quality at the kids kindergarten, plan the healthiest exercise route and make informed decisions about everyday life. ✓ Recommended by physicians for asthma, lung and heart patients. ✓ Must have for parents of small children and infants. ✓ Great solution for athletes, runners, cyclists and anyone doing outdoor sports activities. Under the Hood BreezoMeter’s secret sauce lies in the technology that utilizes big data infrastructure to continuously gather air quality, pollen & weather measurements from literally thousands of sources, among them more than 7000 official air quality monitoring stations worldwide. By using proprietary dispersion algorithms that calculate air quality in more than 300 million geographical data points every hour, we are able to understand how air quality moves and disperse. Therefore providing highly accurate ambient air quality data in real-time and at the highest resolution, alongside actionable insights. App permissions information: Write to external storage: Only for saving your favorite places so you could get notifications on air quality changes. Visit us: Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/BreezoMeter Twitter – http://twitter.com/BreezoMeter Website – http://www.breezometer.com Businesses: BreezoMeter provides advanced air quality solutions at: www.breezometer.com twitter.com BreezoMeter (@BreezoMeter) | Twitter The latest Tweets from BreezoMeter (@BreezoMeter). The global leader in location-based, real-time #AirPollution & #Pollen data, helping more than 5.5 billion people improve their health & know what’s in the air. San Francisco, Haifa breezometer.com BreezoMeter | Worldwide AQI Data API Check out the world-leading Air Pollution API. Educate and engage customers by enriching your products with Forecast, Pollen & Air Quality Data. View our Real-Time Air Quality Map and join the list of clients who trust us, including Dyson, Veolia and WeatherBug Learn more!

4. Air Quality Meter – PM10 & AQI

AQM can measure the PM10 in an OUTDOOR environment just using your smartphone camera! AQM is a measuring instrument, it is not just a data collection of air quality monitoring stations. Please consider that this is an EXPERIMENTAL app. Feel free to contact us for any suggestion or issue (use the “Email Us” button on the Start page) Main features: – Measurement page – Calibration page – History page – PM10 , PM2.5 & AQI (Air Quality Index) chart – Air quality standards: EPA, CITEAIR, CITEAIR24 Quick start: – check the environmental requirements before measuring – follow the step by step hints – display the AQI chart (refer to AQI legend in the user guide) This application is not intended to replace scientific instrumentation, but with a good calibration it can come close to a real device.

5. Air Quality by Plume Labs: your daily Air Report

What’s the air quality forecast for today? When’s the best time to go for a run? Oh, and what are the pollution levels like in my next holiday destination? Plume Labs gives you real-time pollution levels in your area, and around the globe. Get live street-by-street pollution maps for the world’s major urban areas, and detailed information about how air quality will evolve over the next 72 hours—just like a weather forecast. Looking for the Flow personal pollution sensor app? Search for ‘Flow by Plume Labs’. It’s air pollution information you can act on—73% of our surveyed users say Plume Labs helped them make changes in their daily habits to breathe cleaner air, no matter where they were! The Plume Labs’ Air Quality App works all over the world. Our top team of data and atmospheric scientists has built a worldwide air quality forecasting system using a wide variety of data sources. This includes satellite imagery, atmospheric simulations, traffic and emissions datasets, all coming together to give you the most accurate air quality info out there. We’ve got you covered wherever you go in the world. KEY FEATURES DETAILED MAPS: Live, street-by-street air quality maps give you detailed information about pollution levels on each street, in real time! Find the best route to work, pick the cleanest parks for a playdate—it’s all there in a stunning, easy-to-read map. LIVE, HISTORICAL, AND FORECAST DATA: Plume Labs gives you real-time, city-by-city data for the most important pollutants – NO2, PM2.5, PM10, and O3. Look ahead with a 72 hour forecast. Analyze the past with up to 6 months of historical data! HYPER-LOCAL INFO: Street-level pollution information is at your fingertips—pick your places, get the forecasts, drill into the maps! Studies have shown that access to this type of air pollution information can help you reduce your exposure by up to 50%. CLEAN-AIR COACHING: Plume Labs gives you tips and tricks for finding clean air while running, cycling, having fun at the playground, and eating outdoors. Your clean-air coach will keep you up-to-date with just the right notifications. Morning Report: 7AM overview of the current day Evening Report: 7PM forecast of the day to come Smart Notifications: Intelligent alerts warn you of pollution peaks and tell you when the air is clean. OUR USERS LOVE IT! Awesome app! A must have if you care about your health and city. Great app one of a kind. Air quality monitoring app in a class of its own It helps a lot to know when pollution is high. I always have medical breathing issues that I need to be careful of. Thanks for the help! PLUME LABS’ APP IN THE PRESS HuffingtonPost: “Beat the pollution with the Plume Air app.” Evening Standard: “This pollution app tells you when it’s ‘safest’ to go outside.” TechCrunch: “A pragmatic approach to air pollution. Strikes the right balance between providing insightful information about air pollution and not being too complicated.” WHAT’S NEW Plume Air Report went through a total overhaul. Beyond the name change, we added various new features to the app. What made the success of Air Report haven’t moved. Here is what’s new: Check out the updated design and streamlined interface. Our team has pulled out all the stops to bring you a new look that adds new features and leaves room for more! Slide along the beautiful new timeline to see historical data. Color-coding gives an at-a-glance overview of the situation. Get pollutant breakdowns, hourly, daily, monthly info, annual averages, and worst day/best day comparisons. Add cities to your feed and compare air quality around the world. Our universal Air Quality Index lets you quickly see how the air measures up. Prefer measurements in a local AQI? It’s easy to adjust your settings in-app.

6. Air Quality Index Near Me

Air Quality Index Near Me Air Quality Index Near Me uses your GPS location to determine the levels of air pollution at the closest available air quality measuring station. You can also check the air quality index of other locations and cities worldwide with this easy to use pollution meter app. We support Air Quality Index (AQI) checks using the Air Visual API in over 60 countries including Canada, United States Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Turkey and India. Air Quality Index Worldwide uses the US Air Quality Index to provide information on air quality and air pollution via pollution metrics like ground-level ozone, particulate matter, pm10, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitric oxide, and nitrogen dioxide. This air quality index app also provides info on weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and wind vector (wind speed, wind direction) making it a great all in one air pollution app and weather app. High levels of these pollutants equate to a higher number on the Air Quality Index and can be detrimental to health. High air pollution is important to monitor as it can trigger irritations and can be severely harmful to the, elderly, sick, or those with pre-existing heart or breathing conditions. Features Include: – Automatically fetch and display local Air Quality and Air Pollution data as a pollution meter from the nearest reporting station using your phone’s GPS location. – Data used for air quality index includes ground-level ozone, particulate matter, pm10, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitric oxide, and nitrogen dioxide. – Easy to understand pollution meter. – Search Air Pollution and Air Quality data for any location by City name. – Contains Air Pollution / Air Quality data for over 60 countries including in over 60 countries including Canada, United States Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Turkey and India. – Display up to date Air Quality Index (AQI) data for the selected location. – Displays basic weather metrics for a selected location such as: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and wind vector (wind speed, wind direction). – Maintains a list of recently searched locations for easy look up and Air Quality reference. The air quality index is based on the five ‘criteria’ pollutants regulated under the Clean Air Act: – ground-level ozone – particulate matter – pm10 – carbon monoxide – sulphur dioxide – nitrogen dioxide This air quality index app is great for anyone concerned about air quality, air pollution, and weather conditions in countries such as Canada, United States Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Turkey and India and air quality in their general vicinity especially in heavily polluted regions like those around Beijing and eastern China, as well as northern and eastern India like New Delhi and areas in Pakistan like Karachi and Khoramabad in Iran. If you have any questions or concerns about Air Quality Near Me, please contact us at the listed developer email.

7. Airveda – Monitor Air Quality

The Airveda app provides accurate and real-time air quality index (AQI) from locations across the globe. Track outdoor air quality in your city – including PM2.5, AQI, and PM10 values, view historical air quality data for any location, know how pollution levels in your city compare with global figures and make informed decisions that help you Breathe Well and Live Well. The app also connects seamlessly with high accuracy, portable Airveda monitors that measure PM2.5 PM10 CO2 Temperature and Humidity. Features – • Air quality alerts – Get daily notifications about AQI in your location and minimize exposure to poor air quality. Know when air quality is safe to spend a day outdoors, and when is it bad so you can take preventive measures such as masks and air purifiers. • Real-time and historical data – View hourly, daily and monthly Air Quality data for any location and any device. Make informed decisions regarding exercise times, play times, vacations, etc. • Trusted Air Quality Data Sources – View data from the US Embassy, Indian government monitoring stations as well as other Airveda monitors set up around your city and rest of the country. • Interactive map – See AQI, PM2.5, and PM10 for all air quality monitors in the selected location, including Airveda Outdoor monitors. • Read Articles – Understand why it is important to monitor air quality, its impact and how air quality can be measured. Hear from the experts on how you can maintain respiratory wellness. • Manage effectiveness of your air purifier – Configure your Airveda Air Quality Monitor with your app and remotely know if your purifiers are effective, or if they need filter cleaning or changes. • Completely ad-free with no hidden costs. For more information visit: www.airveda.com

8. Air Pollution Check

Air Pollution Check provides information on air quality of almost all of the cities in the world. It’s a search engine to get the “AQI” i.e. Air quality index of any city in the world. Based on AQI, you can determine if the quality of air is hazardous or healthy in that particular city. Along with AQI, it also provides information on various other pollutants and their composition in the air. Air Pollution Check provides a chart that helps you understand AQI and based on that you can judge the quality of air in your city or any city of the world. Air Pollution Check also provides the temperature of any city for the current day. Air Pollution Check can be very useful for people who are sensitive to air pollution. While they’re going out on a trip or taking tour of their own city it can help them choose which city is suitable for their condition, Air Pollution Check provides information on whether or not the air quality is suitable for pollution sensitive people. Hope this app helps you !

9. Air Matters

Realtime broadcasting air quality information for more than 180 countries. • Show air quality information from your nearest monitoring station. • Show pollen data & forecast for US and Europe. • Provide pollution & pollen alerts. • Connect with your Philips Smart Air Purifier to check realtime indoor air quality and control your purifier from anywhere. • Connect with your own Laser Egg air monitor, know about indoor air quality in your house. Air Matters is ad-supported. “Air Matters Premium” is an optional yearly subscription that remove ads and support future development. Current price for this premium service is $0.99 USD per year, and may vary from country to country. Privacy Policy: https://air-matters.com/app/en/privacy_policy.html Terms of Use: https://air-matters.com/app/en/terms_of_use.html

10. Air Quality Index – Real time

It is very important to know AQI (Air Quality Index) of your area. Local air quality affects how you live and breathe. Like the weather, it will change from day to day or even hour to hour. The single page app shows the Air Quality Index for the nearest measuring location. The app uses your location permission which will be useful in determining the nearest measuring point. The app enables you to know AQI based on your location. The data in this app will be updated on the request basis from http://waqi.org/