10 Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android & iOS

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Here are the 10 Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android & iOS.

10 Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android & iOS

1. Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

2. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

For over six years millions have trusted Vaulty with their privacy! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Vaulty asks for the least in return for the most.” – Naked Security ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “For people with private videos or private pictures on their phone Vaulty could be a life saver.” – BlueStacks ———————— EASY TO USE ———————— ▌Hide Pictures & Videos Within Vaulty 1. Open Vaulty, then tap the lock icon at the top, 2. Tap an album, 3. Tap thumbnails to select files, then tap the lock at the top to hide them. ▌”Share” Pictures & Videos From Other Apps 1. While viewing a picture or a video, tap the share icon, 2. Select Vaulty from the list of apps, 3. Vaulty will remove the pictures and videos from your gallery and hide them safely in your vault. ———————— SECURITY FEATURES ———————— ▌Image & Video Hiding Lock up any images and videos, then view them from inside the app’s beautiful, fast and powerful gallery. ▌Password Protection Stay protected. Use a PIN or text password to protect your Vaulty vaults. ▌Free, Automatic, Online Backup Save your hidden media even if your phone is broken or lost. ▌Multiple Vaults Keep different vaults to show different people. ▌Mugshot Snap a pic of anyone who enters the wrong password. ———————— MEDIA FEATURES ———————— ▌Organization Create new albums. Sort and filter by various attributes. Rename items. Vaulty offers everything a gallery should and then some to keep your pics and vids well sorted. ▌Slideshow Rotate to fit screen. Random sort. Play GIFs & videos. Vaulty’s slideshow allows the ultimate hands-free viewing experience. ▌Full Zoom Zoom beyond pixel-to-pixel levels to fully enjoy the complete resolution of your pictures (& GIFs). ▌Video Format Support Vaulty can play any video your device can handle and if there’s a format your phone can’t handle natively, Vaulty can securely display your video in third-party apps. ———————— Need help? We’re always here for you. Go to: http://squidtooth.freshdesk.com/ BETA TESTING – Get early access to new features and improve Vaulty Permissions explained: http://squidtooth.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/169715-what-are-the-permissions-used-for

3. Vault

Vault is a mobile app designed to hide private photos, videos on your phone. Currently there are more than 100 million users worldwide using Vault to protect their mobile privacy while enjoying App Lock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup and many other helpful features for completely free! Join them now! Top Features ☆ Hide and Protect Photos & videos: Photos and videos imported into phone can only be viewed or played after the correct password is entered. These photos and videos can also be backed up to Cloud Space for better protection. ☆Call Reminder: Whenever there is an incoming call, you can search for the phone number through the inquiry box. ☆ App Lock (Privacy Protection): Use App Lock to protect your social, photo, call logs and telephone apps to prevent privacy leak. ☆ Private Browser: With Private browser, your internet surf will leave no traces behind. There is also Private Bookmark feature. ☆ Cloud Backup: Back up your photos and videos to Cloud so they never get lost. ☆ Data Transfer:With Cloud Backup feature, you could easily transfer your data to a new phone by cross-device synchronization. ☆ Password recovery: Worried about forgetting your password? Set a security email in Vault so you can retrieve it. Advanced Features ► Multiple Vault & Fake Vault Create multiple vaults with different passwords for storing photos, videos respectively. And one of them can be a fake vault. ► Stealth Mode Make Vault icon disappear from your home screen and it can only be found again with the correct password, so no one knows it exists. ► Break-in Alerts Secretly snaps a picture of any one who attempts to access with a wrong password. Vault captures a photo, the time stamp and PIN code entered by all intruders. Support: ► Q&A: 1. What if I forgot my password? If you have a security Email set up before, you should be able to see a “Forgot Password” en-trance once you input the wrong password. Tap on the entrance and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you do not have a security Email but you had backed up your data to cloud space, then the data can be recovered from the cloud by reinstalling Vault app. 2. How do I enter vault in stealth mode? 1. Put Vault back to the phone’s home screen by adding Vault widget, once it appears on home screen, tap on it, and then input your password to enter, or, 2. Download “NQ calculator” in Google Play, open it, and input correct password then tap “=”. 3. Why are my photos/videos lost? Some cleaning or free storage apps may automatically delete Vault’s data folder used to store pictures and videos. So, as a best practice, please do not choose to delete Vault’s data folder and subfolders (mnt/sdcard/SystemAndroid) when you use such apps. You can also backup your pictures and videos to cloud by using “Cloud Backup” feature in the premium page of Vault. ► Facebook Page & Messager: Vault – hide pics&videos, sms, lock app @nqvaultapp This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

4. Hide Photos Video – Hide it Pro

Hide Photos, Videos, Apps, Messages, Calls in your phone. COMPLETELY FREE and UNLIMITED Hide photos & videos from your photo gallery and access them easily using a secret PIN code. Now you can easily share your phone without worrying about privacy. — About the app – The app is cleverly disguised as “Audio Manager” in the App Drawer. Disguises itself as an Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down. but if you Long press on the Audio Manager title the actual Hide It Pro app will launch, which is basically your SECRET VAULT of hidden photos, videos, messages, apps etc. You can Hide photos, videos, or any other files in your Private Vault Features 1.) App disguised behind a fully functional Audio Manager (Other disguises like Calculator etc. are available) 2.) Categorize media into hidden folders of your choice 3.) Free Cloud backup of your files 4.) App Disappears from recent apps list, can’t be tracked 5.) Gallery with integrated Slideshow and sharing to WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook etc. 6.) Integrated Video player with support for VLC player, MPlayerX etc. 7.) Multiple lock screen options – Pin, Password, Pattern 8.) Fingerprint unlock 9.) Escape pin/password for times when you get caught 10.) Built in encryption tool to secure your most important files 11.) Other Features like Secret Chatting, Private Messaging / Calls, Private Browsing, Locking Apps. 12.) Hide app icon from the app drawer of phone etc. There are a lot more features like custom slideshows, batch delete, share, unhide, move data between albums, sort files and folders to your liking etc. Please email us you have any issues, If the app doesn’t install properly do a reinstall, that would solve 99% the problems Contact us at: Email : support@hideitpro.com Twitter: @hideitpro Facebook: fb.com/hideitpro Web : http://hideitpro.com Download for PC/Mac https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hide-it-pro/jaebfnmmkfdadhldnncpbgbghhgmdddc IPhone/iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hide-it-pro/id523488488?ls=1&mt=8

5. App Hider – Hide Apps Hide Photos Multiple Accounts

App Hider is the best app for hiding other apps on GooglePlay, especially for WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Messenger. App Hider is also an excellent app cloner for you to access multiple accounts from one device. More than that App Hider can hide photos and videos and hide App Hider itself by turn itself into a Calculator. Our Featrues: ★ Hide Apps – Import app into App Hider which you want to hide and then uninstall that app from your Home system. – Extremely optimized for social apps like: Whatsapp Instagram Facebook Messenger Telegram and etc. ★ Clone Apps (Dual Apps) – Access multiple accounts of your social media (Whatsapp Facebook…) from one device. – You can go multiple accounts with your favorite game on only one device. – Not like other app cloners our clones can run without the original app installed on your device. ★ Hide Photos (Hide Pictures) Hide Videos – Import your photos to our hidden gallery from your gallery – View and play your hidden photos and videos directly from App Hider ★ Hide Myself – App Hider can turn itself into a Calculator Vault to protect your privacy in App Hider. – The Calculator Vault is a real Calculator and if you input the right password into the calculator… Boom App Hider home shown up. ★ 64-bits Supported – For some users of WhatsApp and Telegram. You need to install a tiny support library to run WhatsApp and Telegram which is only on 64-bits mode. – 64bits supports library https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.hider.helper.hider64helper ★ Android 8 Oreo supported How to hide app? – Import the app which you want to hide into App Hider. – Launch the cloned app in app hider to make sure the clone is working well. – Uninstall the origin app from your device. Now you can only launch that app from App hider Does every app can be cloned in App Hider? – We are not sure because we can not test them all. But you can try just dual the app dual Whatsapp dual Facebook. You will lose nothing trying to dual the apps. – Feel free to email us swiftwifistudio@gmail.com If you find some app is not working properly with App Hider Why there is notifications comes from the hiden or dual WhatsApp? – You can switch off the hidden app notification from our App Hider setting. How to hide app hider itself? – Tap Protect App Hider icon in App Hider Home – Setup your password. – Then in several minutes. App Hider will turn into a Calculator. – Open the Calculator and tap your password then your App Hider Home show up. Why App Hider in my Settings->Applications when it already turns into a Calculator vault? – Settings show the default icon and name of an application. – To avoiding that you can download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.calculator.vault.hider which has almost the same features of App Hider. If you have any question about App hider feel free to email SwiftWifiStudio@gmail.com. Whatsapp feedback group:https://chat.whatsapp.com/8w7XTsT1JYlB8TCMdne0QN

6. Pic Safe

7. Clock – The Vault: Secret Photo Video Locker

Clock Vault(Secret Photo Video Locker) is a best privacy protection app to keep safe & easily hide your private photos, videos & any other files that you do not want others to see on your device. This is a Must-Have App for protecting your privacy as hiding each of the media files using password! You can easily manage the folders or albums of gallery & view, move & export pictures. Highlight Features: • Hide Pictures: Easily hide pictures to our vault from your gallery with private photo locker. • Hide Videos: Easily hide your private media to our vault from your gallery with private video locker. • Strong AppLock: Lock your Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email or any other apps you choose. You can also lock Wifi, Bluetooth & recent tasks. • Fingerprint Protection: You can use your fingerprint to Unlock your secret Clock vault and Applock Fingerprint. • Icon Hide/Replace: Replace your Clock Icon with other icons like Vault Calculator, Whether, Music, Calculator Lock, Calculator Vault etc for better disguise Vault. • Break-in Alert: Capture a snapshot and mails to you the selfie of anyone who tries to unlock apps behind you. You can also See & save the snooper photo from inside Gallery Vault. • Fake Password(Decoy Locker): Support Fake Locker system and show fake content when you input fake password to protect real gallery lock. • Private Browser(Incognito Browser): Private web browser to download and Lock photos, videos and audios from Internet & leaves no tracks in your system. • Video Player: Super Inbuilt Video player to watch videos inside video Vault. • Themes Applock: Choose different type of applock themes to beautify your lock screen, Select your gallery image to set behind lock screen. • Easy Navigation: You can easily navigate to back screen from anywhere inside Gallery Lock by swipe right from left edge like iphone navigation. • Beautiful Design: Smooth and elegant user experience. Special Features: – App Disappears from recent apps list. – Protects Time Lock from being uninstalled by kids or strangers. – Easy file management system. (Edit, Move, Rename, Create Folders etc) – Set Backup Pattern Lock for your app lock. – Direct Hide files from gallery by share option. Share to Vault from your gallery to Instant hide multiple photos videos. How to Use Time Lock? Step 1: Launch our Vault Clock and press the middle button of clock. Step 2: Set a desired time password by moving hour and minute hands and press middle button of clock. Step 3: Now repeat the password to confirm. IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app before restoring your personal files otherwise it will be lost forever. This app uses Device Administrator Permission. Clock Vault needs Device Administrator Permission to prevent it from being uninstalled by snoopers & this app never use this permission except for uninstall prevention. This app uses Accessibility services. Timer Vault need Accessibility services Permission for power saver & help users with disabilities to unlock apps. ———–FAQ———– What can I do if I forgot my password? – Launch Clock Vault and press middle button of clock. Set 10:10 time by moving hour and minute hands and press middle button again. It will open password recovery option. Are my hidden files stored online? No. Your files are stored only on your device, so please make sure to backup all your hidden files before transferring to new device or factory reset. Can I recover my files after uninstall of this app? -You cannot recover your files once you uninstall the app. To prevent your app from uninstall please switch on “Uninstall protection” from this app settings. We focus on Full Privacy Protection and provide the most advanced Hide Picture and Hide Video app to keep safe your privacy! Contact us: wsinfotechsoftwares@gmail.com

8. Hide App – Hide Application Icon, No Root Required

★ Hide any app you don’t want others to know. ★ (DcLauncher Add-On required for not ROOTed Device) “AppHider” can help you to hide any app. After app is hided, the app icon will disappear from the Launcher. Highlights: — Totally free — Hide apps (Hide Icon) — Support PIN lock — Support auto backup and restore (After you reinstall AppHider, the previous hided apps can be restored back.) — More advanced phone optimize features to boost apps and free up storage space. Including Cache Clean, Phone Boost and App Notification Clean .etc. For the devices not ROOTed, please install the add-on “DcLauncher” to make app hider work. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dcmobile.thinkyeah.launcher FAQ: What can I do if app is lost? Go to Setting->Find Lost Apps.

9. Hide App, App Hider Premium

In this next version, it can help you hide your applications on device with fake calculator protection. After hide application, you can’t run it, and it can’t run background (you can enable it again if you want). It will help save more memory and battery of your device. Features: Hide app Restore app for hidden list Security with pin code use fake calculator icon App only for rooted devices! Notice: You can not access this app if you forget pin code! Please contact me if you have problems. Email: phongphan.dev@gmail.com Thanks you choosing our product!

10. BlackHole – App Freezer, Hide Apps, App Hider