10 Best Apps To Connect Your Smartphone To Car Audio System

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Here are the 10 Best Apps To Connect Your Smartphone To Car Audio System.

10 Best Apps To Connect Your Smartphone To Car Audio System

1. mySPIN

mySPIN allows you a quick and convenient operation of the apps from your smartphone in your vehicle. Just connect your device via USB with a compatible car´s infotainment system. Currently, several Chinese car manufacturer’s systems are supported for the Chinese market. A touch of the finger on the main display is all that is required. Using mySPIN could hardly be any simpler: after the smartphone has been connected to a mySPIN compatible vehicle via a USB cable, mySPIN establishes the connection between vehicle and smartphone. mySPIN is more than music while driving! You want to dial in into a conference with one hit? Find the nearest gas station? Need a trip computer or get the latest traffic news? More than 20 free and paid apps optimized for drivers are already available for mySPIN. Simply connect your smartphone with your car´s infotainment system and use your favorite apps with the built-in display or steering wheel controls while on the go. And what is best, after connecting, apps keep their unique look and feel as you known it from your smartphone. So you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. The range of the available applications that can be used with mySPIN is being continuously expanded. The drivers are informed when new mySPIN compatible apps are ready for download.

2. Bluetooth Pair – BLE Auto Connect

Before you download:- This app is targeted to the app developers, requires GPS and Bluetooth is handset dependent. Functionality and UI of this app are limited to scan/pair/unpair/view UUIDs GATT service & characteristics read/set a device discoverable/Bluetooth Signal Strength. Now you can read Heart Rate using LE scan. Now find a Bluetooth device functionality help to locate any Bluetooth device. Locate device. Bluetooth device finder. Find Bluetooth device, Bluetooth device locator, Bluetooth detector, Bluetooth device manager. With a range of Bluetooth devices at your disposal such as audio speakers, headsets, car speakers and more, it can be troublesome to have to connect to a specific device. With this app you can locate and find your bluetooth devices using the received signal strength indication (rssi), the closer you get, the stronger the signal will be. NOTE: The app’s scanner can track other Bluetooth 4.0 devices such as hearing aids that are powered on and actively advertising. Bluetooth device finder help to find Wireless headphones, ‘earbuds’, ‘speakers’, bluetooth wearable, bluetooth phone – track down any kind of device. You can freely toss your headphones anywhere you like because the bluetooth headset locator will make sure you find them the next time you need them. This bluetooth device finder app works with headphones from brands like Beats, Bose, Jabra, Jaybird, JBL, and many others Tags: This app can be used as Bluetooth app, Bluetooth scanner, Bluetooth test app, Bluetooth best app, Bluetooth app for android, free Bluetooth app, Bluetooth profile search, Bluetooth service search, Bluetooth Explorer, Bluetooth le energy app, Bluetooth LE scan, Bluetooth signal strength, Bluetooth signal. Bluetooth Pair, Bluetooth pair. Bluetooth pairing device, BLE pair, find my headphones & earbuds, Bluetooth tracker, Bluetooth notifier, device discovery, Bluetooth locator, Bluetooth connection, BLE finder, Bluetooth scanner, Bluetooth, Pair, Bluetooth device finder, biuetooth, bltouth, Bluetooth device finder, Bluetooth finder app, xtrememac, bbluetooth, the Bluetooth finder, bluetooth locator, Fitbit finder, locate device, périphériques, mac finder, ipad finder, iphone find, iphone locate, track device, Bluetooth device Manager, Bluetooth device locator, Bluetooth Auto connect, Bluetooth device finder, Bluetooth mac address finder, Bluetooth manager, Find My Device, Finder For Lost Bluetooth Devices, Find My Bluetooth Device, Bluetooth Mac Address Finder, Bluetooth Scanner, Bluetooth finder, Find Bluetooth Devices, Bluetooth Connect, Device Lost Location Finder, Where is my bluetooth, Keep track of your devices, associer, wayguard, Bluetooth finder app,

3. Advanced car audio setting

Advanced car audio setting is an app which controls Sony’s Car receiver via Bluetooth. Embedded in the Sony | Music Center app as a plug-in. SongPal has been renewed to Sony | Music Center. Devices that were compatible with SongPal are compatible with Sony | Music Center as well. Main Feature Custom Sound Setting Full settings of Fader/Balance/Subwoofer, and Listening Position are available using smartphone as a remote screen. Note Some features may not be supported by certain devices. Some functions and services may not be supported in certain regions/countries. Please make sure to update Advanced car audio setting to the latest version. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sony Corporation is under license. Other system, product and service names used herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective manufacturers, although the ™ and ® marks are not used in text.

4. CarAuto BT: Bluetooth Car Home

CarAuto BT is not a simple Car Home application with just big shortcuts, but is an all-in-one application which includes: trip computer, speedometer, automatic bluetooth connection, map view, music controls, trips diary and car locator, with different kind of customization! This is a free version with advertising banners and some feature limitations (see below). If you like it you can unlock full features and remove banners purchasing the CarAuto BT Unlocker. AUTOMATIC ACTIONS Save time for your everyday in-car phone configuration and let CarAuto BT do the work for you! You can automatically enable bluetooth when you plug your phone to usb car-charger and connect to your preferred A2DP bluetooth device (speakers, car stereo, stereo headset, viva voice, bt receiver, etc.). It is possible to configure a set of predefined actions to be automatically executed. TRIP COMPUTER Some trip information about: – Distance – Speed – Duration TRIPS MANAGEMENT* Collect and review your past trips and compare similar paths: – Order trips by date, distance, duration – Show similar trips – View trip’s map and details * (details for trips older than 7 days are available unlocking the full version) MAP Three different map views to quick check streets and traffic DASHBOARD A useful page with a lot of features: – Configurable speedometer (current speed in km/h or mph) – GPS info (satellites in fix and accuracy) – Geolocalization with current street address (requires Google Play Services) – Quick reference to your position on Google maps (map can be viewed also in fullscreen) – Current Artist/Track info for music playback* – Quick music commands to play/pause and change tracks (requires an external music player) – Digital clock – Interactive screen: you can change displayed information (top bar and display monitor) or interact with some feature (i.e. launch associated music player…) with a simply display touch. * Notifications from following players are currently supported: Google Android player, HTC Music, MIUI Player, Real Player, Spotify, SonyEricsson Music Player, rdio, Samsung Music Player, Winamp, Amazon, Rhapsody, PowerAmp, Apollo (and much more…) (If Artist/Track informations from your music player cannot be received please notify me at ivhorn.l@gmail.com) SHORTCUT PAGES * Up to 5 configurable pages to quickly access the application you need. Simply press the “plus” icon to add a new shortcut. Hold press an existing shortcut to remove button association. Nothing easier! * (only one page is available in the free version) CUSTOMIZATION Personalize dashboard look&feel using different themes.* * (feature available unlocking the full version) CAR LOCATOR* Easily find your parked car using the integrated map or radar. GPS position is automatically stored when CarAuto BT exits, but you can also manually save it using a separated interface (additional shortcut icon will added in available programs) * (feature available unlocking the full version) PERMISSIONS Permission required are necessary to interact with system settings (GPS, wifi, bluetooth, display, etc..) and to access the Google services (geolocalization, maps) BATTERY AND DATA USAGE This application can be very battery intensive with all settings enabled. Use it preferably in combination with a car charger. This application makes use of data connection to load online maps and get street address information. You can check data consumption thru the available info panel.

5. App Remote

“App Remote” safely connects Sony Car Audio and your Smartphone with two-way source control. What this application is capable of. 1. Fully Synchronized Function Integration with Car Audio or Personal Audio System Control your music and applications from your car audio or smartphone. 2. Voice Communication Through voice operation, you can safely and comfortably operate your smartphone in the car. 3. Smartphone Visualization Enhance the way you enjoy music on Car Audio or Personal Audio System with your smartphone display. 4. Custom Sound Setting Full settings of DSP features (e.g., Equalizer, Volume Control, Fader/Balance/Subwoofer, and Listening Position) available using smartphone as a remote screen. Compatible Sony products: MEX-N4000BT/N4000BE/N4050BT/N4070BT/N5000BT/N5000BE/N5050BT/N5070BT/GS610BT/GS610BE/ N6050BT/N6000BH/N6000BD/GS810BH/M70BT, XSP-N1BT (*1): MEX-BT3100P/BT3100U/BT3150U/BT3153U/BT4100P/BT4100U/BT4100E/BT4150U/GS600BT, WX-GT90BT/GT90BTE/GT99BT/GT99BTM (*2): XAV-602BT/612BT/712HD/712BT (*3): GTK-N1BT *1 No Voice Communication, Custom Sound Setting *2 No App Control from Car Audio *3 No App Control from Personal Audio System, Voice Communication, Fader/Balance/Subwoofer/Listening Position Setting Voice recognition function does not work depending on your smartphone. In that case, go to “Settings” – select “Voice Recognition”. Sony and the Sony logo, App Remote, Xplod are trademarks of Sony Corporation All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation or their respective owners.

6. Car Music Streaming – Listen to BT Bluetooth Music

With this app you can transfer your favourite songs and audio books via Bluetooth to all common car radios and navigation systems with a Bluetooth hands-free kit. Simply download this app and start the transfer by clicking the “Start” button. Please note that the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the radio/navigation system must be established before starting the app! Who does not know it, you only want to transfer your music via Bluetooth to the navigation system / car radio, which is unfortunately not possible without the A2DP protocol. In order to make this possible later on, additional devices usually have to be purchased for several hundred € or converted to a more up-to-date navigation system. With this app you have a free version with which you can transfer your music without any problems. You can also use this app to connect your smartphone to your BT headset and listen to music via your BT headset. */* The transmission quality is unfortunately not very good, but sufficient for normal music and audio books. A better transmission quality is technically not possible because the A2DP protocol is not available. ** Features: – Stream music & audio books via Bluetooth to popular car radios (with hands-free kit!) from AEG, Blaupunkt, Kenwood, JVC, Pioneer, Sony etc. – Transfer music & audio books via Bluetooth to popular radio/navigation systems from Audi (MMI 2G & 3G, RNS), BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Seat, Skoda, Volvo, VW – Volkswagen – automatic activation of the Bluetooth connection when starting the app – automatic start of transmission at start of app (configurable) – the media volume is increased to the maximum volume at the beginning of transmission. At the end of transmission, the media volume is set to the original value. – visual notification in the status bar during active transmission List of supported car brands/navigation systems: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, Daihatsu, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Tesla, Toyota, Volvo und VW.

7. EasyConnection

EasyConnection is your driving assistant. This App integrates navigation, music, telephone, and other driving functions, you can also add your favorite applications to this App. With the interconnection of EasyConnection App on the navigator, the screen of the mobile phone can be projected onto the navigator screen and can be operated on the navigator screen. *Android system started to limit the access right which made Android 10 users cannot control from the car display anymore. We apologize for it, we’ve tried lots of solutions, but no one can solve it. Otherwise, we will launch personal software for Android car display in further months to solve the problem. *To the WinCE headunit users, the problem of software will stay at the installation because the ‘Start Project’ alert on the phone just appears like 3 seconds, we don’t have a solution to solve that yet, but you can try to tap the ‘Start’ button as quickly as you can to cast your phone screen to the headunit. • How to use landscape mode(Beta): We have launched a new function which forces the application into landscape mode when you connecting the head unit, but this feature is Beta, some devices are not supported. 1. After adding a third-party application, long-press the application on Easycon enters the editing mode. 2. Tick ‘adapt to landscape’ checkbox and follow the prompts. ############################# We are always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback or advice, please email us: Support.ec@carbit.com.cn Official website: https://www.easyconn.net #############################

8. Auto+Show

This app is able to be used and connected to infotainment system in specific vehicle models. “You can control your app from smartphone and car infotainment system screen in mutual way, to add shortcut for your favorite app as more friendly operation, use google map, and watch online video streaming Auto+ Show is aimed to enhance the quality of your experience in: – Control car launcher – Control media playback – Watch online video streaming – Use Google map to assist you in reaching destination Auto+ Show requirement: – Requires a device with Android 5.0 or later version – Requires Bluetooth connection to the infotainment Enjoy your Auto+ Show! For Android Smartphone and vehicle model compatibility, check the link: http://www.garmin.com.sg/products/ontheroad/autoplus-show

9. AutoPlay Bluetooth&Headphones

Push a widget starts bluetooth connect to a device and start play from a app. Connect headphones Auto Play starts to play. With a NFC Tag everything works without pushing the widget. Individual settings for different bluetooth devices Long click to delete individual bluetooth device After connecting bluetooth or headphones are different settings to trigger: – Set volume – Start app – Play music from start app A NFC tag can be used for different mobilephones when Auto Play is installed. NFC will only readed when screen is unlocked or Smart Lock is active. NFC is nice in a car. Auto Play connect every mobile phone to this bluetooth device when this device is in the list of this phone. If start music is selected, Auto Play checks the connecting bluetooth device can play music (A2DP) and only then the musicapp will be started. Tested with – Music player , Spotify , Deezer , Napster – Amazon Music , Google Play Music , Poweramp Tested cars and devices: – BMW , VW Volkswagen , Audi – Mercedes , Ford , Chevrolet – JBL , Teufel , Beats , Sennheiser This app consists of 18,000 lines code. If you have any problems or bugs, we would be glad, if you send a message directly and if you like Auto Play, please write a review. Thank you.

10. Car Connect

A simple automation application wherein you can automate playing and pausing of music when your device connects to your car’s Bluetooth. Now no more fiddling with your device when getting into and out of your car. It’s all managed for you so you can concentrate on more important things like wearing a seat belt, adjusting the rear view mirrors, and set your hair. The app is free and will always be free and doesn’t require any permission to run. The app doesn’t continuously run in the background hence won’t consume any battery when it’s not running.