5 Best apps that pay you to exercise (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 5 Best apps that pay you to exercise (Android & iOS).

5 Best apps that pay you to exercise (Android & iOS)

1. FitPotato – Cash for Steps

2. Achievement

Join over three million members getting paid for health actions and who are contributing to cutting edge research! Our diverse community has contributed to more than 15 prospective studies, which are often published in medical journals like American Heart Journal and Journal of Medical Internet Research. Achievement was created by industry veterans at Evidation Health. Backed by some of the top investors in the Silicon Valley and driven by a promise to advance health outcomes, Achievement is focused on curing and studying conditions that have yet to be studied by the brightest minds in research and data science. Achievement is a product of Evidation Health which enables healthcare companies to partner with patients and consumers who are engaged in understanding and improving health outcomes. Evidation’s clients are a wide array of healthcare companies — innovative digital health products and services, biopharma companies, and academic researchers and institutions. On the Achievement platform, we pay you to: -Track steps -Log food -Log Meditation sessions -Answer surveys or opt into a programmatic health challenge Achievement Studies have researched conditions including: -Asthma -Cystic Fibrosis -Diabetes -Mental Health -Migraines -Rheumatoid Arthritis and more! ”Achievement, which is a division of Evidation Health, helps users integrate a variety of wearable trackers, but in addition to using quantitative data pulled from said trackers, they also posed more qualitative questions of their user base for the purposes of this research. “ –Brit & Co ”Achievement is a service that pays you for tracking your healthy behaviors, such as diet and exercise, water intake and the amount of sleep you get. It connects to apps like FitBit and MyFitnessPal and pays you for the points you accumulate. “ –The New York Times What’s New: -Countless bug fixes -Point Donation to a Health Charity of your choice -More than $500,000 paid out

3. Lympo – Walk. Run. Earn.

Application which rewards you for your positive habits, leads you to wellbeing and helps to keep motivation! Earn LYM coins, which hold real monetary value, for completing daily tasks and use them to purchase sporting goods right in the app! It’s like you walk for cash! Earn and use your coins to buy Amazon gift cards, sports goods like sneakers or the last smartphone right in the app! 🏃 Join new challenges every day 🕒 Track your activity (Walk, run, answer questions, measure health) 💰 Earn money after every completed task 📱 Share your challenge achievements 🎾 Buy cool products with your rewards in Lympo Shop 👫 Join the Lympo fitness community with thousands of others! Get paid for being active 🏃💰 Every day is a new opportunity to move! Lympo is a real kick-starter for you to go out and to walk or run. There are challenges for anyone: small walk for lunch, 5K running for beginners or long distances for marathon runners. We track your performance and once a challenge is achieved, you earn money (coins) and it’s automatically paid to your in-app wallet. It’s that simple. Spend your rewards in Lympo Shop 📱🎾 Lympo Shop is the place to buy quality sporting goods and accessories by top global brands. You need new running shoes? Just buy them with the money (coins) you earned by being active and living a healthier life! We update the products regularly with running shoes, sports clothes, work-out accessories and even Apple products like smartwatches. Stay tuned, we also organize “Giveaway” challenges to win Amazon gift cards & other cool gifts. Adopt healthy habits 💪 Earn money is a part of the reward. Moving with purpose will definitely change the way you see fitness work-out. Use a daily habit tracker in your life makes you happier and it makes you appreciate healthy living. This will inspire you to move more and more and get that extra mile. Lympo gives you the motivation to perform your fitness training, it helps you walking for weight loss, or it just makes you move more than usual. Keep track of your achievements ⌚️ Let’s talk about improvement! You can only improve if you keep track of your achievements, right? All the challenges that you achieved are stored in your history and you can see how better you performed. It’s like a healthy habit tracker. For each challenge, you can choose the GPS tracking or the steps counter. We also collect run & walk distance and average speed. Forget your old habits, step by step you will become a better and healthier version of yourself! Walking for weight loss ⚖️ You decided to make a change in your life and lose that extra weight. Walking on a daily basis helps you to lose weight. Walking is easy to start and to repeat daily. No preparation or gears are needed. You will lose calories, get health benefits, reduce sugar cravings and improve your mood. Lympo helps you to build weight loss habits with weight trainings and exercises every day which you earn money from. Follow your progress with your weight tracker and it’s a winning combination to lose weight! Dog walking app 🐕 Make yourself and your pup’ happy! Use our walking challenges to give your dog a walk. Dog walking allows him to socialize and improve your relationship with him. Enable the dog walk tracker to remember your path. Each step will be rewarded. It’s also a motivation to make longer dog walking. He will love it! It’s like you walk dogs for money. At the end of the walk, rewards your dog with a delicious treat. He also deserves it. Get money for a walk or a run sounds too good to be true? Try it yourself! New inspiring challenges will show up every day to keep you motivated with a full wallet! 💰

4. Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage

Win up to $10,000 by making a “bet” on your own weight loss, or by participating in one of our many weight loss and fitness challenges. There’s a reason we paid out millions to our participants last year – our challenges are fun, effective, and people love to win money for losing weight! We help flip the motivation switch for participants looking to get healthier over and over again. In fact, 78% of our participants report weight loss¹ when participating in a HealthyWage Challenge, with an average prize payout of $1,239². Oh, and we DO know the science behind it. We’re kind of nerdy like that! Check out some of the features you’ll enjoy with the HealthyWage app: – Take and post victory and before-and-after photos – Participate with a vibrant community for support and accountability – Keep track of your weight loss and your progress toward hitting your goal (and winning money!) – Track your step activity throughout the day – Create and submit your beginning and ending weigh-in verification videos – Access your winnings to cash out or begin another challenge – Keep an eye on your standing among other players – Build friendships, get inspired by others success, and practice your best cheerleading skills – Easily find and enter new challenges There are 4 different types of HealthyWage Challenges you can join through the app. Those are: The HealthyWager Win up to $10,000 in an individual weight loss bet. Set the terms using the Prize Calculator (you choose your weight loss goal, wager amount, etc.). Play with the calculator all you like without commitment. $10,000 Team Challenge Teams of five compete to win cash prizes — first prize is $10,000. Jackpot Challenges Individuals and teams try to achieve specific weight loss goals to earn a share of the pot. Step Challenge Individuals and teams connect step devices to calculate a custom goal. Achieve the step goal and earn a share of the pot! Devices available: Google Play (Android devices), Garmin and Fitbit. HealthyWage’s weight loss challenges have been featured on the Today show, Good Morning America, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, Fox News, and in The Wall Street Journal & The New York Times. Once you experience the thrill of HealthyWage, you’ll never go back to struggling on your own. Try it and see for yourself! Start a diet, bet on it, and win big! Losing weight and getting active with HealthyWage pays off in more ways than one! ¹As reported by HealthyWage participants from January 2019 through January 2020. Stat will be updated at least annually. ²The average prize amount varies seasonally. The average listed here includes all new bets created from January 2019 through January 2020 and will be updated periodically.

5. Pact: Earn Cash for Exercising

Pact is the most effective way to keep your fitness and weight loss resolutions in 2015! Earn cash for staying active, paid by members who don’t. Stick with it, and Pact will motivate you to hit your health goals week-to-week! – Set your exercise and healthy eating goals each week – Increase your fitness level – Accelerate your personal weight loss/weight management progress – Manage how much money is on the line – Check in to the gym, track workouts via GPS and accelerometer, or count your steps with an iPhone 5s and above – Snap photos of your meals and verify others’ photos – Connect with RunKeeper, Fitbit, Jawbone Up, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal or any of our partner apps – Get notified of your cash earnings each week! Pact’s proven incentives have helped our members hit over 95% of their goals, resulting in over 20 million healthy activities. As seen in Forbes, New York Times, Good Morning America, CNBC, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, CBS This Morning and more. Need support? Email us at support@gympact.zendesk.com!