10 Free Highest Paying Apps That Pay You Money

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Here are the 10 Free Highest Paying Apps That Pay You Money.

10 Free Highest Paying Apps That Pay You Money

1. Panel App – Prizes & Rewards

Panel App is a free mobile loyalty club that has paid out over $2 Million in cash and prizes. Earn points by taking location-based surveys and sharing your location. Use points towards great prizes, rewards, sweepstakes, gift cards, and more! Join the millions that are getting rewarded and download Panel app today! PANEL APP KEY FEATURES – Simple location-based surveys – Share location – no need to open the app daily to earn – Refer friends and family to earn more points REWARDS AND PRIZES – Earn gift cards from your favorite brands including Amazon, Starbucks, and Google Play! – Enter for a chance to win prizes like an Xbox One or PS4 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PanelApplication Twitter: https://twitter.com/panel_app Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/panel.app/ The Panel App measures device data, including apps and location, for the purpose of market research and analytics. Panel App values your privacy and allows you to opt out at any time by removing the app from your device. *Prizes may vary per country. Terms of Service: https://www.placed.com/terms-of-service-panelist

2. 1Q

1Q pays you (or a charity you choose) an instant $.25 every time you answer a simple question. Seriously, It’s that simple! Companies ask. You get paid! Instantly to your PayPal account. We call them “Askverts.” Don’t have a PayPal account, you say…that’s OK! The first time we pay you, you’ll get a message from PayPal telling you they have $0.25 waiting for you, and you can follow the link and set up your account then. OR, simply choose to donate your dollars to one of our growing list of charities!!! OUR BELIEFS •We believe that your personal info has value, and if someone uses it, you should be compensated! •We believe that your time is valuable, and if a company wants 5 or 10 or 30 seconds of your time, they should pay you! Any more time than that is way too much! •We believe that advertising should be where you want to see it, not where you have to see it! •We believe that everything we do should have a charitable component! •And we believe we can change the World, 1 payment at a time! HOW IT WORKS Companies all over the World are interested in your opinion or in simply sending you an offer, based on who you are and/or where you are, and our revolutionary system allows them to send those questions or offers directly to you. The more we know about you, the more questions you will get and the more money you or the charity of your choice will make. Downloading our app and giving us permission to send you push notifications and to access your location services when we need to will DRASTICALLY increase your chances of getting a question because many more companies want to ask questions or send offers based on that information. Of course, you can stop at any time, but why would you. At $0.25 for 10 seconds of your time, the more the merrier, we say! But you have to be quick! The companies sending the questions and offers set their own time limits, and once they have received all the responses they wanted or reach the time limit, the “askvert will close. Our app will always show you if you missed any questions and your average response time, though. PRIVACY We won’t share your name or contact info with anyone, EVER, unless compelled to by law! Period!

3. QuickThoughts: Take Surveys Earn Gift Card Rewards

Earn survey rewards like Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes just for sharing your opinion in simple surveys and local mission-based activities with QuickThoughts! Paid surveys let you earn real rewards like Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes just for giving your opinion! Surveys range from quick polls, comprehensive survey questionnaires, opinion activities like secret shopper surveys and local missions. Paid surveys can offer up to three dollars per survey! Redeem rewards fast and in $10 increments! Your opinion counts! Start completing surveys, have fun, share your thoughts and earn rewards like free gift cards! QuickThoughts Features: Paid Surveys From Over 1000 Sources • Earn rewards for your opinion • Paid Surveys for Everyone – Surveys are available on dozens of topics for almost every audience • Surveys on the Go – Surveys are always available on your Android phone no matter where you are • Survey rewards from short surveys that want your valued opinions • Earn Gift Cards – Earn rewards for sharing your opinion in polls and surveys • Surveys For Cash Posted Regularly – Earn free gift cards from Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes when you complete surveys Free Rewards – Surveys Award Up To $3 Each • Rewards for Surveys – Your opinion earns you up to $3 by completing surveys, and helps our partners better their services and products • Instant Rewards – Get rewards immediately following completion of each QuickThoughts survey Surveys for Rewards – Rewards optimized for both quick and long surveys • Surveys of All Types – Surveys range from quick to in-depth opinion polls • Free Rewards – Earn rewards by completing surveys on your phone during your free time Earn Gift Cards – Redeem for Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes • Free Gift Cards – Complete surveys for money that you can redeem for Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes • Redeem Rewards – After earning $10, you’ll be able to redeem for your Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes • Offer Rewards – Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes offers millions of items in over 25 categories – shop on your device with your Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes Surveys on the Go – Participate in secret shopper polls, product tests, journals and diaries • Surveys For Money Anywhere – Use GPS to find in-store surveys near you • Get rewards by helping local businesses – Earn rewards by participating and giving feedback on local stores • Secret Shopper Responses – Local stores want to hear your valued opinion! Share your thoughts and help them improve QuickThoughts offers rewards like free gift cards just for taking fast, simple surveys, opinion polls and questionnaires! Surveys are available on all your favorite topics, including in-store secret shopper polls or at home diaries on unreleased products! Earn rewards to redeem a free Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes with QuickThoughts! Download QuickThoughts and share your opinion today! Signing up is easy and safe. Must be 18 or over. Not available in all countries. Get started sharing your opinion today! *Amazon.com is not a sponsor of this promotion. Except as required by law, Amazon.com Gift Card Claim Codes (“GCs”) cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. GCs may be used only for purchases of eligible goods on Amazon.com or certain of its affiliated websites. GCs cannot be redeemed for purchases of gift cards. Purchases are deducted from the GC balance. To redeem or view a GC balance, visit “Your Account” on Amazon.com. Amazon is not responsible if a GC is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. For complete terms and conditions, seehttp://www.amazon.com/gc-legal. GCs are issued by ACI Gift Cards, Inc., a Washington corporation. ©,®,™ Amazon.com Inc. and/or its affiliates, 2013. No expiration date or service fees.

4. Vestly

Vestly is a free, fun and exciting investing trading game that makes buying and selling stock simple with monthly stock trading contests for real CASH prizes! There’s no risk, just plenty of fun as stocks are purchased with virtual money, but the winnings are real! With Vestly you can learn how to play the stock market, buy and sell as many stocks as you want, invite and compete against friends and track your ranking on the leaderboard. The better your stocks perform, the more points you’ll gain. Stocks are purchased with virtual money, but the winnings are real! Think you’re a better investor than your friends? Prove it by playing Vestly! HOW DOES VESTLY WORK ? It’s totally free, so you have to make virtual investments in order to maximize the earnings of your virtual portfolio. Virtual stocks are purchased with virtual money: you enter the stock picker symbol in the app and you “buy” the stock (Limit is 10 stocks in your portfolio at a time). It is as simple as that, the better your stocks perform, the more points you’ll gain. Points translate into positions on the leaderboard, and top performers win REAL cash (you can even win a new car)! Pick the stocks that you think are going to perform the best and win cash and prizes. As the stocks you pick increase in value, you earn points; the more points you have, the higher on the leaderboard you’ll be. If you can make it to the Top 100, you will win real cash! There are other ways to win on Vestly: earn tickets! Tickets are your entries into Vestly’s Grand Prize drawing for a new luxury car, a $10,000 dream vacation or $5,000 in cash as well as monthly drawings for $4,500 in gift cards. I DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT THE STOCK MARKET. WHICH STOCKS SHOULD I BUY? Look for stocks of companies that you think will do the best – you know which companies have the best products, the best services, the latest fashions, and the hottest technologies. Take your time and really give it some thought. Be creative! Pick some awesome, well-performing stocks and watch your points rack up! IS THERE A WAY FOR ME TO GAIN TICKETS WHEN I FIRST START OUT? Yes, there are many ways to earn tickets playing Vestly. For example, you earn a ticket just for buying your first three stocks. To find all the ways to earn tickets, just tap on the white gear in the top­ right corner of the app and tap “EARN EXTRA TICKETS”. Many of those extra tickets will then automatically show up every month! Download the free app today and start playing. A Facebook account is required for registration, and you must be a legal resident of the 50 United States or District of Columbia and at least 18 years old to play. www.vestlygame.com

5. Nielsen Mobile App

The Nielsen Mobile Panel is your opportunity to be a part of the research we do here at Nielsen. This panel helps us understand how consumers use the Internet and mobile devices by studying the websites and apps people like you visit. By installing our app either on your smartphone or tablet, you are contributing to the measurement of the digital landscape and are eligible to earn rewards. Before downloading our Nielsen Mobile App you must first sign up using our registration form, which can be found at https://computermobilepanel.nielsen.com for the United States and https://mobilepanel2.nielsen.com for Australia, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Completing this qualifies your devices and indicates your permission for us to collect demographic information such as age, gender and household information, which is a prerequisite for participating in our panel. Once submitted, please download this application to your smartphone or tablet. (If you have not completed our registration form, this app will not function and you will not receive rewards). With your help, Nielsen and our clients will better understand mobile device trends such as app usage, website visits, and how much time is spent viewing content. In addition, the App collects and transmits encrypted user data back to Nielsen, such as your location, device identifiers and cellular signal information for research purposes. We do NOT collect user IDs or passwords. Your mobile activity will be anonymized and aggregated along with thousands of other participating panelists before any reports are shared. You can access our Privacy Policy here: https://mpanel.nielsen.com/globalprivacy If you have any questions, you can contact our support teams at mobilepanelsupport@nielsen.com.

6. WowApp – Earn. Share. Do Good

WowApp is a FREE revolutionary platform that allows you to earn as a result of your daily activities. Once you have earned real money with WowApp, the choice is yours: you can either cash out for yourself or choose to do good for others by donating to one of the nearly 2,000 supported charities, in over 110 countries. Truthful to our mission statement, we ourselves share 70-80% of our net revenues with our members! We are thus trying to build a more equitable world that would put a stop to the insane income inequality in our world. Now, the 8 wealthiest people in the world have more wealth than 3,678,500,000 (3,678 Billion) people; yes that’s right: 8 people own more than 50% of the world’s population combined. And, the top 1% richest people today own more than all the other 99%! Based on the Wowism ideology, WowApp was born as a solution to this problem. Our logo is a visual reminder of our attempt to initiate a movement that transfers wealth from those who don’t need it to those who need it. We do this by introducing a New Sharing Economy where the MAJORITY of economic benefit is shared with the community. Inside the new WowApp sharing economy, you can earn from the many activities that you were doing before for free. With WowApp you can earn from: CHAT: Earn and Do Good by simply keeping in touch with your friends GAMES: Earn and Do Good by playing your favorite games TALK: Earn and Do Good by getting cashback if you need to make paid calls at super low rates SMART SLIDE: Earn and Do Good by opening your phone SHOPPING ONLINE: Earn cashback and Do Good when purchasing from over 10,000 online shops, worldwide INSTANT EARN: Earn instantly and Do Good from our daily offers SMART WEB: Earn WowCoins and Do Good by browsing the internet, reading news, completing surveys and shopping online NEWS: Earn and Do Good while reading your favorite news, directly from your phone or computer. Customize your Newsreader with topics, languages and publishers of your choice. We’re constantly working on adding more income generating opportunities for you, so join us today and start earning what’s rightfully yours. WowApp is free! Our community members do not pay anything in order to earn. And most importantly, every day you use WowApp, you do good in the world because a part of your daily earnings from each activity is automatically donated to the charity of your choice. Imagine a world where each and every one of us is a benefactor every single day! The power is in your hands. Join the WowApp community and start Earning Sharing Doing good.

7. Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit

Sweatcoin is a new breed of step counter and activity tracker app that pays you digital currency – sweat coin – for your steps to spend on gadgets, sports kit, fitness training, healthy nutrition and much much more … Sweatcoin converts your steps into new digital currency called “sweatcoins”. Spend sweatcoins earned on goods, services and experiences with our vendor partners or other users, donate to charity or exchange them with your friends and family for whatever you fancy. The more you move -> the fitter and healthier you become -> the wealthier you get. Movement has value!

8. Sportly.tv

Sportly TV features premium Sports Entertainment and News content from a variety of trusted partners. Features – + Up to 6 SB per Win instead of always being 2 SB! + SB earnings reset 12AM PT

9. EntertaiNow

Top Entertainment articles from several leading news wires converge at Entertainow.com. Our audience stays connected and gets a front row seat to the latest stories, including movie releases, TV shows, behind-the-scene interviews, and of course, celebrity gossip. + Up to 6 SB per Win instead of always being 2 SB! + SB earnings reset 12AM PT

10. Zap Surveys

Companies all over the world need advice… your advice. They need your opinion and we will pay you to share your opinions through fun surveys! Take Paid Surveys for Cash We offer guaranteed surveys every day that tell you the exact dollar amount you are going to earn before even starting a survey. We have tons of survey options: + High paying surveys where you will not only be rewarded, but we will also donate to child starvation every completed survey! + Logo polling – get paid to tell companies what design they should use for their next logo! + Surveys that appear based on your location! + And much more! Try out Zap Surveys now! Earn Cash Back when You Shop Zap Surveys is partnered with over 50 major retailers and brands to deliver an amazing shopping experience, all with cash back! For every item you shop, you will earn up to 40% cash back added right to your Zap Surveys balance. Once you reach $25.00 in your account balance, you will be able to cash out via: + PayPal Payments + Amazon eGift Cards + Visa eGift Cards So go share your opinion directly with people that are going to use your expertise. Oh, and make some money while you’re at it! Download Zap Surveys now!