5 Best apps like Bitmoji for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best apps like Bitmoji for Android & iOS.

5 Best apps like Bitmoji for Android & iOS

1. Genies The Digital Human Race

Genies are the most intelligent and dynamic avatars on market, made to look and think just like you! With over a million clothing and facial options provided, you can create a Genie clone to mirror your exact human self and then use it anywhere you want including the platforms below… • Instagram • Snapchat • iMessage • Whatsapp • Messenger Gucci, Off-White, and Supreme styles are also now available! …Curious or confused? DM us @genies

2. Bobble Keyboard Fonts, GIF, Stickers & Themes

The all-new Bobble AI Keyboard is here to make your conversation interesting and fun. Bobble Keyboard is available for free with no upgrades or in-app purchases. There is never a boring chat with Bobble Stickers Keyboard. Bobble Keyboard has everything you ever wanted from your keyboard: ✔Packed with thousands of emojis, memes, stickers, funny GIFs, themes & fonts. ✔Speed, reliability, glide typing, voice typing and much more! Bobble’s Sticker Keyboard makes an amazing personalized cartoon bobble head with your selfie and helps you share stickers and gifs with your bobble head in it. You can also use Bobble Keyboard to send large size emojis on WhatsApp. ★ Wishing Happy Holi 2020 • Celebrate & Wish Holi with our Keyboard App • Limited Edition & Special Holi Stickers, GIFs, and Keyboard Emojis • Holi Photo Editor to wish your friends Holi 2020 in a more personalized way • Free yet premium Holi stickers for all your Holi 2020 wishes • With Bobble Stickers, you can have a colourful Holi face to share across your social media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) ★ Awesome Features in Bobble AI Keyboard • We have got tons of emojis (smileys/emoticons) added on this Keyboard • Bobble AI Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically predict Emojis, Memes, Stickers, and GIFs • Glide Typing — slide your finger from letter to letter to type faster • Voice Typing — Just Speak & let Bobble write the text • Word Correction — recognizes mistyping, provides correct suggestions • Keyboard Photo Themes — your favorite photos or colors as the background of your keyboard • Cool Fonts — You can also make your text bold, italic, underline or strikethrough ★ Personalized Content with Bobble Stickers Keyboard • Hilarious & fun stickers & GIFs • Type in your own native language and get stickers and gifs • Make a theme with your personalized photo or choose amongst many default themes • Type your message and press the GIF button to get exact same GIF ★ Pro Tips (With Bobble AI Keyboard, text like a pro) • Learns as you type: No need to manually add words to your personal dictionary. Type a word once and you can glide type it or find it in suggestions next time. Bobble remembers it for you. • Choose a theme with or without key borders • Switch from number row and emoji row with a simple swipe • Slide your finger across the space bar to move the cursor ★ This Keyboard helps you celebrate every festival and every special occasion by providing stickers and gifs pack for the occasion. With Holi coming, we have shared trending Holi stickers, Holi Photo Editor and Holi GIF’s to share and helping you celebrate Holi 2020 in the most trending way. With this Keyboard in your Android phone, you are the coolest in your circle. ★ Regional Language Keyboards > English (India) > Hindi keyboard (Hinglish, English -> Hindi, हिंदी) > Marathi keyboard (English -> Marathi, मराठी) > Tamil keyboard (English -> Tamil, தமிழ்) > Punjabi keyboard (English -> Punjabi, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) > Gujarati keyboard (English -> Gujarati, ગુજરાતી) > Kannada keyboard (English -> Kannada, ಕನ್ನಡ) > Telugu keyboard (English -> Telugu, తెలుగు) > Malayalam keyboard (English -> Malayalam, മലയാളം) > Assamese keyboard (অসমিয়া) > Bangla keyboard (Bengal-ish, English -> Bangla, বাংলা) > Manipuri keyboard (মণিপুরী) > Arabic keyboard (عربى) > Urdu keyboard (Urdu-ish, English -> Urdu, اردو) > Odiya keyboard (Odiya-ish, English -> Odiya, ଓଡ଼ିଆ) > Konkani keyboard > Bodo keyboard > Nepali keyboard (Nepalish, English -> Nepali, नेपाली) > Santhali keyboard > Bhojpuri keyboard > Dogri keyboard (डोगरी/ ڈوگری ) > Sanskrit keyboard > Rajasthani Keyboard > Marwari > Sindhi (سيوهڻ) > Maithili (मैथिली) ★ Our AI Keyboard respects your Privacy • No personal information or credit card details are collected. A standard warning is shown by Android for all keyboards that you download. • Only the words you typed are saved in local dictionaries for better predictions.

4. Chudo

Chudo is the fastest and most fun cross-platform messaging app on the market where users express themselves with their digital twins. AVATARS THAT LOOK JUST LIKE YOU • Create your avatar in just one second with Chudo’s proprietary machine learning technology. Then customize your avatar’s hairstyle, eyes, colors, beard, glasses, and even makeup! FAST & EFFICIENT DATA TRANSFER • Chudo’s own messaging protocol enables users to transfer information in the fastest way possible saving your time and data usage. IMOTES FOR SELF-EXPRESSION • A keyboard with your personal imotes that makes online communication lively and exciting. DOUBLE IMOTES • Shake hands, dance with your mates and even steal their food! AUGMENTED REALITY MODE • Film and share videos with your avatars in the AR mode to surprise and awe your friends! • • • Frequently Asked Questions – Do I need the latest smartphone to use Chudo? You don’t have to buy an expensive smartphone from any particular vendor to use Chudo. The app works on different platforms and supports many devices, including the latest models as well as older ones. – Why does Chudo ask for my phone number during onboarding? Chudo is a messaging app, so a phone number is required to identify users and allow friends to connect with each other quickly. – How is Chudo the fastest messaging app on the market? Chudo’s unique Binary Data Transfer Protocol, Smart Media Transfer Mechanism and Animation Transfer Algorithm in the Meta-Data Format accelerate data transfer, reduce the usage of mobile traffic for communication and allow high-performance data transmission on low-speed and poor internet connectivity. In Chudo imotes transfer at as low as 50 bytes and text in as quick as 120 milliseconds! – Are there only human-like avatars in Chudo? In Chudo you can be anyone you want: a human digital copy of yourself, a unicorn, a rabbit or even a gingerbread man! – How does the automatic avatar personalization work in Chudo? The process of avatar generation starts by constructing a user’s 3D face model from a selfie shot. With this single photo, one neural network builds a 3D mesh of the user’s head. Then the mesh goes through the automatic stylization process that makes it look more cartoonish. Afterwards, it is used as a basis of the avatar’s head. Next, other neural networks swing into action. Face parts such as hair, eyebrows, facial hair and colors are classified and synthesized (generated) onto the mesh in the appropriate style. Moreover, if a user is wearing glasses another neural network will detect and synthesize a 3D version of them. All of this was made possible because the company has collected a unique dataset of 20,000 3D High Fidelity Face Scans including people of different races, genders, ages. This is the backbone of Chudo’s personalization and facial performance capture technologies. Avatar maker 3D. Custom keyboard. Messenger for kids. Text free with emoji. AR.

5. Emojily – Create Your Emoji