5 Best apps to help you to gain weight

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Here are the 5 Best apps to help you to gain weight.

5 Best apps to help you to gain weight

1. High Protein Diet Foods Guide

Adult men need about 56 grams a day and adult women need about 46 grams a day (71 grams, if pregnant or breastfeeding). We have listed hundreds of high protein foods . High Protein Foods Features: • Hide all ads by watching a single video ad • 7-Day meal Plan for high proteins • High Protein Foods Recipes • Hide all ads by watching a single video ad • Thousands of food items are available offline & for free • Search by Food Groups e.g Fruits, Vegetables and Beans etc • Search by Food Names and get results on the run while you type • Sorting by Food Groups, Food Names and amount of Protein • Complete nutritional detail of each food item – (You will need internet for this only) • Nutrients & Protein Calculator • BMI Calculator • Foods listed in order from highest Protein amount to lowest • All food items are approved by USDA* • Frequent update Protein Quantity per 100g of Foods Listed: • Between 26g to 88g Protein per 100 g – 973 foods • Between 25g to 10g Protein per 100 g – 2394 foods • Between 9g to 5g Protein per 100 g – 1395 foods (Low Protein Foods) • Below 5g Protein per 100g – 3291 foods (Low Protein Foods) Eat healthy with these nutritious foods containing high protein quantity. Foods are displayed in order from highest to lowest quantity of protein. The quantity of nutrient will be based on 100 grams of each food. Further you can see the complete nutritional detail for each food item against various units. The data is selected carefully from extensive database of *United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). USDA contains large amount of data (8000 plus foods) Disclaimer: We are not recommending any food items, but we are only listing foods which has high proteins.

2. Weight gain, Diet tracker

3. FitCal – Fitness Calculator

FitCal Fitness Calculators has been created with the professional Personal Trainer and professional Fitness Coach in mind, however the application is so simple to use and understand that anyone can use it. FitCal Fitness Calculators also provides information, such as benefits and recommended dose, for common medicinal herbs, minerals and vitamins. Visit our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FitCal-Fitness-Calculator-App/288749531179083 www.wellnessisbeauty.com — for products that will boost your metabolism *** FitCal Fitness Calculators can be used with Imperial units (United States) and Metric units *** ** Paid version is ad free! Features: —– Fitness Calculators —– Basal Metabolic Rate – BMR: (Paid Version) Calculates the amount of calories an individual should consume daily. Body Mass Index – BMI: Calculations that will make you aware if an individual may be at risk of developing a coronary artery disease by classifying an individual’s Body Mass Index from Underweight to Obese. Creatine Requirement: Calculates the amount of creatine recommended for an individual according to body weight. * “Loading phase” * “Maintenance phase” Ideal Weight: Calculates the recommended healthy weight according to the individual’s height. Maximum Heart Rate: Calculates the highest heart rate an individual can safely achieve through activity/exercise stress. One Rep Max: (Paid Version) Calculates the maximum weight an individual can lift only once. Vo2 Max: (Paid Version) Reflects physical fitness of an individual by calculating the capacity of an individual’s body to transport and use oxygen during exercise. Waist To Hip Ratio: (Paid Version) Calculations used as an indicator or measure of the health of a person and the risk of developing serious health conditions. ***more calculators to come*** —- Information Tabs —- Vitamins Tab: (Limited, more info on Paid Version) Awesome quick reference about vitamins that includes the food source and the recommended daily amount. Minerals Tab: (Limited, more info on Paid Version) Awesome quick reference about dietary minerals that includes the food source and the recommended daily amount. Medicinal Herbs, Roots, etc. Tab: Limited, more info on Paid Version) Awesome quick reference about the health benefits of popular herbs, roots, etc. ***BEFORE USING THE FITCAL APPLICATION YOU MUST READ AND AGREE WITH THE APPLICATION’S DISCLAIMER. BY DOWNLOADING THIS APP YOU ALSO AGREE TO READ THE DISCLAIMER INCLUDED IN THE APP***

4. Diets to gain muscle

This application will help you follow a diet indicating your menu today and the following days in the 5 meals of the diet you have chosen, it will also give you the shopping list with the ingredients you need for your diet, and you can save your Weight on a graph to see your evolution, motivate and share it with your friends. In addition, you can calculate your ideal weight, your body mass index (BMI), your daily energy consumption (of calories) and your protein intake. The application also includes a section of theory that will give you some basic notions that you will need to choose the diet that best adapted to your metabolism and objective. This application has more than 20 diet plans to gain muscle and to define it for free. You can choose the one you prefer according to your characteristics … “Diets for muscle”, With “Diets for muscle”, you can choose from a variety of free diets in Spanish, of different durations and characteristics, different energy intake, different protein intake, diets to gain muscle, diets to lose fat and therefore define muscle … Why “Diets for muscle”? – It is completely free and contains a wide variety of diets of different durations and characteristics, among which you can choose which or which you want to follow according to your goal and your metabolism – It’s in English – It is updated with new diet plans. – Description of the diets: when you are choosing what diet you want to follow, you can see the description of each of them, the weight that you can lose with them and all their menus. – Graph of your weight evolution: if you save your weight periodically, you can see your evolution in a graph. – Communication with your friends: you can share the diet you are following, and your weight evolution. – Notifications at meal times. – Ideal weight calculators, BMI, your ideal protein intake and calories consumed Keywords: Diet, diets for muscle, diets to define, diet plans, gain muscle define muscle, calculators, calculate BMI, calculate body mass index, calculate ideal weight, calculate calorie consumption, protein consumption, weight chart, list of purchase, food hour notifications.

5. Gain Weight!