10 Best Apps For Veterinarians (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 10 Best Apps For Veterinarians (Android & iOS).

10 Best Apps For Veterinarians (Android & iOS)

1. Vet Calculator

Designed for the veterinary profession Vet Calculator provides a quick and easy way to do many calculations commonly performed in veterinary practice. It allows you to perform eleven different calculations including drug doses, fluid and energy requirements and infusions. It also performs conversions of many units including temperatures and between SI units and conventional units. A full list of the features and calculators can be found here: https://vetapps.co.uk/Version_Comparison. Where applicable Vet Calculator’s features are referenced to appropriate literature.

2. MSD Vet Manual

SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT DOWNLOAD *** Downloading this app is a 2-step process: the first step is a download of the app template, and the second step is a full download of app content. This can take 5 to 10 minutes on wifi in 64-bit devices. 32-bit devices may take longer. Please do not navigate away from the app until both steps have been completed. *** App Permissions Install Settings Note: • We do not collect or use any personal information. There are, however, some permissions necessary for the app to function properly. 1. Photos/Media/Files – This allows the app to store the medical content and multimedia for offline use without requiring the user to reload all the large content when the app updates. 2. Device and App History – This is used only to keep the app and content up to date. The MSD Veterinary Manual, a renowned animal health reference for more than 60 years, covers all species and disorders of veterinary interest worldwide. This app provides veterinarians, students and other animal health professionals with clear, practical explanations of thousands of conditions across all body systems. It covers etiology, pathophysiology, and options for diagnosis and treatment. The trusted MSD Veterinary app offers: • Thousands of topics written and updated regularly by more than 400 veterinary experts from more than 20 countries • Photos, illustrations, and video of thousands of disorders and diseases • Quizzes* check knowledge of veterinary disorders, signs, and treatments • Interactive Case Simulations* test ability to treat a specific patient over the disease course • Clinical calculators • Numerous reference guides and hundreds of useful tables • Pet health content* written in consumer-friendly language for clients • FAQ and User Guide *Internet access needed. About MSD Manuals Our mission is simple: We believe that health information is a universal right and that every person is entitled to accurate, accessible and usable medical information. We have a responsibility to protect, preserve and share the best current medical information to enable more informed decisions, enhance relationships between patients and professionals, and improve health care outcomes around the world. That’s why we are making the MSD Manuals available for free in digital form to veterinary professionals and clients around the world. No registration or subscription required, and no ads. NOND-1179303-0001 04/16 This mobile application is intended for Veterinary Professionals. For more information please read the End User License Agreement at http://www.msd.com/policy/terms-of-use/home.html For more information about our privacy practices, please see our privacy commitment at https://www.msdprivacy.com Adverse Event Reporting: Countries outside the United States may have specific procedures in place to address reports of adverse events. Please contact your local MSD office or local health authority for more information. For questions or help with the app please contact msdmanualsinfo@msd.com

3. IDEXX VetConnect® PLUS

The go-to diagnostic resource for veterinarians and practice staff. View the status of tests from IDEXX Reference Laboratories, results from all IDEXX diagnostics, patients’ diagnostic histories, and differential diagnoses—anytime, anywhere. – Instant status updates—Access test results to monitor patient status 24/7. – Spot trends at a glance—Easily compare patient historical results side-by-side or in graphs for visual trend analyses. – Differential diagnoses—Interpret results and determine next steps with guidance from IDEXX board-certified specialists using the latest industry protocols, research, and publications. The VetConnect PLUS app requires a phone with Android 5.0 or higher and 2GB of RAM or higher to use the app. © 2020 IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved. • 104495-00 • Google and Android are trademarks of Google Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. All other ®/TM marks are owned by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. The IDEXX Privacy Policy is available at idexx.com.

4. Timeless Vet Drug Index

The Timeless Vet Drug Index is a truly evidence-based veterinary drug formulary authored by Dr. Etienne Côté, Dr. Stephen Ettinger, and Dr. Wayne Schwark. Written from the ground up, Vet Drug Index contains only the most relevant drug information and is designed specifically for you, the busy practicing clinician. It’s a new way of sourcing drug information but when you use it for the first time we think you’ll say “of course!”

5. TARGET (Vet)

TARGET – The Veterinary Antimicrobial Reference Guide to Effective Treatment A valuable tool you can use when treating microbial infections in small animals. * Ranks the efficacy of 24 antimicrobials against 13 of the most common pathogens * Select the most cost-effective antimicrobial and dosage for maximum efficacy * Predictable in vitro efficacy is based on two doses, Dose Option I and Dose Option II * Relative Cost factor allows the clinician to compare relative costs to achieve comparable efficacies when choosing between antimicrobials * Formulary section provides trade names, formulations, pharmacology, toxicity, and contraindication information on each antimicrobial, as well as dosing for each species * Color-coded antimicrobial ratings for quick reference * Makes selecting the appropriate antimicrobial and dose for the most probable pathogen at each location a simpler process

6. Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D

Explore the anatomy of the horse in 3D space. Each structure is clearly labeled, with a close-up view, commentary and audio pronunciation. Easily cut down through the layers, or rotate the horse and zoom in to see different views. This app covers superficial landmarks, most muscles, the bones, and the organs. Now the app includes the hoof, head an reproductive 3d models as well as the full horse. The quiz function covers over 300 structures. Quiz yourself on each section, make your own quiz, or have the app quiz you on just what you missed. If you want to understand equine anatomy, this app is for you.

7. Vet Blood Tests Guide

Vet – Blood Tests Guide Reference values and diferencial diagnosis for bloos tests used in the small animal veterinary. Hematology: Hematocrit Red Blood Cells Hemoglobin MCV – Mean Corpuscular Volume MCH – Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin MCHC – Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration Reticulocytes Leukocytes Neutrophils Eosinophil Basophils Lymphocytes Platelets NUTRIENTS AND METABOLITES: BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) Creatinine Protein Albumin Bilirubin Bile Acids Cholesterol Glucose Ammonia ENZYMES: ALT – Alanine Aminotransferase AST – Aspartate Aminotransferase FA – Alkaline Phosphatase Amylase Lipase CK – Creatine Kinase GGT- gamaglutamiltransferase ELECTROLYTES AND METALS: Sodium Potassium Chlorine Bicarbonate Calcium Phosphate HORMONES: Thyroxin T4 Cortisol Insulin

8. Vet Nurse Quick Reference

A quick reference guide for veterinary nurse professionals. Contains a comprehensive reference of normal parameters and ranges for small and common household pets. A perfect pocket companion for vets and vet nurses / vet technicians on the go. FEATURES: ✔ Quick animal references for 18 common surgery pets (includes dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, ferrets, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, mice, sugar gliders, bearded dragons, tortoises, snakes, frogs/toads, parrots, chickens and pigs) ✔ Diseases, definitions, symptoms and incubation periods. ✔ Detailed haematology and biochemistry ranges. ✔ Calculation and conversion tools, such as gas/liquid flow rates, transfusion and infusion, phlebotomy, body surface area, weights and temperatures. ✔ Patient notes facility for logging quick notes. ✔ Glossary of terms and definitions for 300+ terms. ▶ Language is English only. ▶ We support our apps. If you run in to a problem, please drop us an email rather than a Play Store comment, and we can work with you directly to resolve the issue. Alternatively, visit our website at www.markstevens.co.uk where we have support articles and FAQ’s. ▶ Our licensing policy can be found at www.markstevens.co.uk/licensing ▶ Our refunds policy can be found at www.markstevens.co.uk/refunds

9. Vet Drugs Veterinary

Now for Android! More than 600 drugs for veterinary use with indications, precautions, dosing information, other names and dosage for dogs and cats.Your best friend in the small animal practice! You can configure the search in your home screen and search the app direct from there. For veterinarias and people working in the area. There is some drug that you think is important and is not there? send us an e-mail and will be there for you in the next version. Never give medications to your animal without consulting a vet. Want more? VetPro https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.vetapps.vetpro&feature=search_result

10. DVM Calc