10 Best Apps For Tracking Car Maintenance (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 10 Best Apps For Tracking Car Maintenance (Android & iOS).

10 Best Apps For Tracking Car Maintenance (Android & iOS)

1. Fuelly: MPG & Service Tracker

***** aCar has been downloaded over ONE MILLION times ***** Log activities, manage and keep track of your vehicles: Fillups, Fuel Mileage (a.k.a. Gas Mileage or Fuel Economy), Maintenance, Services, Expenses, Trips, Accidents and Notes You can keep records of your cars, trucks or even your bikes; and have all of them under control. STANDARD FEATURES: * Backup your data on fuelly.com cloud, synchronize your data across multiple devices and with fuelly.com website, and access them everywhere. * Ability to sync with iOS devices when using Gas Cubby by Fuelly (and an iOS device) * Very clean, modern and user-friendly interface. * Very easy and painless data entry. * Support for recording fill-ups, services, expenses and trips (business, personal, etc). * Support for logging the specification of your vehicle parts. * Gas mileage (a.k.a. fuel economy or fuel mileage) calculation with multiple units support: MPG, gal/100mi, mi/L, km/gal, L/100km, km/L * Support for accident records, purchase/selling records and general notes for vehicles. * Support for vehicle level units. You might track a vehicle in kilometers and another one in miles at the same time. Likewise, one in gallons and another in liters. * Support for adding profile pictures to your vehicles. * Better classification of your vehicles and there are support for a wide range of cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV/UTV, snowmobiles, etc. * An enhanced reminders system which provides you the option either to create standalone reminders or to auto-create them after entering a service record. * Multiple vehicles support. * Powerful searching and filtering. * Thorough statistics for your vehicle. * Time and mileage based service reminders: Engine Oil, Air Filter, etc * Geographical location (GPS) support. * Social support, and sharing activities on Facebook and Twitter. * Ability to automatically backup data monthly * Move to SD-Card support (Android 2.2 and later). * Sharing statistical charts on Facebook and Twitter. * Localized and translated into: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Slovak. More to come… * Quick access to the most important information by home screen widgets: Console, Service Reminders, Predictions, Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Price. * Home screen shortcuts: New FillUp, New Service, New Expense and New Trip. * Full-screen charts for visualizing fill-ups, services, expenses and trips. * Data import from various mobile apps: Auto 3in1, AutoMobile, Car Care, FuelLog, Gas Cubby, Mileage, MPG, My Cars, Road Trip, TealAuto, Trip Cubby, Trip and Trip Deluxe, Vehicle Manager * Data import from various websites: Fuelly.com, FuelFrog.com, SpritMonitor.de, TrackYourGasMileage.com * Manual and more frequent automatic data backups. * Export records to Excel compatible CSV and browser viewable HTML formats. * Export statistics to Excel compatible CSV and browser viewable HTML formats. * Importing more CSV data formats from Fuelly.com website. PREMIUM FEATURES: * Add Photos and PDF’s to your records Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aCarApp Google+: https://plus.google.com/106077316600795703403 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/aCarApp – Bugs? Issues? Contact us from inside the app! Don’t post the bugs here! – Questions? Read FAQ! Contact us if needed. – Need more info? Refer to website!

2. Simply Auto: Car Maintenance & Mileage tracker app

★★★★★ “Best app to track all your car maintenance record and your vehicle expenses. I bought the pro version of this app. it gives me access to add multiple vehicles and sync data with multiple drivers. Cloud back -up & tax-deduction is the best feature of this app.” – Utkarsh Singh ★★★★★ “Very useful car cost tracker. It is easy to use and customizable. I am able to look back in my logs and forecast upcoming car maintenance that may be due to prepare for them. Love it.” – Thadya Virginia ★★★★★ “I’m still using this application. I just use it for a mileage tracker although it has more features. It was easy to transfer data from one phone to another as well.” – Richard Anderson Simply Auto is a complete car management tool that helps you track your vehicle’s data for multiple vehicles and drivers. It is a simple yet effective logbook for your car. Simply Auto is also a mileage tracker app that also provides accurate trip logs using bluetooth or GPS. It keeps business miles separate from personal ones, which lets you keep track of your mileage. And lets you maintain a mileage log which can be utilised for business tax deductions. Pro users can also access their data on our website. www.simplyauto.app. Keeping a log of your mileage, fill-ups, trips and services will help you save money and also help you optimise your fuel economy and overall vehicle cost. Who can use Simply Auto? – Car lovers or enthusiast, who record, track and set reminders for their services. – Those who want to monitor their mileage log, fuel consumption, etc. – Small or Medium Fleet Owners. – A family who wants to keep track of their vehicle’s maintenance, fuel consumption and expenses record. – Rideshare drivers. – Self Employed individuals. – Electric car/vehicle Owners How can Simply Auto help you manage your car expenses? – This car maintenance tracker also helps you save money by keeping track of your – mileage, services, reminders, trips and expenses. – Capture and upload multiple receipts for fill-ups, services, and expenses at the time or later. – Various stats and graphs are also provided to help you look for warning signs in case something’s wrong with your vehicle. How can Simply Auto help me with mileage tax deductions? – Simply Auto can work as a fully automatic mileage tracking app which works on both GPS and Bluetooth – Trips can be categorised as a business, personal or any other categories – Business trips are recorded with distance and mileage deductions to help you during tax season Can Simply Auto share and sync data with multiple drivers? – Share data instantly with multiple drivers sharing vehicles – Ability to sync with iOS devices. How can I be sure that my data will not be lost? – Instant backup on the cloud – Manual data backups to Google Drive. – All your can be exported and imported as CSV files to phone memory or Google Drive. Besides this Simply Auto has a host of other features like: – Schedule Automated week/monthly reports. – Import directly from Fuelly (aCar) and use our import guide to import from other apps like Drivvo, Fuelio, MileIQ, etc. – Access all your data on the web at www.simplyauto.app Download Simply Auto now for free today! Want to pass on your suggestions or help us with translations? Please send us an email at support@simplyauto.app By installing this car maintenance app, you agree to the following privacy policy: http://www.simplyauto.app/policy.html.

3. Car Minder Plus – Car Maintenance and Gas Log (MPG)

4. Car Maintenance

What is Car Maintenance? – Car Maintenance is an application which helps you monitor your car’s service needs and history, take care of service dues on time and more. What else can this app do? – This application has reminders in it to remind you of tax and insurance or any other responsibilities that need to be remembered. It also has the option to call, locate and navigate to your local workshop with a click of a button. What kind of services can I keep track of? – Everything you need to check and service regularly, like oil, filters, timing belts, battery, tires and more. And also, the things that don’t have a service interval, like parts on your car you change over time. I can’t find some of the options. -Have you tried long touch on the cards? Download now and don’t forget to rate. Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/carMaintenanceRD/

5. Car Xpenses Lite

6. Drivvo – Car management, Fuel log, Find Cheap Gas

SAVE MONEY ON YOUR CAR We help you control FUEL, refuelling, MAINTENANCE and expenses (registration, fines and financing) and revenues. Drivvo is a finance manager for your CAR, MOTORCYCLE, BUS or TRUCK, for personal use or for professional drivers (Taxi, Uber, Cabify, 99, motorcycle couriers and truck drivers). Managing MULTIPLE VEHICLES and getting the gas consumption calculation just got a lot easier; get fuel efficiency reports sorted by fuel and gas stations, showing which one is best for your car. You can also restore data from other apps. (Fuelio, aCar, Carango, Fuel Log, My Cars, Car Expenses, Fuel Manager) SAVE MONEY Find out how much you spend on gasoline or ethanol, registration, fines and save much more. By registering refuelling, expenses and services with this app for your car, you will have access to its monthly costs, average consumption, cost per km, average km/liter, oil change and even instalments of its financing. With Drivvo, you will have a CAR APP at hand, helping with fuel calculation and management of preventive maintenance, therefore saving money. No more forgetting a maintenance, fine, taxes or financing instalments; leave aside the monthly expenses spreadsheet. TOTAL CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT OF YOUR CAR: ★ Refuellings: Keep track of refuelling is the most important part in the financial control of your car. It is possible to obtain information on gasoline consumption, an important data to calculate the monthly expense of your vehicle, presenting through reports and graphs the information as average km/liter, costs per kilometer traveled, kilometers traveled, as well as fuel calculation, whether gasoline, ethanol or CNG, by gas station. ★ Incomes: To make life easier for drivers who uses their vehicle as a working tool (Taxi, Uber, Cabify, motorcycle courier, truck driver, etc), DRIVVO also allows the recording of revenues. Designed for those who use the vehicle professionally and need to know, in real time, the expenses and revenues related to the vehicle. ★ Routes: With this app, drivers will have not only personal but also professional financial control. You will have a financial control of your business travel receivables, so that you can claim them back. ★ Expenses: Drivvo allows the driver to have complete control over their expenses. Being possible to register taxes, financing, insurance, fines, tolls, among other expenses. ★ Services: The driver can input and view expenses and services performed, like oil change, brake check, tire rotation, filters, tune up, etc. This is a very useful tool to understand all the maintenance performed on the vehicle. ★ Reminders: Drivvo APP FOR CARS also assists in managing vehicle reminders for regular services and expenses such as financing, oil change monitoring, tune ups, tire rotation, taxes and fines, being able to schedule by kilometer reading or date. ★ Ethanol or Gasoline: Identify which fuel is the best with the Flex Calculator: know which fuel is most advantageous by only entering the price of ethanol or gasoline. ★ Pro version advantages: ★ • Backup data of your vehicle in the cloud • Synchronize data between devices • Keep all your data safe • Unlimited income registration • No advertising • Export the data concerning their vehicles in CSV/Excel. • Setting and share the graphics generated by Drivo. • Receive future Pro features for free. • Receive technical support within 24 hours. Fuel: Gasoline Ethanol Diesel LPG CNG Electric ★ Two fuel tanks

7. AUTOsist-Car/Fleet Maintenance

8. Vehicle Log, Fuel & GPS Trip Tracker by Motolog

🚘 Track your mileage by state, car expenses, gas mileage, fuel economy and vehicle service record Motolog is a complete yet simple to use fuel log, IFTA fuel tax calculator and gas mileage tracker app that provides: trip log, fuel cost trip calculator, vehicle maintenance log and vehicle gps mileage tracker with full trip history on map ⛽ Fuel economy calculator Provides average fuel economy, fuel consumption in the city and gas economy on the highway. Fuel cost calculator, fuel log book, trip log book and service reminders included! ⇨ Supports imports from other apps and offers PDF/XLS/CSV export 🗺 Our mileage and expense tracker for business makes tracking mileage for work purposes as simple as starting the engine The vehicle maintenance tracker allows you to control your fuel consumption, distance traveled and gas fill up as well as track gas cost, fuel economy and efficiency. Additionally you can record your trips together with the vehicle GPS route ★ Complete car management solution for your car: ✓ Fuel mileage calculator – select city/highway distance ratio and check city car fuel economy and highway fuel consumption in addition to standard average fuel consumption ✓ IFTA mileage tracker ✓ Data backup and synchronization across devices in free version ✓ Car management (fuel cost, efficiency, expenses, trips with routes etc.) ✓ Vehicle expense tracker – per item categories, price and even currency ✓ Ultra quick fill up – enter only 3 last digits from odometer while adding refuel entry – this means our IFTA mileage tracker keeps correct vehicle mileage even if you forget to reset car trip meter ✓ Our fuel consumption calculator algorithm handles partial fill up s as well as distance traveled while towed or out of primary gas in bi-fuel car ✓ Advanced configuration for statistics units (you are NOT limited to mpg and L/100km) ✓ Fuel efficiency statistics and costs management ✓ Currencies are using rate of exchange (changing costs currency is NOT just esthetics) ✓ Full history of maintenances, services, costs, expenses of your car, motorcycle, truck or bus ✓ Our vehicle gps tracker app can record your every trip and provide car usage statistics ✓ Track vehicles in your family or company ✓ Vehicle sharing – configurable access rights for other users (read, write, manage) Data backed up in the cloud and available on many devices immediately If you like Motolog, you can support development by acquiring a subscription All feedback is welcome: motolog@gswierczynski.pl Webpage: https://motolog.app/en Facebook https://www.facebook.com/motolog.mobi ★ The Best App — comprehensive yet simple to use! ★ (for tracking mileage, trips, fuel and service costs) ☆ Vehicles: – synced across devices – unlimited – car fleet management – vehicle sharing ☆ Refueling: – quick entry – enter only 3 last odometer digits – gas, gasoline, petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG – fuel mileage tracker and fuel efficiency – missed fill ups supported – tow trips and out of primary gas trips (bifuel) supported – fuel costs – gas cost calculator ☆ Vehicle gps tracking: – configurable automatic modes – route with state border crossings – IFTA mileage calculator ☆ Expenses, service and car maintenance ☆ Statistics: – trips (route, speed, time) – car expenses by category/tag – fuel economy (average, city, highway) – fuel consumption – fuel efficiency ☆ Other: – gas cost calculator ⛽ Install our fuel log app and start saving now: 🚘 – trip log – car route tracker – vehicle log book – IFTA fuel tax calculator – track fill-ups and fuel consumption – track fuel costs, car costs and car expenses – GPS mileage tracker for business – vehicle mileage tracker and gas calculator for trips included! – IFTA mileage tracker

9. myCARFAX – Car Maintenance

10. Car management: Car maintenance, vehicle manager

Car management: Manage quickly the deadlines of your cars, such as insurance, MOT and maintenance such as inspection, MOT, oil changes, filter changes and much more. Using statistical algorithms, it makes a prediction of the expiration date of the inserted memos. For example, for the replacement of the engine oil, which is usually performed every 10.000 mi, the app based on the data entered from time to time, will make a prediction of the expiration date. Some features: – Management – Maintenance – Inspection – MOT – Insurance – Oil change – Filter replacement – Tire check Car management will help you in this work! Neglecting deadlines exposes us to the risk of fines and neglecting maintenance exposes cars to serious engine problems. This app allows you to keep an eye on your cars and alerts you if there are any items close to expiration or to be renewed. In addition to reminders managed by the app, you can enter more precise ones and compliant to your car or comfortable for the user. If you have any suggestions do not hesitate to contact us aurumapp@gmail.com