10 Best Apps For Tide Table Charts (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 10 Best Apps For Tide Table Charts (Android & iOS).

10 Best Apps For Tide Table Charts (Android & iOS)

1. My Tide Times – Tables & Chart

2. Tide Charts – Free

Finally a beautiful and simple way to view tides on your mobile device! In addition to worldwide tidal estimates, you can see the lunar data, weather forecast, and current radar making your next outdoor adventure as easy to plan as possible. By default, the application will pick the closest station to you, but picking a different station is as easy as viewing a map of your current location. You can also setup and quickly switch between many stored favorite stations if you need to. No internet access while outdoors? No problem. This app has been designed to give you tidal and lunar predictions without internet access! The first time you launch this application may take up to 3 minutes to start while it generates textures. Tides Charts- Tide Charts, Weather, Radar Near Me

3. Tide Alert (NOAA) – USA

4. Fishing Points: GPS, Tides & Fishing Forecast

Fishing Points app enables you to save and find your favourite fishing locations, trotlines and trolling paths. Enjoy the best satellite view or use offline mode with nautical charts for boating. Suitable for every angler on open seas, lakes or rivers. Prepare for fishing trip and find the best fishing times using solunar data, tide prediction and weather forecast. Create a fishing log and save the details of every catch (photos, weight, length). Weather, solunar and tide information are added automatically. NAVIGATION – Save fishing locations, hotspots, waypoints – Record trolling paths and trotlines – Find saved locations with GPS navigation system – Online mode with Google Maps – Offline mode with nautical charts (United States – NOAA) – Compass – Measure distances FORECAST – Daily fish activity forecast – Feeding times (major and minor times) MARINE FORECAST – Hourly waves forecast (waves, swell, wind waves) – Sea temperature (SST) – Sea currents WEATHER & TIDES – Current weather conditions and hourly forecast – Wind forecast – Severe weather alerts – Tide prediction charts SOLUNAR DATA – Sunrise and sunset times – Sun positions – Moonrise and moonset times – Moon positions – Moon phases FISHING LOG – Save catches and create fishing log – Share catch photos SHARE – Import kmz or gpx files from gps devices or other apps – Share your locations with friends

5. Ebb Tide – Free Tides

6. NAUTIDE: tides, wind, waves, solunar, marine +

All the information you need to know to plan activities at sea in a simple and practical app. More than 10,000 coastal stations around the world. —————– Free download with restrictions: only the current day’s data is displayed. Requires the in-app purchase of a data pack to activate the calendar, the marine section and remove the ads. No subscription required. —————– TIDES Daily tide charts and tidal coefficient. High tides and low tides. Tides height. Monthly tide table. Tides for fishing. SURF Height and direction of the swell, wave period, hourly surf table. FISH ACTIVITY Hourly activity chart and solunar periods with the best fishing moments of every day. Tides4fishing. Monthly activity table with daily fish activity and major and minor fishing periods. SUN AND MOON Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, azimut, moon phases, eclipses, transits and other astronomical data. BAROMETER Fishing barometer, pressure graph and hourly pressure table with trend indicator. WIND Wind at land and wind at sea: wind speed, wind gust, wind force, land and sea conditions and hourly wind table. WEATHER Weather conditions at coast: Cloud cover, visibility, temperature, precipitation, wind chill, humidity, dew point and hourly weather table. MARINE Open water forecast for marine/sailing. Includes all weather indicators and also the water temp. Hourly marine table. tides4fishing official app

7. Tide Chart USA Free

8. TidesNow – tide charts

TidesNow is your all in one tide chart lookup app. Get information on tides near me, or look up tide charts for any location that has a nearby tide reporting station. Checking tides and tide charts is a great way to find the perfect fishing weather and fishing tides. This tide app will pull tide tables based on your GPS position. You can also search a location manually using city names if you need tide information for an upcoming destination and note the times of high tide and low tide. Tides vary on timescales ranging from hours to years due to a number of factors. To make accurate records, tide gauges at fixed stations measure water level over time. Gauges ignore variations caused by waves with periods shorter than minutes. These data are compared to the reference level called mean sea level. This app provides usa tide charts as well as international tide charts. Data for ocean tides is sourced from the WorldTides API which is an aggregate of tide chart data from many organizations such as TPXO, and NOAA. Disclaimer: tidal information is provided as-is with no guarantee of accuracy. These tide charts are not generated by us by are sent to us by a third party.

9. Rise – Tide & Solunar Predictions, Sun & Moon Forecasts

10. Tides Planner

Essential TIDES tool for sailors, divers, canoeists, fishermen, surfers, swimmers, photographers and anyone involved with sport or leisure at the seaside. At the push of a button Tides Planner allows you to see tides for 8,000+ WORLDWIDE locations. NO CONNECTION REQUIRED as the app has its own database. One tap to tides for your favourites. Advanced users can take advantage of extensive tools to calculate time windows for entering/leaving and clearing depths. FEATURES – Tidal graphs – Week ahead tide table – Minimum/maximum depths – Chart depth/actual depth – Standard port information – World map for rapid location search – Search by name – Time of sunrise/sunset, dawn/twilight – Moon phases, rise/set – Date of spring/neap tides – Notepad and copy/paste + email – Favourites and recents – Scrolling scales – Coefficients (France) – Currents (UK, Ireland, North Sea, Netherlands and parts of the German coast) GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE Worldwide coverage. Some countries have time limits from the national Hydrographic Office. TIME COVERAGE The app gives access to all its features, but the free initial download is limited to tides for one day. To get future predictions use the Extensions within the app (In App purchase): – Year on year: use the extensions within the app (In App purchases) to enable future predictions. – In certain countries get a Hydrographic Licence to remove restrictions. HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE LICENCES During a valid year: – Italy, USA, Canada (main ports), Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries: ANY DAY in the year. – Denmark, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Oman, Argentina: SEVEN DAYS at a time. The following can be extended with a Hydrographic Office Licence to remove country restrictions: – UK, Ireland, Germany and all UKHO ports: change from seven days to ANY DAY. – Netherlands: change from seven days to ANY DAY. – Belgium: change from seven days to ANY DAY. – France and SHOM ports: from one day to ANY DAY. Each Hydrographic Office Licence is ONLY PURCHASED ONCE and applies to all Valid Years. ABOUT US Imray: publishers of nautical charts, books and apps. Look out for other applications in the Marine Navigation Series from Imray. Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/imray_charts Facebook/Imray-Laurie-Norie-Wilson-Ltd-304115312941493 LANGUAGES English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese ABOUT PREDICTIONS Predictions are based on the harmonic method, using constants from the Hydro offices (UKHO, SHOM, NOAA, BOM, CHS etc). There are differences between the app predictions and the official Hydro office tide tables, as these are based on large numbers of constants that are not made publicly available. The Hydro offices consider the harmonic methods used in this product appropriate for navigation. Always consult tidal curves and take into account local weather (pressure and wind) and swell conditions, which can have a very significant effect on sea water levels.