10 Best Apps For Swimmers (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 10 Best Apps For Swimmers (Android & iOS).

10 Best Apps For Swimmers (Android & iOS)

1. MySwimPro: Swim Workouts

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2. GoSwim

3. SwimIn

If you are a swimmer, then you’ll love the new arena water instinct app! From just one place, you can find all the latest advice and tips to improve your stroke, direct from the world’s most acclaimed coaches and swimmers. If this was not enough, you can also obtain the latest from the pool deck, including meeting schedules and exclusive up-to-the minute arena Elite Team news. And you’ll be always updated on our sales and promotions! ::What’s in?:: News Section Includes a selection of our favourite and most read articles, from coach advice to athlete tips, fitness guidance and inspirational stories. You can also obtain exclusive International Competition and behind the scenes content. Meeting Section Obtain complete meeting schedules from the world’s top swim competitions arena Elite Team Get to know our #waterinstinct Elite Team, who are among the best swimmers in the world. Read their Bio’s, achieved results and medals, as well as understanding the people behind the goggles Promotions Keep up to date with our promotions Join the #waterinstinct community!

4. Swimmers Guide

Tom Cottrell’s Swimmer’s Guide is the definitive guide to open water swimming in South Africa. The guide covers all open water swimming events for the 2017/2018 season. This comprehensive volume gives users up-to-date calendar, time and venue details together with entry particulars, a map giving directions to the venue, water quality and essential information about the race. It keeps you informed of changes in important information and is the only inclusive open water calendar in South Africa.

5. Swimsync

Swimsync is an excellent swimming app to organise and track your swim times. The app is designed for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Swimsync makes it easy to get up-to-date and organise your swimming life! You can save results for multiple swimmers, group their times into meets, strokes and distances, graph their times and view all swimmer’s best times in one screen. In this new build, swimsync will also save results for yards and meters distances. In addition, with the new Team Times function, coaches can rank their swimmers’ swim times and view all their swimmers’ personal best times. All the swimming features you require in one excellent app: • Set up swimsync for multiple swimmers • Save yards and meters times • Import swim results from a global database • View personal best times all in one screen • Backup your app and sync with your other devices • Graph lap splits and chart progress • Customise distances to suit Open Water swims • Share results with others and keep coaches and family up-to-date with your swim times • Save times directly from the in-built stopwatch ALL YOUR SWIM TIMES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

6. Swimapp

Swimapp is your tool to dive deep into any swimming result – across time, meets, and swimmers.

7. Swimmunity

8. NSD Swimmer

NSD Swimmer is an App designed to pair with NSD Swim, a precision Swim Training Aid, to serve and help swimmers, indoor and outdoor, become a PRO. The App works with smart phone to Log, Track and Analyze various factors of swimmers performance based on their weight and height. NSD Swim also features: •Performs stationary resistance training •Turns any small backyard pool into an endless pool •Counts strokes, SWOLF score, and calories •Displays time/distance/distance per stroke/average speed •Provides video footage with play-by-play statistics •Offers Day Log, Training, Challenge and Analysis – 4 Modes •Verbally reminds swimmers of their remaining distance •Compatible with Google Fit. With this new invention, you are able to build a secret swim training base at your place!

9. Swimming Master

Training app for swimming being a professional swimmer its important to learn all the techniques, body movements, breathing techniques and professional videos will help you understand how to do it .install Swimming Master free app for a better swimmer

10. Meet Mobile: Swim

ACTIVE Network’s Meet Mobile transforms the swim meet experience for fans, swimmers, coaches and meet hosts alike. From the largest national qualifying trials in the country to the smallest swim meets, get access to meet programs from all over the world, including heat sheets, psych sheets and real-time results. Download Meet Mobile now to follow your favorite swimmers and swim meets. Fans • View results, anytime, anywhere* • Quickly find swim meets with robust search functions • Track swimmers and teams in real-time, even if you’re not at the meet • Flag your “Favorite” swimmers and teams to find them easily • View real-time heat results along with cumulative and subtracted splits* • View overall swimmer and relay rankings for each round of each event* • Check real-time team scores* • View records and time standards • Share your event via email, messaging, Facebook or Twitter Swimmers • View psych sheets prior to the meet or during an event • View heat sheets** • View estimated event start times • View swimmer’s list of entries, completed results and points scored Coaches • View psych sheets prior to the meet or during an event • View each swimmer’s results along with cumulative and subtracted splits* • View relay results with swimmer names and splits by leg* • View heat sheets by heat and by individual** • View estimated timelines by event and individual • Check real-time team scores* • View custom heat sheets and results filtered to show only your team members** Meet Hosts • Offer mobile results for all your meets • Push out the event schedule and psych sheet information prior to the meet • Share estimated timelines for the start of each event • Get exposure within the app when people search for criteria that match your meet • Make fans, swimmers and coaches happy by offering meet access from anywhere in the world, in real time • Let fans send your meet viral as they share their favorite swimmers’ results instantly via Facebook, Twitter, email or text *Meet Results Meet results are available as an in-app subscription. Your subscription includes access to swimmer times, splits, scores, and more at meets where meet hosts and officials support the publication of results to mobile with HY-TEK Meet Manager – the most widely-used swimming management software in the world. Can’t find your meet? Waiting for meet results? Ask the meet host to update to version 4.0 or higher of HY-TEK’s Meet Manager and post the meet program and meet results to Meet Mobile. HY-TEK does not control and cannot guarantee the availability or accuracy of meet programs or meet results. Meet Result Pricing Monthly subscriptions are offered at $2.49 USD, and Annual subscriptions are offered at $6.99 USD, with pricing available in your local currency at an exchange rate managed by Google Play. Subscriptions are charged to your Google Wallet account when you confirm your purchase and will auto-renew at the end of the subscription period for the same duration as your initial enrollment at the initial price, unless cancelled or changed at least 24-hours before the end of your current subscription period. Cancellation or refund of the active current subscription period is not allowed per Google’s policies. **Heat Sheet Pricing Heat sheets are often distributed freely, but meet hosts may charge for access to heat sheets in Meet Mobile. HY-TEK does not control heat sheet pricing, and any price indicated for heat sheets is not included in the meet results subscription. Get more information about the Meet Mobile app and other apps from HY-TEK and ACTIVE Network at: http://www.active.com/mobile ACTIVE Network works hard to ensure your privacy and data security. Our policy can be found at: http://www.activenetwork.com/information/privacy-policy