Top 15 Animation Apps For Android And iOS

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No matter who you are or what you do, somethings never change for people. For example, we all love to be entertained. We love to laugh and be shocked, have our ideas about life challenged and questioned.

We like learning new things, visualizing places we might never see, and admiring the artistic gifts that a surprising number of people work for years to obtain. One of the best ways to enjoy all of these concepts is through animation.

Animated shows are often considered to be mostly for children, but they don’t have to be. There are adult cartoons too, and the similarities between animation for adults and children are greater than you might think.

As a species, we’ve always found it very important to reflect important events and changes in society for better or worse. A popular technique adopted for these purposes is known as satire.

Animators have long used satire to highlight inconsistencies and flaws in the way we live our lives. Take the Simpsons, or Family Guy, for example. These are two popular animated shows which aren’t strictly for kids – especially Family Guy.

Some people might not automatically take shows like them seriously. But when you take a closer look at what happens in these shows, their creators are using animation to draw attention to things they think are interesting in some way.

Animation has long been one of the driving forces behind entire generations of imagination. It used to be that only extremely skilled hands could produce respectable animations, but times have changed.

With help of advanced technology, many apps have been created that help your dreams of animating characters and stories become realities. If you have a smartphone, you can start animating today.

Not too long ago, only a small number of people had any hope or chance of succeeding in the world of animation, or even getting a lot of people to see their work. The era of smartphones has changed that.

Now anyone with a phone and an internet connection can start drawing, crafting, and animating to their heart’s content.

You can start from scratch, hand-drawing characters on your phone. You can also import renderings from other artists and work on those instead.

Don’t be afraid to make animations just for yourself, either. Expressing yourself is thought to be good for your health. Some people like to write in journals or go on rants on social media. But writing isn’t for everyone.

That’s not the only practical way you can benefit from downloading an animator app either. In some digital media classes, students are required to do some animating – creating GIFs, short videos, things like that.

If you’re in that sort of position and you’re struggling in class, these sorts of apps are a perfect opportunity for you to practice on your own time. Some people take it a step further and make careers out of it on sites like YouTube. You can build up a following of people that love your work. How neat is that?

This list is a compilation of 15 of the best apps for animators on the PlayStore or the App Store. These tools will help you improve your craft until you projects are good enough to show off to friends, family, even strangers on the street!

You can do so much with animation apps: creating memes, doodling, fleshing out characters in your mind that you know would impress a lot of people… the list goes on.

Pick your favorite app from this list and get to work animating like a pro today.

Top 15 Animation Apps For Android And iOS

#1. Toontastic

Toontastic might be one of the top animation apps on the PlayStore or the App Store. It was actually developed by Google. This app lets you create animations and narrate them whenever you want.

Toontastic has a voice recorder so you can manage your separate files efficiently. Animations are stored as 3-D videos.

Unbelievably, this app and all of its features are free. Download Toontastic today!

#2. PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator is geared towards making videos and GIFs straight from you Apple or Android device. If you have a 3-D camera app you can use the pictures you take with those apps in PicsArt Animator.

You can animate frame by frame and use a handy visible timeline to keep track of how your project is proceeding. Even for free, there are a number of editing and artistic tools offered by this app.

You can superimpose layers onto each other for more distinct animations.

#3. I Can Animate

I Can Animate is an animation app Kudlian software designed for iOS and Android smartphones. it’s originally free, but there are in-app purchases you can make.

One of this app’s specialties is slow motion editing, which is popular in animations and movies of virtually every genre. Sharing animations with friends is also made a priority.

There’s a timeline of frames that you can scroll through easily to make more specific cuts.

#4. Animation Desk

Animation Desk is an animation app on Apple and Android phones that lets you create your own cartoons. You can create your own drawings to get things started, or you can find something from a video to use.

You can import extra layers of images over other images or video. There are dozens of brushes you can use to touch up your cartoon animations. Animation Desk makes importing video and layering it very easy.

#5. Stop Motion Studio

Stop motion is a super popular technique to make object seem like they’re moving on their own, when in reality they are staying still. Stop Motion Studio is one of the best apps out for this sort of technique.

Android and iPhone users can both use this app. Its video editing capabilities also allow you to make slow motion videos and overlay frames onto each other.

Make any video project seem like it has professional quality editing with Stop Motion Studio.

#6. FlipaClip

This app is called FlipaClip. It’s a cartoon-based animation app put out by Visual Blasters, LLC. All smartphone users can enjoy this app.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, then this is the app for you. It;s one of the most pleasing forms of self expression. You make your own drawings on an individual frame bases, then build the drawings up into a whole animation.

You can import and rearrange audio and video files. It can be exported in a long list of formats including mp4, and GIF.

#7. Animoto

Animoto is a well known app designed to create high quality slideshows with little or no hassle. This app helps you immortalize your memories for all to see.

You can search your gallery for the best pictures to include in the project. you can also add music to the presentation. You can even edit the music to make it fit the slideshow well.

There are at least a hundred special featured you can use to customize the presentation and make it unique. There is a music library and the music is licensed and ready to use. The app is free

#8. GIFMob

GIFMob is a free GIF producing app for developed by PHOTO3DLAB for both Android and iPhone. You can animate as many GIFs as you want.

This app harnesses the power of stop motion to make GIFs and mp4 files that can be shared and saved.

You can purchase extra options and features to make even better animations. You can use previously existing pictures or take your own with a camera.

#9. RoughAnimator

RoughAnimator is such a good app that sadly you need to pay for it. It lets you make hand drawn animations on your smartphone. You can draw out each separate frame to get everything perfectly. You can also delete or duplicate frames when it suits you.

Anyone from beginner to professional can take advantage of this animation app. Believe it or not, you can add an infinite amount of layers over each other.

This means that you can add incredible amounts of texture to you works of art. You can export completed projects to Quicktime video player, GIF, or other image file destinations.

#10. Animation Amino for MAP

Animation Amino for MAP is considered one of the top animation apps for either Android or iPhone users. There are lots of unique available. You can use animations to converse with other people using the app.

That way, people can inspire each other, keep each other updated, or share or show off projects they’ve been working on.

If you’re not sure where to start, there are comprehensive tutorials to help you pick up on what you need to do.

#11. Stick Nodes

Stick Nodes might be just what you’re looking for. RorTheLoss, Inc. brought this amazing app to iOS and Anroid for free. You can create and animate stick figures to your heart’s content.

This app uses something called frame “tweening”.This process automatically improves the smoothness of your animations. This comes in handy because anyone with experience working with stick figure animation knows that it doesn’t always look so smooth.

There are sound effects to add to the quality of the animation. There’s also a camera effect that lets you zoom in on the action

#12. Movepic

Movepic is a classic app geared towards photo-motion. It’s on Android and iPhone. It’s initially free, but you can pay for extra features when ever you want.

Moviepic brings together images and videos from your gallery. You can spice things up by using filters and animation-based special effects such as changing the natural speed of the video.

Even starting out by drawing abstract shapes, Moviepic will help you achieve beautiful works of cinematography.

#13. Animation Desk Classic

This is another great, must-have app. Animation Desk Classic lets Apple and Android users animate entire scenes which are drawn by hand. You don’t need any experience to get the hang of this app.

The user interface is simple, but attractive. Animation Desk Classic provides a realistic, stable environment for you to create animations.

The app has all sorts of tools for you to take advantage of. There are pens and pencils, crayons, markers, brushes, and erasers.

#14. Stick Fight

Settle your beefs like a stick figure – it’s Stick Fight! Stick Fight is an excellent app which gives you the ability to animate scenes with versatile stick figures. The app can be found where ever smartphone apps are sold.

The app is free, although there are in-app purchases you can make. These purchases allow you to better customize your animations. NetEase Games designed this app to take physics into account for the fights users animate.

You don’t need WiFi or an internet connection to use Stick Fight. You can play with three other people on about a hundred different levels. All sorts of wacky misadventures are sure to happen.

Try to keep your stick figure alive.

#15. Animatic

Animatic is a top notch app for animation. It is developed by and made for both Android and iOS. With this app, you are able to draw animations by hand on your smartphone.

It might sound hard to do at first, but it’s really simple, even for newbies. Advanced artists will appreciate how sturdy and reliable Animatic is.

Once you’ve created a masterpiece, it can be exported as several different file types including mp4 and GIF. You can examine animations by looking at one frame at a time.

Animatic give you the tools to bring your dreams to life.

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