10 Best Anatomy Apps (Android & iOS)

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Here are the 10 Best Anatomy Apps (Android & iOS).

10 Best Anatomy Apps (Android & iOS)

1. Anatomy Learning – 3D Anatomy Atlas

A true and totally 3D app for studying human anatomy, built on an advanced interactive 3D touch interface. ***Want to try the offline app? Check ANATOMYLEARNING OFFLINE in the store. Features: ★ You can rotate models to any angles and zoom in and out ★ Remove estructures to reveal the anatomical structures below them. ★ 3D location quizzes to test your knowledge ★ Switch on/off different anatomy systems ★ Both male and female reproductive systems are available ★ Support Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Contents: ★ Bones ★ Ligaments ★ Joints ★ Muscles ★ Circulation (arteries, vein and heart) ★ Central nervous system ★ Peripheral nervous system ★ Sense organs ★ Respiratory ★ Digestive ★ Urinary ★ Reproductive ( both male and female) Contact Us: Email us at webmaster@anatomylearning.com. Let us know any feedback you have or share ideas for making the app better.

2. Essential Anatomy 5

3. Complete Anatomy Platform 2020

*** TRY IT FOR FREE! *** Requires 1.5 GB storage. For updates, it’s recommended to have at least 3 GB storage available. The world’s most accurate, most advanced and best-selling 3D anatomy platform with groundbreaking new technology, models and content. Not just an atlas, but an anatomy learning platform with unique collaboration and learning tools. Used by 250 of the world’s top universities, including 6 US Ivy League schools, 20 of the world’s top 25 ranked medical schools, 7 of the top 10 largest US public universities and 9 of the 10 top-rated UK universities. AWARDS Apple Design Award Winner Best of App Store (Mac) Best of App Store (iPad) Demonstrated in Apple Keynote FREE DOWNLOAD Create an account for a FREE 3-day trial of premium features and content Experience the BEST anatomy application available today: * THE MOST ACCURATE AND COMPLETE human anatomy models, over 17,000 interactive structures. * Includes a living, beating, dissectible human heart in full 3D * Real time Muscle Movement, Insertion & Origin Mapping, Bony Surface & Landmark Mapping, 12 layered Systems, Nerve Tracer, Blood Supply Tracer and Microanatomy Models * World-leading female thorax and pelvis prosections * Creative tools including virtual dissection * Complete Courses, delivered by leading experts in Human Anatomy, Point of Care Ultrasound, Cadaveric Imagery, Clinical Correlates & more * Over 1,500 clinical video animations on Cardiology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Dentistry & Fitness (Student Plus, Pro & Educator licenses) TO BE THE BEST, USE THE BEST: Complete Anatomy is recognised as the best by the world’s leading colleges & anatomists. STUDENT PLUS LICENSE (annual subscription) includes: + Access across all available platforms + The FULL HUMAN ANATOMY model including 12 multi-layered body systems + 15 Microanatomy Models: Blood vessels, Bone Cross Section, Bronchial Tree, Eye, Kidney Lobe, Lymph Node, Olfactory Organ, Peripheral Nerve, Skeletal Muscle, Skeletal Muscle Fiber, Skin, Suprarenal Gland, Tendon, Tongue & Tooth + System Layers: Bone Parts, Surfaces & Landmarks, Muscle Origin & Insertion points & Dermatomes + Physiological features: Beating Heart, Interactive Muscle Motion, Origin Path tracing for nerves & arteries, Muscle Innervation & Muscle Arterial Supply + A vast library of curated 3D4Medical learning material + Access to all Courses + Access to over 1,500 Videos (Cardiology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Fitness, Dentistry) + Interactive Cross-sections + Ability to receive curriculum content from an Educator EDUCATOR LICENSE For an annual subscription, get all the benefits of the Student Plus License PLUS: + Additional 3,000+ additional learning resources + Access to Curriculum Manager, a powerful suite of tools to create, edit and share content with students. Includes a vast library of 3D learning resources, Group Manager, Drag & Drop Curriculum and a student assessment Dashboard PLEASE NOTE: To access Curriculum Manager, log into the app on your desktop device. PRO LICENSE For an annual subscription, get all the benefits of the Student Plus License PLUS: + A license to use in clinical practice for patient education Subscriptions are charged annually & automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your Google Account at confirmation of purchase. Your Google Account will be charged the current annual subscription cost each year for renewal within 24-hours prior to end of current period. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Google Account Settings any time after purchase. Any free trial will be interrupted when a paid subscription is purchased. Terms: https://3d4med.com/ca-terms Privacy policy: https://3d4medical.com/privacy-policy

4. Human Anatomy Atlas 2020: Complete 3D Human Body

Join millions of medical professionals, students, and anatomy enthusiasts who use Human Anatomy Atlas to see inside and better understand the human body! Human Anatomy Atlas offers thousands of models to help understand and communicate how the human body looks and works–and includes textbook-level definitions. Use it as a reference, instead of an anatomy textbook, or to create virtual lab experiences. Includes over 10,000 anatomical models with descriptions in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. * Winner of the Association of Medical Illustrator’s Award of Excellence * Winner of the Digital Health Awards’ Gold for Mobile Applications * Winner of the W3 Awards’ Gold for Mobile Education “… strikingly realistic and detailed…” — The Boston Globe “… mind-blowing, and always amazing in that it works so well.” — David Pogue, Yahoo Finance “Visible Body’s [Human Anatomy] Atlas and frankly, all their A&P apps have always been my go-to reference for exploring the human body and its function.” — Teachers with Apps Human Anatomy Atlas offers the most complete human anatomy atlas available, as well as a fast to learn and easy to use ad-free experience. The base purchase includes complete male and female gross anatomy models that can be dissected, common muscles actions, select microanatomy models and sample animations. Additional in-app purchases can extend the atlas to include more detailed 3D dental models, and animations that explain physiology and common pathologies.

5. Visual Anatomy Free

OVERVIEW: Visual Anatomy Free is an interactive reference, and education tool with audio pronunciation. Now it include a rotational organ 3D overview model and 3D animations!! It contains all body anatomy systems and has more than 500 feature points which can be interactively select. Each feature point has its own label and description. The app also has search function which can be used as searching the labels of all feature points. 8 overview images from Gray’s anatomy. Full version has all 1247 images. In additional, a quiz with 23 multi-choice questions also is included. USES: This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used for any professional who needs the occasional reminder. Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas to their patients or students – helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments and injuries. It is also a general anatomy guide. FEATURES: ★ Support English, French, Spanish, German languages. ★ muscle description (ORIGIN, INSERTION, NERVE, ACTIONS). ★ Tap and Zoom – Pinch zoom into and identify any region, bone or other feature by tapping on the screen. ★ Quiz mode – test yourself with an option to switch off the label of the feature point. ★ Quick Navigation – jump to a different system or organ by selecting the thumbnail. ★ Multi-choice quiz. ★ Audio pronunciation ★ Movies for anatomy and physiology. ★ Great for learning anatomy and physiology ★ Free periodic updates. ★ Can be used as anatomy dictionary by searching anatomy term. ★ Support Google search result. CONTENTS: Organ 3D, Muscular System (overview, head, arm and foot muscles), Skeletal System (overview, skull, hand and foot bones. Some bone marks in the skull), Circulation System, Body Region, Heart, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Urinary System, Nervous System (overview and brain), Female and male Reproductive Systems, Ear Structure, Nasal Cavity, Eye. HOW TO USE: The user is presented with a high-quality anatomy images. The user can zoom in to any area by tapping on the zoom in button and using the single finger panning function. The feature point (cross) can be selected by tapping on it. Detail button allows you to switch on/off the short description. For muscle section, detail button only show the description. Quiz mode button allows you to switch on/off the label and short description. SEARCH: When you input more than one characters, the search function automatically gives a list of potential key words. You can just select one of them from the list. The result will be the feature point on the anatomy image, label and short description. You also can find more information by pressing the Wiki icon!!

6. Anatomyka – 3D Human Anatomy Atlas

Explore the general anatomy, the entire skeletal system for FREE, with over 4500 landmarks on display. If you want to learn about each organ, structure or anatomy system in even greater detail, try our 5-day free trial or subscribe! *** CIRCULATORY & NERVOUS SYSTEMS The circulatory and nervous systems are still in development and aren’t yet complete. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see some of the parts for yourself, through our app. We’ll continue to keep you updated with new releases as they arrive. FOR FREE *** Skeletal system – A List of Landmarks is pinned directly to the corresponding bones with description, visualized foramina, correct audio pronunciation, and classification. You can also view them by hierarchy. Interactive I/O map for every bone. *** General anatomy – Discover the anatomy planes, axis locations, and directions that comprise the human body. Explore more than 80 body parts and regions, all of which have been clearly labelled and sorted according to their correct medical hierarchies. *** ANATOMYKA TOP FEATURES *** LEARNING MODE A vivid, color coded 3D map allows users to view high-resolution textures accompanied by informative descriptions from comprehensive textbook ‘Memorix Anatomy’. These are arranged into a proper anatomical hierarchy, meaning learning is structured and easy to understand. STYLES Choose from different themes for a better visual experience, including classic atlas, dark atlas, dark space and cartoon style. COLORIZE Set your own color for organs, structures or systems for more effective memorizing LABELS Create labels and pin them to different parts of the body. Labels automatically highlight the name and color of the organ and are great for creating anatomical posters. – User-friendly interface: Zoom, rotate, scale, colorize, isolate, select, hide, and fade all anatomical structures – Multiple selection: Select multiple organs and structures at once – Draw and add images: Customize visuals by drawing or inserting images – Search: Look up terms in the Anatomyka ‘terms library’ – Share: Share your artwork without UI Every anatomical system is accompanied by detailed information about its structure , including organ information, clinical notes and a general description. Anatomyka was made for you with love. Any ideas, comments, and constructive criticism are more than welcome 🙂 Feel free to contact us at info@anatomyka.com

7. 3D Anatomy Learning

8. Gray’s Anatomy – Anatomy Atlas 2020

Gray’s Anatomy This is FREE application to learn about human anatomy. Gray’s Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Atlas of human anatomy +) Features: – You can use this app offline, do not need internet and 3G connection. – Simple, easy interface – You can press next and back to view other image – You can zoom in/out to view larger image – Find images quickly with search tool +) Anatomy Systems: – Skeletal System – Muscular System – Nervous System – Cardiovascular System – Respiratory System – Digestive System – Endocrine System – Urinary System – Reproductive System – Lymphatic System – Integumentary System – Sensory System +) Anatomy Position: – Skeletal System – Head Position – Neck Position – Upper Limb – Back Position – Thorax Position – Abdomen Position – Pelvis and Perineum position +) Medical Quiz – Anatomy Quiz – Liver Quiz – Glasgow Coma Scale Quiz – Cardiac Quiz – Diabetes Quiz – First Aid Quiz – Pathology Quiz +) Medical dictionary – Anatomy dictionary – This is the medical reference for difficult terms and phrases. Doctors define difficult medical language in easy to understand explanations +) Anatomy system, anatomy atlas +) Muscle Anatomy If you like this app. Please RATE for us 5 star. Thanks for using this application!

9. 3D Human Anatomy & Disease

10. Skeleton | 3D Anatomy

Free access to 3D anatomical models of skull, trunk and upper limb. In-app purchases to unlock all body regions (Full Version) “Skeleton | 3D Atlas of Anatomy” is a next generation anatomy atlas in 3D which gives you availability of interactive highly detailed anatomical models! Each bone of the human skeleton has been reconstructed in 3D, you can rotate and zoom in on each model and observe it in detail from any angle. By selecting models or pins you will be shown the terms related to any specific anatomical part, you can select from 11 languages and show the terms in two languages simultaneously. “Skeleton” is a useful tool for students of medicine and physical education, for physicians, orthopedists, physiatrists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, paramedics, nurses and athletic trainers. HIGHLY DETAILED ANATOMICAL 3D MODELS • Skeletal System • Accurate 3D modeling • Surfaces of the skeleton with high resolution textures up to 4K SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE INTERFACE. • Rotate and Zoom every model in the 3D space • Division by regions for a clear and immediate visual of each structure • Possibility to hide every single bone • Intelligent rotation, automatically moves the centre of rotation for easier navigation • Interactive Pin allow visualization of the term relative to every anatomical detail • Hide / Show interface, ideal for use on smartphones MULTI-LANGUAGE • The anatomical terms and the interface are available in 11 languages: Latin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean • The language can be selected directly from the interface of the app • The anatomical terms can be shown in two languages simultaneously “Skeleton” is part of the collection of apps for the study of human anatomy “3D Atlas of Anatomy”, new apps and updates are being developed.