5 Best Altimeter elevation apps for Android & iOS

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Here are the 5 Best Altimeter elevation apps for Android & iOS.

5 Best Altimeter elevation apps for Android & iOS

1. My Altitude

My Altitude uses GPS signals to determine your current location, altitude (height from sea level) barometric pressure and water boiling point. This application does not need an internet connection and works best in outdoors. By default, it uses device sensor to determine the altitude, but you also have the option to use NOAA data files to get the altitude of your location. On newer devices, using device sensor is more accurate. Enjoy.

2. Altimeter Ler

Modern Altimeter GPS+ app is for folks who care for hiking and biking in mountainous terrain. GPS is getting very accurate in terms of distance indication. The choice between unit system is perhaps an important thing, just for your convenience the app is being equipped with both of them (Imperial and Metric). Surprisingly strong barometer measures the weight of the air pressure above a given point and determines elevation of two points.  This app has a creative and user-friendly style design, simple and comprehensive functionalities. Features included – Imperial and Metric unit settings. – GPS accuracy indicator. – GPS distance accuracy indicator. – Density of air , indicator. Search any place and drop search pin with place info. Built in library Map integration – GOOGLE maps – Satellite maps mode. – Hybrid maps mode. – Standard maps mode. – Terrain maps mode. – Tracking location changes trajectory. Compass – Compass with camera – Take a pictures with coordinates – Shows device real-time orientation to magnetic fields. – Ability to switch between true and magnetic North. – Location coordinates (longitude, latitude). – Course Track information – Time elapsed. – Distance. – Average speed. – Max speed. – Altitude. Tracking – Speed tracking in mph or km/h based on MPH or KM/H mode. – Distance tracking in miles or kilometers based on MPH or KM/H mode. – Time tracking. – Longitude, latitude coordinates. – Save locations drop a pin Weather  — Temperature information. — Wind — Visibility — Sunrise,Sunset  — High/Low Temperature.  — Ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

3. My Elevation

My Elevation uses web services to get your precise surface elevation based on your current location. This is far more accurate than the elevation data provided by your device. But there’s so much more you can do with My Elevation. Try it and see! Notes: ● The application shows the surface elevation above sea level based a latitude and longitude. It does not provide altitude in cases where you are in an aircraft, high up in a building, or high off of ground for some reason. ● This application must have a working data connection to be able to show your position on the map, get your precise elevation and provide much additional rich content . It does not have an off line mode. Please consider this before giving poor ratings when it doesn’t work when you have no data connection. Feature List ● Follow Me Mode – Follows your current location in real time. Watch your movements on a map and see your elevation and coordinates updating as you move. ● Search for Locations and watch the map fly over to them. My Elevation will tell you the weather there and let you browse Wikipedia articles about attractions nearby the location. If you are curious at all about other places you will love this ! ● Long press a location on the map and My Elevation will tell you the weather there and let you browse Wikipedia articles about attractions nearby the location. ● Add bookmarks for places you want to remember. ● Share your location or what you find in searches with your friends in a text or email. Display Options Map Mode – Lets you pick one of four Google Map types (Normal, Satellite, Topo and Hybrid) Heading Up, Map Tilt and Night Mode Try it out and let us know how it goes. email us at rdhsoftware@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/MyElevation This application uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous data about how the application is used and what failures occur. This allows us to make the application better with each release. You can opt out of this by un-checking the Analytics data item in the application preferences. No personally identifying information is collected.

4. Accurate Altimeter

The most downloaded Altimeter for Android that does not need internet to work! – Altitude estimation with three different methods to be always sure to get a reliable measure, even without internet connection. – Historical charts to see your excursions elevation gain. – Maps with peaks’ name and contour lines. Pick elevation from any point on the map. – Pictures with impressed place name and altitude. Altitude can be estimated: – With satellites triangulation. Slow and less accurate but it works even with no internet connection. – Taking the ground elevation at your current position from a global elevation map. – Using the pressure sensor of your device (if available). It calibrates itself on pressure from the nearest weather station to improve accuracy. As additional PRO features you can also: – compensate systematic error of pressure sensor – download a larger area of the global elevation map – record altitude without opening the App – pick elevation on the map with no limitation – have no advertising

5. Altimeter free

Professional altimeter. Very accurate position and altitude detection. Through this Altimeter application you will be able to know the real height of where you are. Very accurate from a graphic point of view, it reproposes an analogue altimeter with digital measurement. It also stores the maximum height reached, very useful for hiking in the mountains. You can also view the quality and accuracy at any time. It uses both the GPS and the barometric sensor (for devices equipped) that can be activated by the options. You can see the altitude in meters or feet and calibrate the altitude from the settings panel. You will be able to record the altitude trend over time and view the relative graph, also monitoring the trend of the weather forecast based on the barometric pressure with the histogram graph. With the function take photos, you can take personalized photographs (with the altitude and the place where you are), share them with facebook, whatsapp, email etc. Possibility to send an SMS in case of need to a contact you have chosen with GPS coordinates and your position on the map. Very interesting is also the use of the widget to be installed in the screen to keep the altitude under control. Some features: – Professional algorithm for precise altitude detection in real time – Trend in altitude time for excursions and walks – SMS Alert system in case of need by sending the position to a chosen contact – Accurate and real-time weather forecasts – Function takes photos with superimposed data – Widget