Best 12 Toddler Apps For Android And iOS iPhone

I’m always amazed when I am out in public and I see a toddler playing on a smartphone or tablet just tapping away at the screen.

Technology advancements in the past ten years have made life a little easier on parents.

Children are occupied and satisfied for extended periods of time when they are playing games on a tablet and this allows us, parents, to do get dinner made, clean up a little, sit down, relax and breathe.

Our parents didn’t have such luxuries and as parents, we need to make the most out of all the time that we get with our children because they grow up too fast.

So, if our children are going to have multiple hours of screen time every day, we should try and make sure they are learning something while they are being occupied.

Let take a look at what we think are some of the top apps for kids. Some of the apps are free while some of the others you will have to pay for.

You will notice that most of the free apps will have what’s called in-app purchase which means they will solicit you to purchase things through the app for more access to the actual game.

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