Best Free Walking App For Iphone


Price: Free+

It is the only one compatible with almost all mobile platforms. Whatever your mobile phone you will be able to use it and its operation is fabulous. One of its great advantages is that it synchronizes with the application we are using to control what we eat, MyFitnessPal. It also allows to monitor many other sports besides walking or running.

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Best 360 Photo App For Iphone

1. Photo Sphere Camera

PhotoSphere Viewer
PhotoSphere Viewer
Price: Free+

The Photo Sphere Camera application works in conjunction with Google Maps. Are those blue dots on the map where you can view photos in 360 of the stronged places. Once the panorama has been recorded, the user can share it on Google’s social map network. The application is free and in Portuguese in the Apple Store.

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Best Journaling App For Android

1.Journal it!

Make a record of everything that happens in your life with photos that remember that day of any activity or event in particular.Copy security and synchronization.Photo diary with Storage on google drive.Add labels, location, categories, people and places.Search by keywords.Protect in daily with PIN or fingerprint.Import and export to other devices.

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Best Android App For Microsoft Exchange Email

1.Outlook, Microsoft mail (Hotmail)

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Price: Free

You could say that the main providers of personal mail are Gmail (Google), Outlook / Hotmail (Microsoft) and Yahoo. Therefore, Microsoft Outlook could not fail as one of the most downloaded Microsoft applications. A mail manager with all the functions you can ask for, including different inboxes, multi-account and calendar. At the height of Gmail.

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Best Android App For Managing Storage


A classic of Windows cleaning for many years. Now that CCleaner is available on the Android platform,its users can count on its excellent features, which fortunately offer the same excellent results as in the PC version.

Basically, its operation is similar to the other applications analyzed in this article, that is to say that as soon as we start CCleaner, the application will begin to analyze the device in search of useless files in the cache, the thumbnails, installation files in APK format and data and downloads that may be expired.

Once CCleaner finishes performing the analysis, it will show us a report with the total space that we can clean. Now all we have to do is select the files we want to delete, what we can do by clicking on the checkbox next to each file and press the “Clean” button . More simple to use, impossible.

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Best Android Camera App For Concerts

1.Google Camera

Google Camera
Google Camera
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

The official Google application is developed in Material Design and has many features.Among them the Photo Sphere mode that from a series of photos rotates them to create an image in 360 degrees and the focus effect that allows us to differentiate different existing planes in a capture.
Another feature is that you can control remotely with an Android Wear device.
For more information you can look at the analysis we have already done.

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